Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Butterfly Magic Box. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning my Duckadees. Hope you are all supahdoopah.
I must apologise to Annie for not giving her a more formal welcome to the pond. . . . . .so welcome to you from Down Under and for those of you who don't know Annie, you can check out her fab blog here .

Thank you for your kind comments on my previous post, especially your commiserations. I shall be showing the other cards I submitted to CE in future posts. One of them was my birthday card for Nesta Vipers (see here) as they didn't need to be brand new projects.

Now today's creation is an homage to the wonderfully talented (and all round good egg) John (hope he has recovered from Monday's birthday celebrations).
He made a fabulous box with a baby's crib in it (see here) and I did the usual "Hmmmm, I wonder if it would work if I did this. . . . . . . . .?" So I gave a box a bash using a different die set.

I cut four of the SB Butterfly Magic die out of purple PMD card, leaving a generous border around each piece (This took one sheet of A3) I had originally intended to cut two out of a single sheet of A4 (so that there were two pieces to join rather than four) but this die needs a second pass through the GC after turning it which you obviously can't do with an A4 sheet. Now, if you know anyone with a Big Shot Pro, who lives in the same country, you can probably manage it.
So, that's why I had to cut it on four separate pieces of card.
I Hougied the sides, bottoms and tops of all pieces and then stuck them side by side with red liner tape. I then cut four pieces of acetate (I knew I would use it some day lol!!!) to fit over each aperture and stuck it to the inside side with red liner tape. I then joined the two open ends to make the box. I cut two pieces of card for the base. I stuck one piece to the outside and one on the inside.
The lid was made in the usual way and I added several layers of SB Captivating Squares to the lid, on foam pads.
No practice run, this is it, but I decided not to add anything else, by way of decoration or introduce any other colour as I thought it was ok as it is and I didn't want to cover the sides.
A couple of other snaps as close ups and also a pic I took as I had put it down in the sun and I loved the shadow it created.

I hope that I have done John's concept justice and thank him for making me think outside the box, literally hahaha !!!

I am happy to do a step by step, if my garbled details above are as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Meanwhile, happy holidays to the Turkish Delights from the Scottish Posse, who are off to Canada and Ireland respectively and to Jackie D, who is floating somewhere in the Atlantic (not literally, hopefully) on her cruise.
A happy day to all of you, wherever you are on the planet.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, your box is stunning I just love it. Now you might think its strange that I am on my iPad when I should be on my way to Canada but wait for it we have a 10hr delay so sitting in Glasgow airport, we won't fly till gone 5pm AH!!! Good start or what a day lost already.

    Hazel xxx

  2. Morning Ang,
    Just beautiful, love it, I'm sure John will think so too.

  3. Hi Ang, this is stunning, what work and the dies used are gorgeous, especially the ones on the lid.
    loving your watermark, is it the one you mentioned making youself?, it's brill.
    just read Hazel's comment, what a shame, just pants when there's delays, anyway you have a good day, hugs Kate X

  4. Beautiful box. You are very clever. I love all the blogs I visit they give such inspiration. The trouble is now I visit so many it takes me all morning to read them lol! Still nothing better to do! Oh I forgot must get on with the decorating!!!
    Hugs Sue x

  5. Hi Ang. This is wonderful. So love it and I'm very impressed as I'm sure John is. Love the colour and I really don't think it needs anything else.
    So sorry for Hazel sitting in the Airport - how frustrating.
    Take care.
    Love val x

  6. Hia , A lovely box Ang and a great color ,im sure John will be proud of you and singing your praises .
    So sorry to read about Hazels delay , { Nothing worse than plans going haywire }

    Have a good day

    Elaine H X

  7. You are giving John a run for his money. This is stunning, love the colour and design, just gorgeous, xxxx

  8. Stunning box and luv the colour xx well done you have done John proud xx GailT xx

  9. Done it Justice!?! you have outshone my effort this is simply STUNNING! I love it and can see soo........ many possibilities you should be right chuffed! Nor sure on the big shot pro thing, do you know someone with one???? Lol

    John xxx

    1. Me outshine you mi amigo? It will never happen!
      Do I know someone with the BSP? No one nearby, sadly. x

  10. Ang. Just got ur comment CanadaAffair bn very good 10pound ea 4 breakfast 15pound ea lunch and hotel room 4 ngt cant fault them,

  11. Wow! Ang this is fabulous, love it all. So exquisite and elegant. Well done.

    Hopefully Hazel will now be very near to flying.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  12. Beautifully done!! Very creative!!

  13. Wow! Really beautiful Ang! I love when people do 3D projects although I hesitate to do any myself. Well done! Have a great day.

  14. Hi Ang,
    How stunningly superb is this gem of a creation. Love it, Love it, you clever cloggs.
    I told you when you didn't get that DT position they were mad not to have had you.
    I bet if they see this they are feeling a bit silly now.
    To think I nearly missed it as I am very late blogging tonight as I have been looking after my little great granddaughter.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  15. WOW oh WOW this is just I love colours too..thanks for the welcome lol, I know ya luv me...keeping in

  16. This is simply stunning Ang!! Gorgeous! Love from Christine xx

  17. Congratulations on your win with such a lovely card. Love from Christine xx
    PS All the cows are in their rightful place today - dining on my apples which fall into their side of the fence. Saves me clearing them up Lol!!

  18. OMG!!! This is one terrific creation, I love, love, love it.
    Will definitely have to study your instructions. might even have a go.

    Patricia xxx

  19. Wow, what a fabulous design.

    Hugs Diane