Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wot, no Christmas?....................

Good morning everybody. Hope you are well and enjoying the long awaited heatwave........long may it last!!!
Told you the last card was my one and only Christmas card and even that was from last year LOL.!!! I will try and come up with some more 
Well, after removing the secret cameras that had been installed by Heather in my craft room, I had a play with this card (I have moved the cameras to my bathroom so that will teach her a lesson or make her scream LOL !!!) 
I apologise if the picture quality is not great but I took them on my phone as my camera battery went to sleep as I switched it on.

I started with an A4 piece of PMD Raspberry Pink card. I left the length at 29.8cm but cut the height to the same as the largest of the Spellbinders Elegant Labels Four dies.
I then scored at 7.5cm in from each end.
Using the largest Elegant Labels Four, I just cut the flap at either end by overhanging the rest over the edge of the cutting plate (if that makes sense....the next picture may assist my waffle).
I then cut 3 of the middle die from this set out of PMD cream linen card and inked through the die with a fuchsia pink ink. I didn't ink onto the centre of the die cut, just through the holes.
I then cut two of these to fit the front of the card and stamped each with the rose stamp* in the fuchsia ink. They were then stuck onto the front of the card.

On the 3rd die cut, I stamped it with the sentiment in fuchsia again and stuck it inside the card.
I then used fuchsia pink organza ribbon, threaded through the gaps to tie in a bow. In the flesh, the ribbon colour is pretty much the same shade as the card but has come out different on the pictures.

A different take on a filigree card so I hope you like it.

More F1 tomorrow and tennis................remember to cheer on our boys, English and Scottish!
May have another trip to the bookies.

Its late now (I'm scheduling) so time for beddybyes. 
Hope you have the Sun in the sky and in your hearts and thank you, as always, for popping by.

Ang x

* I got this in a box of wood mounted rubber stamps at a car boot. There are approx 90 stamps and I got the lot for £5.........result !!!


  1. Beautiful card Ang, I love your design and the die is quite beautiful.
    Great find at the sale and only a fiver canny whack it.
    Have a jolly day, Kate x

  2. What a beautiful card. It looks amazing, I haven't got the right dies to re-create this but it has given me ideas.


  3. Wot? No Holly? LOL!

    I knew this was yours as soon as it came up on the screen your soft muted colours, synonymous with yourself have made you a worldwide phenomena in the field of card making!

    Absolutely beautiful I never think to use the dies as an edge to a card but who knows so many things to try so little time!!

    I don't know your carol but isn't it a bit early for a Pina Colada (For those who do not know what I am talking about go to my blog!)Now Pimm's well now you're talking girl! LOL! I met someone the other day who seriously thought Pimm's was non-alcoholic she was squiffy at the time which made it even more funny!LOL!

    Have a good day hun I am off to Mike's for a swim in his lake! LOL! Tina gone with friend to look for the dress!! Say no more!!
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

    1. Have a look on You Tube for the carol. Never too early for a bit of pineapple and coconut!
      Glad that you noticed I have opted for a softer colour palette today hahaha! x


  4. Ang just love the way you have done your card today, and the colour is gorgeous too. To make you jealous my son and his family are in Germany and are at the F1, can't see Lauren who is three enjoying it but daddy and mummy will, then again daddy will be in his element the rest of the week to as they are off to the Playmobil fun land and factory. ( he says it's for the girls ) oh I don't think so. Hope no one disturbs your afternoon of viewing.

    Hazel xxx

    1. I thought you were a pal Hazel!
      I hope you're proud of yourself making me cry. . . . . . Boo hoo!

  5. Beautiful die cut and colors.

    Regards diane

  6. Hi Ang this card is stunning and I love the colours ,I to would never thing of cutting the dies to make an edge.Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Absolutely stunning card, great use of the Dies .... and what about the "subtle" colour. Joking apart I really like the colour.

    Had a wee snigger at Heathers comment. I remember my darling sweet MIL who I loved to bits won a bottle of Peach Snapps in a raffle. She really thought it was non alcoholic and was having it "straight" with her breakfast drinking it like Fresh Orange. Then wondering why she was falling asleep half way though the morning!!!!!!

    Patricia xxx

  8. Beautiful ang stunning your ideas and inspiration never fails to amaze me
    John x

  9. This looks totally yummy Ang, it is 8am and I think it is already hot enough for raspberry ripple. Super bargain you got there also. xx Flora

  10. Beautiful card - luv the way you have used the dies on this xx GailT xx

  11. Hi Ang, glad someone else is not even thinking about Christmas. This card is amazing, I love the way you have used the dies to construct it and such a happy colour as well. Best wishes Jackie

  12. Love this design! Very creative!