Saturday, 22 October 2016

Andy's Campervan. . . . . . . . .

Good morning dear blog chums. Hope this finds your fettles fine and in good nick.

Had a fairly good week. Got to meet Davey on Monday and he treated me to a decaff doobry latte thingy and cake and bless him, he then escorted me round Tesco to make sure I was ok doing a bit of grocery shopping.
Maureen, Davey is my good friend whom I usually refer to as the Alan Whicker of Coventry, due to his penchant for travel (I would have said Judith Chalmers but I think he has better legs lol!!!) I showed his birthday card a few posts ago here. Ooh, and HC refers to Heartfelt Creations chuck.

On Wednesday, I had lunch with Nesta at a local pub and walked there in the lovely sunshine.

Now, today's card I made for my lovely friend Andy, who volunteered for me at the first charity shop I worked in last year before I moved to another branch. He is the most helpful chappy and a genuinely nice person and he loves cars and campervans. . . . . . .here is the book fold campervan I made for him last year.

White card
Blue card, different shades
SB Matting Basics A & B
Hobbycraft campervan stamp
Woodware sentiment stamp
Memento Inks
Dovecraft bling

The woven background I did myself with strips of card, not with dies. 
There were a few of us met up with Andy for lunch on his birthday at the end of September and he was thrilled with his card (and his 7 packets of different flavoured Oreos, his favourite biscuits lol!!!).

Another blokey card for the archives, which could have other things stamped on it instead of campervans.

That's me for today. US GP at the weekend (come on Nico!!!) and hoping to get over to John's on Sunday to ram raid his new craft cave. Mr D is chauffering (need to build my confidence driving out of Coventry on my own again) so will probably end up nodding off whilst the talk is about cardstock and dies lol!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thank you for taking time to drop by.

Ang x

Monday, 17 October 2016

First Anniversary . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all fine and dandy?

Thank you for your kind comments. I am starting to feel better now and have started to venture out again in the last couple of days. Hoping to meet Davey for a coffee (decaff mocha chocca doodah of some description) this morning as we are both out at the doctors.

June and Wendy, I would have dearly loved a tot of rum in the blackcurrant but not allowed any alcohol at the moment. . . . . . not a big drinker but you know what its like when you're told you can't have something lol!!! The cold itself was quite tame. It was the effect it had on the rest of me lol!!!

Maureen, Happy Belated Anniversary to you and George. I hope that he didn't have too long a wait in A&E or did the red roses require surgical removal from where you put them???

Now, talking of anniversaries (how's that for a neat segueway into today's card lol!!!) here we have a couple at the opposite end of the spectrum, celebrating their first year as Mr and Mrs (still in that naive flush of happiness. . . . . . . I remember those halcyon days, hahaha!!!)
Nesta's neice and hubby celebrated their anniversary in the Summer and this is the card I made for Nesta to give them.

White and pink card
HC Decorative Lace Border
SB Adorning Squares
SB Dahlia
Presscut Squares
CE Swirling Hearts embossing folder
John Lockwood flower and sentiment stamps
CE Stitched Bunting Numbers stamps
CE Crochet Ribbon
Mei Flower satin ribbon
Dovecraft teeny bling

I tried to keep to a loosely similar theme to the acceptance and wedding cards I made last year (click here and here respectively to see these).

I have managed to spend some time in the craft room whilst on enforced rest (Mr D can be masterful at times, especially when he knows he can run quicker than me at the minute lol!!!).
I'm on a mission to start using some of the beautiful papers I have accumulated as it is a bit of a waste just gazing at them adoringly now and again. 
I'm also determined to get through the Hunkydory Christmas kits I bought about 4 years ago, then abandoned about 3 weeks later after being seduced by Sue Wilson caressing a Grand Calibur (It was like a Nigella licking chocolate off a spoon moment for the fellas).

Anyhoo, better tootle off and feed Mr and Mrs B. They now like tinned peaches as well as grapes and blueberries so must be the most pampered blackbirds in the area.
Mr D has had the odd mutter about them being better fed but being offered a fat ball (Maureen, leave it!!!) and a bowl of mealworms for his tea works wonders at silencing him.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope this week is kind to you all.

Ang x

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

5 Shades of Gold. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well?

I must apologise for my absence from Blogland. I did manage to meet up with John armed with his pressies and card and to get to the GBCF at Stoneleigh on the1st and met up with the lovely Christine. I stayed from 10 til around 1.30, an hour of which was sitting chatting and munching with Christine.
It was quiet and I knew I had done enough so that's why I headed home early. I only spent about £20, mostly on card (and a naughty First Edition pad, bad girl!!!).

In the evening, I started sniffing etc so I knew I had caught Mr D's cold. Unfortunately, its turned into a viral infection which has, so far, resulted in 2 trips into hospital in the past 10 days as its had an effect on my heart rate and rhythm. As its a virus, there's nothing they can give me so I basically have to rest, keep hydrated and ride out the storm, fuelled by Ribena for Vitamin C.

So forgive me chaps, but I've just not been up to blogging or visiting - Maureen, I'm so sorry  if I worried you.
I'm still not feeling great but thought I should post something in a moment of ok-ness as I don't want you all forgetting me lol!!! I will try and catch up with your blogs as best I can during the next few days as sadly, it may take some time to shift this virus.

This was a card requested by Nesta (who has been extra fab during the last 10 days) as her sisters in laws were celebrating their Golden Wedding back in August (yes, I'm a bit behind lol!!!)

Cream, vintage gold and gold mirror card
SB Bitty Blossoms (yes, I know, but I love them lol!!!)
SB Grand and Classic Ovals
SB Butterfly Circles (just for the gold butterflies)
Sue Wilson Maidenhair Fern die 
Sue Wilson Catkin Stems dies
Couture Creations Tied Together embossing folder
Habico sentiment stamps
CS Gold Detail embossing powder
CS Golden Pearl PVA pearls
Gold Krylon Pen

In case you had noticed, yes I have embossed the Maidenhair Fern die cuts through a floral embossing folder as I thought they looked a little flat as is and needed a bit of texture.

Apparently, the card was well received so happy days.

Well, I'll slope off back under my blanket to my hot Ribena and hope that you all have a lovely week. Thank you for your continued kind comments and good wishes.

Ang x

Ps. Wendy (Yorks Butterfly) the GP result was fine by me, as was this weeks, as I am not a Lewis Hamilton fan (Jenson Baby for me from the British drivers) and I am hoping Nico wins the WDC. . . . . . not very patriotic of me is it lol!!!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

MAWTT September/October Challenge. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Here's hoping all is well with everyone?
Mr D is full of cold so I am desperately trying to avoid catching it.......not sure how successful that endeavour is going to be.

Today its time for another challenge over at MAWTT and Carole has chosen the theme which is to use the following sketch as your inspiration . . . . . . . . .

It was a bit of a head scratcher for me (minding the splinters lol!!!) for what to use for the image as I don't do digis or colouring usually. However, I had decided a while ago to start using some of the lovely paper pads I have rather than just stroking them now and again. So, flicking through my First Edition Bird Song pad, I saw this particular paper and the little flowers reminded me of John's Cherry Blossom stamps (just squint and take my word for it folks lol!!!)

Now, that made me think of stamping them for my image, to go with the paper.

White card
Kiwi pearlised card (Lime Tree Crafts)
First Edition Bird Song paper
SB Classic Ovals dies 
John Lockwood Cherry Blossom Elements stamps (sentiment stamps also by John)
Watercolour pencils (for centre of cherry blossoms)
Embossing folder, I think is Bo Bunny (from a bargain bin)
Black Archival ink
Pink and white ribbon
Teeny bling

I hope that you can join in at MAWTT or at least pop over to see what the other guys on the DT have created for your inspiration.

Now, before I forget, I should qualify what I meant by "dash" on my last post. I didn't mean in a Usain Bolt stylie, but more of a two folk eyeing up the last piece of pork pie at a buffet, kinda hurried walk lol!!!

I met up with Nesta Tuesday for lunch and ventured to the cemetery yesterday as it would have been my dear Mum's birthday. Hopefully meeting John on Friday morning at my local craft shop and another friend for lunch.
I'm trying to build myself up for Saturday as I really want to go to the Great British Craft Festival at Stoneleigh. My stocks of white and cream card are down to single figures and I want to meet up with the lovely Christine. Its only about a 15 minute drive from where I live so I'm determined to go and on my own rather than having to drag Mr D. At least if I don't feel great after a couple of hours, I can just go home. . . . . . . .keep everything crossed for me.

Thank you for the comments on Davey's card. As for mounting the Three Sisters, Davey is a fit chap for his age so I'm sure that the Sisters were more than appreciative of his efforts lol!!!

Live Malaysian GP at the weekend so no lie in for me on Sunday but as they say in my Mum's Homeland, saya sangat teruja dan tidak sadar untuk menonton!!! (basically, I'm excited and cant wait).

Lastly, I'm sending best wishes to Maureen and Elaine. Maureen for your eye check up on Friday. Obviously, when your eyes are fixed, you do realise that folk will then realise the staggering about is due to you being a drunken sailor?
Elaine, sending all good wishes to you, Andrew and the family for the start of his follow up treatment today. Everything is crossed for him.

Be good all.

Ang x

Monday, 26 September 2016

Davey's Birthday Card. . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well with you and yours?

Typing this on Sunday evening with beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows. The day started off sunny so I had washing out bobbing in the breeze then had to make a dash outside as it slung it down for 10 minutes, then sunshine again so everything got re-hung out again . . . . .Grrrrrrrr. Mind you, a month ago, I wouldn't have been able to "dash" anywhere so every cloud (literally lol!!!) and all that.

Now, as promised , here is Davey's birthday card that I made from the Ducks. Yes, it did take some composing but as it was a special birthday, one has to push the boat lol!!!
He was in Oz for his birthday and I have to correct a statement I made about him, on an earlier blog post, about him mounting Ulhuru. Apparently, its not the done thing to do as its sacred to the Aborigines, so he didn't.
He did, however mount The Three Sisters. . . . . . . .make of that what you will lol!!!

He is currently on yet another holiday to Romania and Bulgaria. . . . . . . .I did say he was the Alan Whicker of the Midlands.

White and various shades of blue card (8x8 size card)
Presscut Square dies
Memory Box Alphabet dies
CE Linen embossing folder (still waiting for details on that Sandy)
Darice Chevron embossing folder
John Lockwood sentiment stamps
Mei Flower ribbons
Peacock Feathers DI
Teeny pearlage and bling

I know its perhaps a little OTT but I wanted it to be big and bold. Its very dimensional so maybe not one for posting below a large letter rate.
You could do it in pinks (or lilac Christine lol!!!) to feminise it too.

Well, better scoot as have tea to heat up and then giving Mr D a haircut after. . . . . . . and he never tips!!!

Thank you as always for your kind comments and I hope this week is a kind one to you all.
See you Thursday for a new MAWTT challenge.

Ang x

Ps . . . . .Anticoagulant clinic went well and the nurse was helpful with the couple of issues I'd had. Karen, I'm on one of the newer drugs rather than Warfarin so thankfully don't need to have my INR checked as they're not affected by diet. Still waiting for the Cardioversion appointment.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Oldie For Friday. . . . . . . . .Autumn

Good morning one and all. How's it hanging? Well I hope.

Are we all making the most of this wisp of warm sunshine before colder days set in? Its sad to watch the leaves falling from the trees on a warm day.

I managed to get out with some friends for lunch on Wednesday. It was a birthday gathering and it was so wonderful to meet up with everyone as I hadn't seen some of them for about 5 months. Anticoagulation clinic this morning but I'm guessing its just a check on how its going rather than a poking and prodding session.

Now, I know I said I would show Davey's birthday card from us next but I couldn't resist doing the Friday Oldie thing with one of my favourite cards as we have now officially entered Autumn.
It's not quite a year old but it was one of those cards that make you do a little happy dance as it turns out just as you wanted it to.

The original blog post is here with the ingredients and description of what I did.

Sometimes, less is more. 

I made the card for Nesta, and she still has it (along with all the cards I have made for her bless her.

Well, the nights are chilling down a bit but Jackie, fire on before November. . . . .Noooooooo! no matter how much Mr D begs lol!!
Karen, I don't think my old laptop could cope with having Serif on it, lol!!! My curved printed sentiment was done in Works.
Sandy, (confusing as there are now 2 Sandy's visiting lol!) thank you for your lovely comment. My friend works for Creative Expressions and I'm waiting for him to get back to me about US stockists of that embossing folder so I will answer as soon as I know.

Happy Autumn folks and hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are up to and I'll be back with Davey's card, part 2 next time.

Be good.

Ang x

Saturday, 17 September 2016

David's Special Birthday. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is ok with you and yours?

What a lovely week weather wise. . . . . . . . . .well, it has been here in The Pond lol!!!
Am I sad to take so much pleasure in seeing a line of washing bobbing about in the sunshine with a gentle warm breeze hahaha!!!

Managed to get some crafting done this week. Mojo has returned from its extended holiday so I'm making the most of it in case it decides to jet off again.
This week, I have also managed a grocery shop with Mr D, had a little pootle around Hobbycraft and yesterday, the lovely Nesta took me out to a local garden centre, where we had lunch and a gentle stroll around. It was smashing and great to be able to walk around without getting out of breath. These new tablets do have some side effects but thankfully breathlessness hasn't been one of them, so far.

On the subject of Hobbycraft, I bought some great 3mm off white pearls branded Simply Creative (they are part of Trimcraft) They are glued separately, so no having to chop them apart, 1080 in the pack all for £1.00. . . . . . . bargain!!! They do them in larger sizes too. I think that's the best deal I've had with pearls. Not often I can say bargain and Hobbycraft in the same sentence but hats off to them.

Now, today's card is one I made for Nesta to give our friend Davey (the guy who has more stamps in his passport than Alan Whicker) for his birthday in June. . . . . . .yes, I'm a bit behind lol!!! As it was a special birthday (sorry David, I've let the number out of the bag) he spent it in Australia and mounted Uluru. . . . . . . . . .no, that's nothing rude with that woman out of Star Trek, he climbed Ayres Rock lol!!!

White, french navy and sky blue card (8x8 sized card)
CE Linen embossing folder
SB Swirl Stripe Panel 
SB Fancy Tags 3 (2 different dies from this set)
SB Blossom 3 (Nestabilities)
Presscut rectangle dies
Mei Flower navy ribbon
Dovecraft teeny bling
Computer generated sentiment

I'll show you the card I made from me and Mr D next time. 

Well, Singapore GP this weekend. . . . . . . I can almost smell the chicken satay at Lau Pa Sat ummmmm!!! Been lucky enough to visit Singapore a few times, when visiting my family in Malaysia but not for the GP. Bet it would be amazing to see a night street race.

For those of you lucky enough to be going to Ally Pally this weekend, I'm very jealous and sad that I can't make it. Hope you have a wonderful time and get to say "Hi" to my mate Wendywoo (Spanish Crafter) who has come over from Spain to help out on the CE stall.

Also, for those of you who saw Elaine's (Nattyboots) comment on my last post, her son Andrew has been very ill but is hopefully on the road to recovery. I didn't like to mention anything before as I didn't think it was my place to as I wasn't sure how public the news was. Poor Elaine has also had a poorly leg to contend with too so big hugs to the Nattyboots family.

Anyhoo, that's me for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Ang x