Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Butterfly Magic

Good afternoon everyone. Hope this finds you in fine fettle. I had hoped to post yesterday but real life interfered, as it has a nasty habit of doing at the best of times. I was trying to get some cards finished for friends who had "ordered" them, housework and make quiche and triple choc chunk cookies as promised for Mr Duck and then pick him up after work, then plan his travel arrangements for today......phew!!! A good job I can multitask.

Today, I have featured very easy cards, using the same die in a different way. As well as flowers, I also love butterflies so when I saw the Spellbinders Butterfly Magic die, I had to have it.
I took these pics before the blog was an embryo so please excuse any blurryness. Funnily, after saying to Heather that I should use my burgundy card more often, I did use it on one of these.

This was a A4 burgundy card Hougied in half to make an A5 card base. I then used the Hougie to score a frame, of sorts, to accommodate the die cut. I cut the whole Butterfly Magic out of off white card and just the butterfly out of matt gold card.
I nipped the loose bits away with a craft knife (anyone who has used this die will know what I mean by "loose bits") and foam padded it onto the base card. I then shaped and glued the gold butterfly on top of its white friend.

The following card was done using a white 5x7 card blank, which I inked with red, orange and yellow to make it look like a sunrise/sunset effect. 
I then cut the Butterfly Magic out of a 5x7 piece of black card and nipped the loose bits again and stuck it to the base card.
Hopefully, you get the silhouette against a sunrise/sunset effect.

I hadn't decided what the cards were for at the time of photographing but they did get sent as birthday cards, with sentiments added.

Now then, a big thank you to Patricia for pointing out about that weird word verification thing. I hadn't even realised that was switched on. Hopefully it isn't now. I have also managed to add a followers gadget........hurrah.......in an optimistic mind that there may have been a queue of people awaiting this momentous development (LOL) Thank you also for your kind comments Patricia.
Another thank you to Hazel, sister of Patricia (I do offer a family discount you see) for your kind comments and for becoming follower number two........I shall be like Sue Wilson and offer a prize when I get to 4000........hahahahahahaha.
And lastly, thank you to Heather for all the encouragement /advice. The email thing is next on my list and the 28th is the day that the stork dropped me on my head.

I will continue to refine and tweak so I hope that you can stay with me for the ride. As the gynocologist said, the only way is up !!!


Mrs Duck xxx


  1. Hi Ang

    At last I have got round to your blog! What a day!
    Stunned I am! You have a followers box! Who! hoo! Well done!

    Your cards today may be simple ( your words not mine) but they are stunningly gorgeous I love the effect of the sunset it is the only one I am going to get today I can tell you :) An as for the burgundy one well you know I love the burgundy colour, really lovely as well.

    I saw your comments and hopefully 9pm is early to bed for someone! LOL!

    I will try and stay up but I have set it to record but I am so exhausted I am often asleep by 9pm as I am up at 5.45am! Sigh roll on the 5day break with the bank holiday!

    So glad you are getting to grips with the blog now it is good fun isn't it?

    Have a good evening after all your hard work.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Good evening, I love, love, love, your cards.
    I have a few of this kind of Die and just "hate" those bits you have to cut away.
    Mind you they do make stunning cards .
    I love your scenic one it is very, very effective.
    Happy crafting

    Patricia xxx

  3. Your word verification is off, it makes it so much easier.
    Poor Hazel is really, really struggling to set up a BLOG. I have had mine up and running for a year but can not for the life of me remember how in heavens name I did it.
    Now I feel guilty that I can't help her.
    Computers ..............great but still a pain!!!
    Happy crafting

    Patricia. xxx


  4. Good evening, your two cards are stunning. It's amazing how the same dies can make two so different cards with just using different colours.
    Still trying to do this blog setting up. Will have no hair left at this rate. Will have another go tomorrow, been a long day.


  5. Hi Ang

    Thank you for your lovely comment on Sue's site and my card. That was very kind of you. Sue has been and is a really good friend and she was happy for me to post I was starting a blog - her suggestion! What she said she did not want was someone blatantly advertising and then clearing off as she says her blog is really Creative Expressions not hers personally but do ask her first out of courtesy - of course I know you would. :) But will get round to promoting you and all new bloggers on my site to help them. Hazel has hers up and running!!!! Another Talented Taurean! LOL!

    Bye for now hun
    Crafty Hugs xx

  6. Hi Ang

    I do apologise for calling you a Taurean I was thinking of Hazel being a May birthday and myself and forgot you are Gemini - You can still be in the May birthday club though! ROFL!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  7. Gorgeous cards, I love your colour effect. Welcome to blogland and I hope you enjoy. xx Flora