Thursday, 27 August 2015

On The First Day of Christmas. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning one an all. Hope you are all fab and funky.

Welcome to another kind follower. Once again, either blogger wont reveal who you are or you're remaining anonymous. Either way, thank you for joining our merry band.

I have a day off today after covering my boss this week hurrah!!! I really am in need of it.

I shall spend part of it watching Hochanda to see what its like. . . . . . . remember folks that John is on at 8pm, I believe but he will be on at 12 as the channel goes live. Will be interesting to see what the demo/sales pitch ratio is like and, of course the postage.
Val, its available on the internet, as far as I know, if you cant get it on the telly.

Now, today's card is another from John's C&C shows and I have struggled to capture the glory of gilding on my camera. Trying to balance the lighting with mirror card and gilding flakes was like juggling treacle lol!!!

It was the first card I made with John's Christmas stamps. As soon as I saw this stamp, I knew I had to gild it.

Black card
Gold mirror card
Vintage gold card
John Lockwood Partridge in a Pear Tree stamp set
Gold gilding flakes
Ranger sticky embossing powder
Black archival ink
Hougie Board (for the score lines)
Teeny gold bling

Well, at least I have a bit of a head start with the Christmas cards now lol!!

A few more of the samples to go but you will get a reprieve on my next post which is my next DT post for House of Cards so no hint of anything frosty or festive on that one.

Lesley, hope your stamps have arrived now so you can have a play.
Jackie, hopefully your workshop has been rescheduled. . . . . .unless, its live on TV lol?
PharmacyMichele, hear hear!
Karen, I think its on Freeview for about 20 hours per day.
Maureen, the way I've been lately, if I got on a soapbox, I'd probably fall off, hahaha!!!

Enjoy your Thursday and Hochanda (sounds like a sneeze lol!!!) folks and play nicely.

Ang x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

More Birds and Fruit. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well in your bits of the world.

Welcome to my new follower. You're not showing up on Blogger so may be anonymous but I'm glad you have joined us for a paddle.

Thank you all for your kind concern about the shin and for putting the oojits up me (Darnell!!!) Still have an itchy head. . . . . . .that'll be the sand from where my head has been buried lol!!! Things have eased so think it just needs a bit of resting. Not much chance as I'm doing extra days still but I'm going to be feet up enjoying the F! GP from Spa in Belgium today.

Now, todays card is another from John's shows and this did get shown. I got down and dirty with the gilding flakes. . . . . . .same as sand, you find them everywhere for days after lol!!!

White card
CE Silver card
CE Rich Red card
John Lockwood's Partridge in a Pear Tree stamp set
John Lockwood's 12 Days of Christmas 8x8 paper pad
Sue Wilson Snowflake Lattice embossing folder
Silver gilding flakes
CE red and silver ribbon
CE Dazzler
Versamark pad
Ranger sticky embossing powder

I really did have a lot of fun making these cards and I'm a sucker for a paper pad. . . . . .or two!

Well, I did make it to lunch with Nesta and co but only just. The evening before, Mr D and I frequented our local hostelry for a bite to eat after work. I decided to have my favourite roast chicken but with the option of the spicy hot naga ghost chilli marinade. I love spicy food (its in the genes) and happily munch on raw green chillies as a snack but I have never eaten anything as hot as this before. Dentists could use the stuff to anaesthetise folks mouths!!!

Still, all was good until the early hours of the following morning when I discovered why they are called "ghost" chillies. . . . . . . because at 1.30am they came back to haunt me lol!!!
They continued to "haunt"me for several hours so I won't be touching that stuff again. I think you could probably strip paint with it!!!

Are we all going to be watching the new craft channel on Thursday? I still think Hochanda sounds like something rude in Spanish. . . . . . . . can imagine kicking someone in the hochandas, hahaha!!! Hope everyone is going to watch John. Poor lamb is prepping demos like mad for his shows so I shall be going over to mop his fevered brow tomorrow morning.

Jenny, did wonder where you were going with that bruised boob story lol!!!
Sam, the bauble dies were actually Spellbinder ones but Sue's would work equally as well. . . . . .oh and congratulations on winning John's stamps!

And everyone else, thank you for your encouraging comments about my cards, leg and life in general. . . . . . . you're all good eggs (or tofu for the vegans).

Happy Sunday!!!

Ang x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

More Christmas. . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope you are all fine and dandy.

No further mishaps to report. Fortunately, the shelves are a flat pack free standing unit from Ikea that fix together with an allen key and hammer and tacks for the backboard. I'm not a fan of drilling holes in the walls so tend to go for free standing units. 
My shin is still tender and aching and the bruising is more pronounced now than 2 weeks ago when I did it. Mr D thinks I should go for an x-ray but I would have thought I wouldn't be able to walk if it was broken.

Anyhoo on to lighter things.

Now, today's card is another of the samples I mad for John. I think I saw it lurking in the background rather than it being shown. Its mega simple, I know, but perfect for batch making.

White card
CE Brunswick Green foundation card
CE Rich Red foundation card
John Lockwoods 12 Days of Christmas 8x8 paper pad
SB 2010 Heirloom Ornament bauble die
Sue Wilson Frosty Swirls embossing folder
CE bakers twine
CE Christmas sentiments stamp
Cosmic Shimmer Berry Red PVA pearls
Cottage Ivy Memento Dew Drop ink

The paper baubles are glued to some cut from white card for extra stability.

Now, normally, I break out in hives and a cold sweat at the thought of felt or twine. but have to say, I think this called for the twine rather than ribbon. . . . . .  excuse me whilst I shiver hahaha!!!

Thank you for your kind comments on these festive offerings. There's a few more to come if that's ok?

That's me for now. Lunch out with Nesta and a couple of other friends today so something nice to look forward to (as well as ogling Paul Hollywood this evening. . . . . . . . nice buns!!!!!!!)

Be good.

Ang x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Its Still Christmas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning lovely folk. Hope everyone is ok? 

Thank you for your wonderful comments and for your concern. Staying home and crafting is still fraught with danger. Twice, I have dropped one of the GC plates, sideways on onto my foot and I won't mention the craft knife.

I'm not going to mention any mishaps in future but then again you all think I'm a clumsy duck anyway lol!!!

Now, today's card is one that was intended to be one of John's samples for Thursday but sadly, it never made it out of my craft room. As you can see, there's a few die cuts involved and it was half way through when my pink Princess went bang!!!
I have now managed to finish it with my new teal GC and thought it deserved to share its moment with the others.

I have used Sue Wilsons Quilted Blocks Striplet to create the patchwork effect. I have seen a similar technique in Blogland and I think Sue herself did a tutorial using a different die.

White card
CE Brunswick Green card
CE Rich Red card
John Lockwood's 12 Days of Christmas 8x8 paper pad
Sue Wilson's Quilted Blocks Striplet die
SB 2013 Snowflake Pendant die
Presscut large square dies
X-Cut circle die
CE Christmas sentiment
CS PVA Pearls (Silver and Berry Red)
Rhubarb Stalk Memento Dew Drop ink

This is not a swift card to make (especially when your die cutting machine decides to retire halfway through) but I think its worth the effort and although the centre square is on foam pads, its still a relatively flat card.

Busy times at work again so I will try and keep on top of visiting as best I can and if I fall behind, I will try and catch up in any free time I get. I'm adding some new shelving to my craft space so that involves sorting out my bits . . . . . . . . . . its a frightening activity when you see how much stuff I have and don't use!!!

Hope the coming week is kind to you all.

Ang x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree. . . . . On TV

Good morning friends, Romans,bloggers. Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

Today the lovely John Lockwood is on Create and Craft showcasing his gorgeous new stamp sets and his first paper pad all themed around the 12 Days of Christmas (fortunately, he decided to go with the traditional song rather than having 3 French maids, 2 drunken uncles and an oven ready turkey lol!!!)

I was flattered and fortunate to be asked by John to make some samples for him again using 2 of the new sets and the papers and if they pass muster, hopefully they will feature on his shows today at 9am and 2pm.
I loved working with them and was only stopped from making even more by my problems with my Calibur. 

Today's card is the first one I thought of when I saw this stamp set. No sentiment required, its just Partridge, Pear, Tree. . . . . .

Cream card
Vintage gold card
Gold mirror card
Black card
John Lockwood Partridge in a Pear Tree stamp set
Couture Creations Swiss Dots embossing folder (I used the deboss side on display)
Presscut large square dies (like SB Grand Squares but with 24 dies in the set)
Black Archival ink pad
Teeny gold bling.

The apertures are quite deep. I know its a simple looking card but think it doesn't need anything else.

Hope you can all tune in and watch John as he will no doubt have lots of great demos.
I will be showing the samples I made over the next few posts, so dont say you haven't been warned hahaha!!!

Just when I thought it was safe to leave The Pond, I have to tell you, Lucky Ducky was in accident mode again on Tuesday. To be fair, this was not my fault. 
As I walked behind the counter at work to set up the till, I slid across the floor on some greasy patch that was on the laminate floor. After a small pirouette and almost doing the splits (I think Torvill and Dean would have scored me 5.6 lol!!!) I only managed to bruise my hand on the cash box and pulled my ankle slightly.
Have no idea what the stuff on the floor was but I cleaned it up, though the skid marks remain. . . . . . . only on the floor I hasten to add hahaha!!!

Think I'll get me some of that bubble wrap Hazel suggested until my days resemble a Benny Hill sketch less than they do now lol!!!

Ang x

Monday, 10 August 2015

Itssssssss Christmassssssss. . . . . . . . . In Slade Stylie

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well in your bit of the World.

You will be relieved to know that I haven't managed to pull, break or sprain anything else since my last post. I was joking about the sling. I think I would be hospitalised if I tried to get my leg that high up. As for a £1 in the swear box, I think I would have emptied my bank account in those 30 seconds 

 I did flash my bruise at Mrs H and John yesterday (lucky it was my shin and not my thigh. . . . . . well, lucky for them lol!!! Had a fab day at the craft show and also bumped into the lovely Anne (from Northampton) and her friend Cynthia.
Didn't buy much at all really but enjoyed having a mooch and catch up with Christine.

Well, after my problems with my GC, I have actually been sent a new one courtesy of Spellbinders. I won't say the process was easy but my new GC arrived 2 days after it was ordered so all in all, ! cannot grumble. 
It was a testing time as it was the one week that I needed the Calibur, as you will see later this week. My, don't we get used to these things. I've had to replace my mobile phone last week too as my old one was doing random things and I didn't wan't one of those random things to be ringing Australia lol!!!
But the few hours I was without whilst the new one charged and the number got transferred, you get twitchy hahaha!!!

Anyhoo, after doing the Christmas decorations with Sue's Christmas tree die, I did actually make a card with it.
As you can hopefully see, I cut it 4 times and carefully cut the "Christmas" and swirly bit off each to make a frame around the sunken centre. The "Joy, Hope and Peace" is raised up on foam pads.

White card
Peacock blue pearl card (Lime Tree)
Sue Wilson Christmas Tree Greetings die
Sue Wilson Snowflake Lattice embossing folder 
Cosmic Shimmer Silver PVA pearls 

A simple card but hopefully it looks more involved than it was . These would be fairly easy to batch make.

Congratulations to Jackie D on being pulled by Sue (steady!!!). Lucky girlie!!!
Jennie (Crafty Wife and Red Hat Lady), if your photo was taken in your tub you should enjoy paddling in The Duck Pond lol!!!
Yes Sam, that was my beautiful birthday card from John on his blog last week. . . . .Love it!!!
Patricia, that's you and me both, been far more intimate with my car door than we wanted to be hahaha!!! 
Mrs A and Anne O, hope you have recovered from your bumps and bashes.
Karen, thanks for sending Maria into this mayhem but not sure she'll be thanking you after reading my ramble hahaha!!!
Maureen, I avoid colouring at all costs as this demented Duck would make it look like 2 even more demented duck's had done something unsavoury on it lol!!

That's me off now, so play nicely.

Ang x

Back on Thursday, same Duck Time, same Duck Channel, maybe with something exciting.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Moving Along With The Times. . . . . . . .Snow in Summer

Good morning blogging buddies. Hope you are all well.

A splashy happy welcome to 3 new paddlers who have pressed the "follow" button so hello to Maria, Babs and Redhatlady. Hope that you can visit often and enjoy the show.

Its time for a new challenge for Team A over at MAWTT and our Wendywoo is now at the helm and boss lady so I'm on my best behaviour. This month's challenge is . . . . . . . . . . .Snow in Summer.
I can only hope that we don't see any actual snow in Winter, never mind Summer!!!
Be lovely to see some of you have a dabble in the challenge but please pop and have a look at what my team mates have come up with.

I have a load of Hunkydory packs that I bought before I discovered die cutting and delved into one of them for this snowy decoupage scene. I tried to angle the top photo so you could see the little streaks of glitter that I applied but I'm not sure that I succeeded lol!!!

White card
Navy card
Hunkydory decoupage and matching card
Sue Wilson Snowflake Lattice embossing folder
Cosmic Shimmer Silver PVA Pearls 
Quickie glue pen
Iridescent glitter

There are some lovely bits in the Hunkydory sets so I shall be making an effort to include them on my Christmas cards rather than them gather dust for another year. 
I can still tart em up with a bit of embossing or a strategically placed pearl or two lol!!!

Now, I think it was Sam who asked about funky foam, you can get it in craft shops, usually in the kids section. Hobbycraft and The Range definitely sell it and you can usually buy it as individual sheets at about 50p per sheet or I got 50 sheets for a fiver (I hear you groan at the thought of what else I will be foaming with that lot to get rid of hahaha!!!)

Jacquie, apologies, the die on my last card was Sue Wilson's new Christmas Tree Greetings. 

Once again, I have suffered a mishap. I was getting into of the car on Tuesday and whilst my right foot was still on the floor, a gust of wind blew the car door into my leg. 
After 10 seconds of holding my breath with shock and pain I let loose with some language that my Mother would have raised her eyebrows at, so to anyone passing me on the street at that time, I apologise for my Turrettes like tirade.
I now have a bruised and swollen shin. . . . . . . . . and yes, I am thinking of changing my name to Lucky!!!

Ice packs and several painkillers later its still painful. I tried a sling but it made eating my dinner difficult lol!!!

Well, that's the latest instalment of Lucky Duck's Diary. Hopefully, the next one will be incident free.

Don't forget to pop over to MAWTT and say "Hi" to Wendy and the rest of the gals.

Ang x

Ps.....See you Sunday Anne. Will be around the Daisys Jewels Stall about 11am.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

House of Cards August Challenge. . . . . . . . .Metallics

Good afternoon folks. Hope all is well with you and yours. 
Just to clarify Janice, it was John's idea to call you all Duckettes, not making the decorations lol!!! In fact, he mentioned pinching the decoration idea hahaha!!! Actually, a few of you mentioned about doing them yourselves and I am more than happy for you to run with any inspiration. . . . . . hey, I don't have that many good ideas so grab em while you can lol!!!

Today is the start of another month so, as well as being the lovely Nesta's birthday (cue fanfair. . . . . ) its time for another challenge at House of Cards and this months' subject matter is. . . . . . . Metallics!!!

So, lets see you all join in and have a go. Would be great to see some of you talented guys and gals enter.

Metallics put me in mind of Christmas (I know its only August lol!!!) so that was the route I went.
This is where the gilded gold funky foam decoration from my last post (here) ended up.
It started off like this. . . . . . . 

Sue's die cut out of funky foam 3 times, glued together and topped with card cut with the same die and gilded with gold flakes (Love this die!)

Cream card
Brown metallic card 
Brown funky foam
Brown card (Lidl)
Chariot of Fire gilding flakes (Indigo Blu)
Sue Wilson Snowflake Lattice embossing folder
Cosmic Shimmer Golden Pearl pearl PVA
Teeny gold bling (Mei Flower)
Larger bling - these were clear, so to make them brown, I coloured with gold Krylon pen then quickly dusted with brown mica whilst the gold ink was still wet. Leave to dry and you're good to go. 

This hopefully shows you the depth of the piece, yet it comes in just under the 5mm posting depth (guess it would depend on the thickness of the funky foam you have). Hopefully you can pick up the metallic nature of the brown card too.

Enjoying my time off although the weather wasn't great at first. No doubt there will be a blistering heatwave just as I go back into work.

Anyone going to the GBCF at Stoneleigh next weekend? I'm going on the Sunday and meeting up with the lovely Mrs H so if anyone else is going and fancies a cuppa at lunchtime, the more the merrier.

Anyhoo, this won't get the lady a baby as my lovely Mum used to say (don't know if its some weird Malaysian saying that's got lost in translation lol!!!)
So, get yourselves over to House of Cards and have fun with some metallics!

Happy Saturday all!

Ang x


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