Monday, 22 July 2013

You wait for one, then three come along at once.............................

Good morning ducksters. Hope you're all bright eyed and bushy tailed. 
Firstly, I'm pleased to welcome Val officially into the pond as she is now, kindly, a follower.
We will be drawing that 4000th follower blog candy before you know it LOL!!!

On the subject of dear Val, in case you did not see her last post, C&C have come up trumps and sorted out her Gelli Plate. 
However, just to clarify, I have always had great service when ordering from C&C. Only once, have they sent the wrong thing but let me keep the wrong item and immediately dispatched the correct one. All of my orders have arrived within a week and sometimes they do have good offers. I do, however, agree that their postage charges are ridiculously high and I only tend to order if the item/items are a steal. I was miffed because of my missing spotty potty card (but some chums have advised that it can take some weeks to materialise) and was sympathising with poor Val after her comment on the 18th. Just though that I should re-dress the balance after opening the can of worms. 

Now, today I have gone for the muted tones hat-trick. I had a bash at teabagging. . . . . .in a crafting sense, not in a Samantha Jones sense, if any of you watched the fabulousness that was Sex and the City.

I won't go into the ins and outs unless you want me to. . . . . . .I'm sure you crafting veterans know even better patterns. I saw this demoed somewhere and I tried to replicate it.
I used some Do Crafts double sided paper and cut the circles from the SB Butterfly Circles die. This did make it a bit tricky to score nicely as you will notice there are a couple of tatty bits.

Not a bad first attempt but as John said yesterday, "could do better".

What will the next post bring I wonder? Muted or bright? Hmmmmmmm! Decisions decisions!

Please pop back to have a look if you can. Its a duck eat duck world out there and sometimes I feel I'm wearing bread underwear so its nice to know folks are popping by for a paddle.

Ang x


  1. Sheer genius combining teabag folding with spellbinders! This may be a first!! But possibly not the last! LOL! Perhaps in strong colours?

    What a great design and the colours are beautiful you clever girl you! I really like it!!

    I too have been happy recently with C & C there delivery has been within 2 days which as it is summer holiday time and staff are off that is very good. Where else can you get 10% off and interest free flexipay on large items with the option to add things to the flexi basket?

    That said I am off to wake myself up!You ducklings are probably still slumbering away! Sigh!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Good Morning, loving your card, nice shade of pink here!!!!
    I used that folded SB method for the lid of an "Altered cheese Box" I have been puddling about with. Will keep it hidden in the reeds for a while yet..............!!
    I don`t buy a lot from C&C now. I do admit I way up my options if they are offering Flexi Pay on a big item I like. No point shooting myself in the foot if I can spread the cost.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Hi Ang, beautiful card, lovely design, could'nt begin to know how you do this kind of thing, but I love it, Kate x


  4. Good morning Ang. Stunning card, all the folding etc is gorgeous.

    Hazel xxx

  5. Hia me little Duckett,

    I like it, i like it , i like the way you rub your fingers down the card

    Its a beautiful sunny Monday Morning and your card is cheery ,i love the color and the pattern it has turned into , whats more its made me happy and smiley so i will carry on me little Ducket and sing my heart away
    Just hope it dont turn to rain .

    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Ang, what a lovely card idea. I've not seen one like this before but it is certainly food for thought. Have a good day, best wishes Jackie

  7. Hi Ang,
    A great card, very effective. Never done teabag folding myself.

  8. This is gorgeous, love the folding. xxx

  9. HI Ang. this is a fabulous idea. it reminds me of a kaleiderscope I had as a child.
    Sorry I was a tad tardy signing up to become a follower. I forgot - I blame my age.
    Glad the C+C debate can be finally put to bed and the lid can be Pinflaired onto the can of worms.
    Have a good day folks.
    Love Val x

  10. incredible technique thanks for sharing

  11. This is so pretty and delicate!! You have inspired me to try to make one too.