Friday, 23 August 2013

From the Heart . . . . . . . .

Good morning my crafty chums. How's it hanging? Most of my sniffles are gone thankfully.
Apologies for being a day late with my post but you will have to blame John Lockwood ( for keeping me out all afternoon yesterday so that I didn't have time to do my blog. . . . . . . well, it was probably me keeping John out as I probably bored the socks off him lol !!! No, we had a good ol' chin wag, fortified by lots of coffee and Pepsi Max and I think we both had a caffeine surge hahaha.
So, as the card says, From the Heart, a big thank you to John for taking the time out of his short  hols to spend the afternoon with moi. I can say, hand on heart, he is a genuinely lovely guy and it was great to meet him. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone coming to the NEC in November too.
Before I forget, a big hello to Maggie in France. John passed on your "hello" and explained that you are unable to follow/comment for technical reasons but that you do pop by for a secret paddle. He did suggest that I put an email button on my blog but after his hacking episode, I'm not sure about that. I don't need ads about coffee and weight loss . . . . . . . .well, actually, the weight loss thing may not be a bad idea lol !!!

Now, today's card is another of my subtle creations in muted tones . . . . . . . .titter . . . . . . . . but was a quick and easy make. I hadn't used this embossing folder that Nesta Vipers got me for my birthday and I thought it high time that I did.
The base card is a 5x7 white card blank. I then popped a slightly smaller mat of white card through the GC in the SB M-Bossibilities Framed Labels Eighteen folder. As I don't have a Labels Eighteen die set, I ran a piece of card, just big enough for the label portion of the folder, through the GC in the folder again and cut the label out by hand.
I inked the bottom of the embossed card with Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink and the top in a mixture of Shabby Shutters, Spiced Marmalade and Mustard Seed
I then twisted some yellow and orange organza ribbon together and attached it across the card, adding a double bow of both ribbons. 

The cut out label was inked up with the Spiced Marmalade and Mustard Seed inks again and the sentiment stamped with Shabby Shutters. I then foam padded it onto the embossed card and then that onto the base card.

I know that its very bright but it matches my cheery disposition . . . . . . .hahaha!!! Hopefully its nearly as tropical as where Heather is lounging, half dressed and oiled up . . . . . St Albans I think she said lol !!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, wherever you are and thanks for popping by the pond.

Ang x


  1. This is what I like Ang, something bright to waken me up in the morning. Gorgeous card, love the tropical theme bet John enjoyed his afternoon with you, I feel you would brighten up anyone's day. I look forward each morning to see your daily contribution.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Oh! Wow! will be back ....... off to get the "Sun Glasses"!!!!!
    Joking apart I do love your wonderful "subtle" creation. I love the design, I could really use this. I really like the the embossing, nice, crisp and fresh looking. The twisted ribbon is a brilliant touch.
    I am glad I am reading this early, it has put some sunshine in the day that we don`t have at the moment.
    I get the feeling you really liked John, I feel is is a bit of a character!!! What did Mr Duck have to say about you spending the day with another man???
    Have a wonderful day

    Patricia xx

  3. Hello Ang, super bright this morning, but my sort of colours, I just love yellows, don't really know why, I'm anything but sunny.
    great embossing and love the twist on the ribbon.

    Thanks for your last comment on my blog about my OH meeting, I work in a small project for people with mental health. The clients are not the problem I have to add. We've gone from 8 staff to 4 and a half, abd the work has increase and this tired old soul became overwhelmed, stressed and couldn't function as well, and had to have time out. I've been off since mid April.
    There you are, just a wee bit of background.

    You have a lovely day, Kate x

  4. Morning Ang,
    Wow! bright card, too much for me but I love the design simple and elegant.

  5. Crikey this one nearly knocked me out of bed this morning, this will bring sunshine to everyone. Love the embossing and inking. xxxx

  6. Good Morning me little duckett

    What a bright and cheerful card to start my Morning ,i love the twisted ribbon bow , thats a new idea for me

    Have a lovely weekend
    Elaine H X

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The embossing folder is beautiful and I love the dazzling orange bow.
    I agree with you about John. he is a lovely fella.
    Enjoy your day.
    Love Val x

  8. Hello Ang.
    Just dipping a wing feather in the water. John told me how to do this commenting stuff. I am new to all this. Have only recently started paper craft too.
    John has motivated and inspired me a lot. I have proposed adoption on more than one occasion - just waiting for his mum to tire of him!
    I do love your bright colours, they cheer the sleepy French rural life. Today reminds me of the fields of sunflowers around us - lucky I don't get hayfever!!
    Thank you Ang for all your cheery quacking!
    maggie x

  9. Hi Ang,
    I was waddling by your pond, and found this beautiful bright and creative card so I stopped for a peek not peck, lol.
    Beautiful card so bright and cheerful. Love the embossing.
    So glad you had a fab day yesterday.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love, your waddling buddy. Jenny L.

  10. Hi Ang your card is a breath of life ,it is so sunny and cheerful.How luck for you to have met John as all of us are only computer friends,it would be fantastic if we all could meet up.Perhaps a visit to John in Spain,all of us book into a nice Hotel and cra till dawn
    I having being leaving notes on all blogs today as I do not have E.mail addresses.Jenny of Krafty Keepsakes was admitted to Hospital on wed., so think of her today ,she needs to rest.If anyone wants to contact me my e.mail box is on threright hand side of my blog,so Ang you might pass on the news,I have told ,Wendy and John.


  11. Ang, I great cheerful card to brighten up our dull day. I am not an orange and yellow lover but love this.
    Glad you had a fab afternoon.

    Hazel xxx

  12. Hi Ang, sounds like a fun time with your friend. This is a really beautiful card, I love the citrus colours and the embossing looks amazing. Hope you're having a good weekend
    Claire xx

  13. Ello me duck,
    Sorry due to all the pc probs I told you about I've only just started catching up! Thankyou for a wonderfully afternoon I haven't enjoyed someone else's company so much in ages! Don't worry Patricia Mr duck called to make sure I wasn't some weirdo and Mr next door collected me to do the same!

    Love the card not sure I should have looked at gone midnight in bed but who needs sleep!

    Take care,

    John xxx