Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Language of Flowers 5. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is well and best wishes to those who are not so good.

The weather has certainly taken a turn. We may have to fire up the heating again. I had hoped to get a potter in the garden bit I'll wait until its warm and dry again.

Bridget, your Paddle Prize is on its way. Hope you enjoy it. I will offer another one when the followers number gets to 150.

Now, just a quickie today as I'm scheduling this and I've got about 3 hours of TV viewing ahead (I do love my Real Housewives and there's a new series of South Park too, hurrah!!! Just thrown a late tea of Quorntage Pie down my neck (Cottage Pie but using Quorn) so I can prise the the remote control from the grasp of Mr D who wants to watch Bear Grylls (I don't know why, as the nearest he gets to survival techniques is when I've been away with the girls for a weekend and he has to heat something in the microwave lol!!!).

Anyhoo, a tryptich using the honeysuckle stamp.

Cream, orange and yellow card
John Lockwood Honeysuckle stamp
John Lockwood sentiment (double stamped for a shadow effect)
CE Jacobean Floral embossing folder (on the de-bossed side)
Spectrum Noir alcohol markers

I know that honeysuckle come in different colours but mine is yellow and pink which is why I've gone with that colour scheme.
I also know that I've got a long way to go with my colouring lol!!!

That's me for today. I will be back on Thursday with my DT card for MAWTT so you all take care and be good.

Ang x

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Language of Flowers 4 and a Winner. . . . . . . .

Good morning paddlers. Hope everyone is doing well, especially Marion and Littlelamb with poorly backs.
Maureen, it was lovely to see your comment pop up. Hope you'll be zimmer frame free before you know it. It was most unusual to hear of a Geordie lass being flat on the pavement, half dressed ...... well, during the day anyway lol! You take care and I hope George is looking after you.

Welcome to Brenda. Thank you for clicking "follow". I hope that you enjoy your visits.

I've not been too bad. Did get out with Davey and Nesta on Wednesday for lunch and lunched again yesterday with an old school friend and her Mum. Still getting ectopics but trying to ignore them.

Thank you for your comments on my neat grunge card. Elaine, I'm not daft. They're not my fingerprints, in case anyone from the local constabulary or Crimewatch is watching . . . . . . . . whatever has happened, I have an alibi and I don't know where the chocolate is buried. . . . . .

Now, today is another of the samples for John using the Peony rubber stamp.

Burgundy, deep red and white card
SB Matting Basics A and B dies
John Lockwood Peony stamp 
John Lockwood sentiment stamp
Spectrum Noir alcohol pens in reds and pinks
Black Archival ink

I just stamped and masked and stamped and masked the peony stamp to get the overlapping effect, then coloured in to create a background. Its a pretty card in the flesh, IMHO lol!!!

WakeyL, hope you have fun at Samuel Taylors with John today.
Jan, I've not actually used the Glitter Kiss yet. It took John about 6 months to persuade me to use gilding polish lol!!! Maybe if there is a black, white or red in the pipeline.

Now for some important news. Mr D has been on the pull again and the winner of the 4th Blogaversary Paddle Prize is. . . . . . . drumroll . . . . . . . another drumroll . . . . . . .  .

BridgetCG !!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Bridget. Please email your surname and address to so that I can send you your prize. Thank you for your continued support and lovely comments.

Thank you to everyone else too. Blame Mr D for not pulling you lol!!!

That's me for now. Have a wonderful weekend and be good.

Ang x

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Language of Flowers 3 . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope all is good with you or if not, I send you best wishes and positive thoughts.

On that note, I'm sad to hear that our lovely Maureen has broken her hip. So sorry you poor lady. I haven't ascertained if alcohol, Lycra or cycling was involved but send warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Now, I'm continuing with John's samples. Thank you for your kind comments on them. This one got a fair bit of air time and seemed popular with the presenters. Totally out of character for me as I don't normally do grungy but I just saw this in my minds eye when I first saw this fab stamp.

Cream, brown and taupe card
John Lockwood Horticultural Definition stamp
MDF shapes from Ebay
Rich Cocoa Dew Drop Memento ink
Vintage Photo Distress ink
Hougie for scoring

I roughed up the edges of the stamped panel with some scissors but not too much as I like neat grunge lol!!!
I added some finger prints to give it that dirty fingers from gardening look.

Its been lovely to see some new names commenting and I thank you for your visits.

Elaine, Mr D actually got 3 of the Fondant Fancies . . . . . . the chocolate ones as I don't like chocolate flavoured stuff. Its always Russian Roulette with a packet as to how many of each you get but there was a special Easter box of all lemon (my favourites) but I would have eaten them all. Still sending you prayers and good vibes.
Littlelamb, hope your back is feeling better now.
Wendy, the framed one was actually scraper foil/board rather than gilding flakes.
Jackie, bit more excitement at the GP this week. I felt for Valtteri too but at least Lewis didn't win lol!!! Looking to seeing Jenson Baby again.
Patricia, thanks for letting me know about Maureen. Such as shame she will miss your meet up.
Karen, you try whatever gives you inspiration chuck. Your personalised cards always look individual.

Well, that's me for now. Enjoy John's glitter shows. I'm hoping to get out for lunch with Davey and Nesta. Davey's off to Japan next week. He's like Judith Chalmers with a hairy chest (although I do hear she waxes, lol!!!)

Ang x

PS. . . . . . Final reminder for The Paddle Prize here. Mr D will be performing the draw at 7pm tonight so don't forget to click follow and leave a comment on my anniversary blog post before 7pm.

The winner will be announced on my next post.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Language of Flowers 2. . . . . . .

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you have a day filled with family, love, happiness and, of course, chocolate!!!
All those of you who managed to give something up for Lent, enjoy filling your boots with it today. I gave up housework but I shall resist it again for today (or maybe another several days lol!!! . . . . . . . . there is a Grand Prix to watch!!!).
Welcome to Joyce who has kindly pressed the follow button. Hope you can come for regular paddles here at The Pond.

I did manage to get out on Good Friday to meet up with some friends I hadn't seen for a year, so that was a lift to the spirits (not the alcoholic ones, I hasten to add . . . . . still not allowed). I had meant to be back here sooner but have been up and down the last few days. Still the ectopics with discomfort, but there are plenty worse off than me so I won't dwell.

On that note, I'm hoping our dear Elaine (nattyboots) won't mind me mentioning that she and her family have had an extremely difficult 12 months, which doesn't seem to be getting any easier.
I won't go into everything as I know that Elaine has mentioned certain things on Sue Wilson's blog but I'd just like to ask everyone a favour. If you pray, then please spare a prayer for the natty family and if you don't, then please send some positive thoughts in their direction. . . . . Thank you.

Now, time for another of the samples I made for John's shows last week. Thank you for the lovely comments and emails I've had about the samples. The scraper foil/board one seems to be a favourite so that will follow soon. I picked this one for today as it was the most "Eastery" (if that's a word) colours. Apologies that the pics are slightly dark but I was up against it trying to get everything photographed before passing on to John a few weeks ago.

White and yellow card
John Lockwood Honeysuckle stamp
John Lockwood sentiment stamp
SB Classic Ovals dies
Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder
Memento Dew Drop inks

I stamped portions of the stamp around the edge on this one rather than just stamping it as is.
I also used cotton buds to colour it in as I wanted to use inks rather than alcohol pens and I found that using cotton buds gave it a more subtle look . . . . . . not sure if that's a new technique but it works.

That's me for today as its almost GP time (I'm posting this live rather than scheduling) and I need to prime the arm of my chair with the remote control, a mug of tea and the Fondant Fancies that Nesta bought us me for Easter (my favourite cakes, yet I don't have a sweet tooth).

I'm scheduling another post for a couple of days time so that I haven't left it so long to bore entertain you lol!!!

Enjoy what's left of Easter Sunday and be good.

Ang x

Ps . . . . . Don't forget the Paddle Prize that is on offer here. Only a few days left to follow and comment on that post.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

John's Language of Flowers . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you all well.

A glorious weekend weather wise but turned a bit cooler now. Thank you for your comments on my tongue in cheek 50 Shades card. Glad it made you chuckle.
I should add that I've never read the book or seen the film. 
We used to get several well thumbed copies into the charity shop every week but one of the funniest was when someone bought in a book called 50 Sheds of Grey, which was full of photos of sheds in various grey hues lol!!! One for the fellas eh???

Now, today marks the start of showing the samples I made for John for his shows on Hochanda tonight and tomorrow, using his divine new collection, Language of Flowers Stamps. I didn't have all of them to work with but enjoyed using the ones I had to hopefully improve my colouring.
This is a little photo heavy as I sort of discovered a new technique . . . . . . well, new to me anyway, and I think John will be demoing how to do it.
I was going to do a candle using the Michaelmas Daisy rubber stamp, so stamped it in grey ink onto some white tissue paper and to stop it wrinkling up whilst I coloured it, I taped the tissue paper to some white card using low tack tape (after I had stamped the image).

I then set about colouring the image with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.

When I was happy with the finished colouring, I lifted the tissue paper carefully from the white card below and discovered this on the card . . . . . . . . . . 

A lovely transfer of the image onto the card, with no outside line around the image and an almost water colour effect. 
Well, that wasn't going to waste so I used this on a card.

White, green and lilac card
White tissue paper
John Lockwood's Michaelmas Daisy Stamp
John Lockwood sentiment
Spectrum Noir alcohol markers
That Special Touch Delicate border mask (used to emboss the card)
Memento Dew Drop inks
Lilac organza ribbon
Lilac bling

And here's a couple of snaps of the candle that I created using the tissue paper image.

Apologies for all the photos but it made it easier to explain what I did but as I say, I think John is going to demo it anyway.

I made 12 samples, including the candle, so these are going to take over from the last couple of Christmas cards I had left to show (Hurrah!!! I hear you cry lol!!!)

Had a rough couple of days with ectopic beats causing some discomfort so that's me for now.

Hope you enjoy the shows and the samples.

Ang x

Sunday, 9 April 2017

50 Shades of Grey. . . . . .(Not Maureen's New Hair Colour)

Good morning everyone. Hope the Sun is shining on your bit of the planet. Glorious day here yesterday and another set for today, hurrah!!!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my 4th Birthday post. Please don't forget to leave a comment on it to be in with a chance of winning a Paddle Prize. . . . . . click here if you missed it.

Now, today's card I made as I needed a guy card and also, out of a bit of devilment to enter a challenge. I'm not normally one to enter challenges but I had a bit of a chuckle about this one that I saw mentioned on Wendy and Karen's blogs for Craft Rocket. The theme is Inspired by a Book or Movie and I couldn't resist my cheeky take on it.

White and dark grey card
Spectrum Noir alcohol pens in 50 shades of grey (lol!!!)
CE Falling Snow embossing folder
Grey grosgrain ribbon, stamped with black archival ink
John Lockwood stamp
Black pearls

Well, it was either this or The Karma Sutra but Kate (Cuilliesocks) borrowed my copy a couple of years ago and I haven't had it back (probably explains why she hasn't had much sleep lol!!!)

Its all a bit of fun but I got a usable guy card out of it lol!!!

Chinese GP today (that's Formula One not the nationality of my doctor as someone thought once, hahaha!!!). Its highlights so I've got to stay away from the news or sports programmes until 2.30pm, so washing will be hung out early and a trip to Tesco done quick smart. Also, a trip to the bookies to collect my £40 Grand National winnings ...... Hurrah!

Still, doing ok at typing this and seeming to be in rhythm still. The arrhythmia nurse did get back in touch with me to check how I was and told me the consultant wanted me to come off one of my tablets. Bit scary, as you feel like you're then on the trapeze without part of the safety net but we'll see how it goes. If it causes me any problems, I'll be ripping someone's head off and spitting down their neck lol!!!
Still waiting for my liver and haemoglobin results and having a thyroid blood test tomorrow (ever felt like a second hand pin cushion lol???)

Hope those who got to Ally Pally had/have a great time. I'm keeping everything crossed for September.

Enjoy your Sunday.I'll be back on Wednesday with the start of some samples I made for John's Hochanda shows this week.

Ang x

I'd like to enter this card into the Crafty Rocket Challenge #36 Inspired by a Book or Movie

And Darnells NBUS Challenge #11  Embossing folder is brand new.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

4th Year Blogaversary. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning campers, Hi Di Hi !!!

Happy Blogaversary to me, Happy Blogaversary to me . . . . . . . . Yes, can you believe its 4 years today since my first fledgling post. There were no photos on the first post as I hadn't a clue what I was doing (some would say I still don't lol!!!).
Also, the very first person to leave a comment has never been back since . . . . . . . not sure what that says hahaha!!!
I am giving away a Paddle Prize to mark the auspicious occasion. Please see below.

Now, I thought it appropriate to show a birthday card to mark the occasion (and to give you a break from Christmas)

Cream and dark cream card
First Edition Family Ties papers (from 12x12 pad)
SB Curved Borders 2
SB Fancy Tags 1 (Framed)
SB Classic Ovals
John Lockwood Sentiment
Memento Dew Drop Peanut Brittle ink
Cream satin ribbon

Hopefully you can see the sparkle on this lovely paper.

Its been an eventful 4 years (aint it just!!!) but I have met some wonderful folk along the way. Mr Lockwood was the first person I actually met face to face 4 years ago this Summer. We overdosed on caffeine and chat at the food court in Fosse Park (caffeine, I remember you dear friend. . . . . .)
Then the Scottish Posse, as they used to be known, Kate, Patricia and Hazel along with Christine. Fortunately, Christine and I also get to meet up at the NEC and other local craft shows, health permitting.
There is also Wendywoo (Spanish Crafter), John's friend from Spain on a couple of occasions.
Iv'e also met up with Jan and Anne from Northampton and Joy, Pauline and Annette (John's Breedon ladies) at CE Towers when being John's glamorous assistant (I'm Debbie McGee to his Small Daniels).
I also am not forgetting Ann Oliver and the gruesome Sue-some (Olliesmam and Planet Susie) at the NEC and also, Karenlotty and Sandra at Ally Pally.
And last year, all the way from Livermore in California, the utterly hilarious Darnell, whilst on her UK Tour.
I also chat by email behind the scenes with some of you lovely ladies and hope that one day, we too can meet up . . . . . . Elaine, we'll be good when you decide to rent next door but remember our street's dress code of Lycra and/or pyjamas.

What a wonderful thing this blogging mularky can be eh???

To celebrate these 4 years and as a thank you for putting up with my inane ramblings about life, health and goofy neighbours, I am offering the following Paddle Prize . . . . . . . . 

I thought the die was quite appropriate as I want to say "Thanks for Everything".

To be in with a chance to go in the draw for the above, you need to be a follower and leave a comment on this blog post. I will get Mr D to do his pulling duties (Steady ladies!!!) on 19th April at 7pm so that gives you all 2 weeks to leave a comment.

On that note, I shall let you get on with your day. Once again, thanks for sticking around and for your ever thoughtful and encouraging comments.

Bless ya all !!!

Ang x