Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hearts and Lace . . . . . . .

Good morning to you all. Hope that today is treating you well. Its an F1 GP weekend so I'm a happy girlie.
Mr Duck arrived back safe and sound after his overnight foray north of the border. After "Mapgate" he arrived home clutching M&S biscuits as he thought the Scottish ones might taste different. I was too stunned to question the logic and a least it wasn't a map of Dunfermline as a gift. 
Wilma, if I'd known you were local, I would have sent him to you for lodging hahaha!!! And Patricia, I know what you mean about the bed to yourself but I like that when Mr D has just got up and I can spread out into the warm patch lol!!!
As I didn't get to bed until gone 2am that night, I thought I wouldn't bother setting the alarm. Mr D, obviously oblivious to this, decided to ring me at 7.30am to tell me about strange delicacies on his breakfast. The phone was downstairs but I heard it, shot out of bed, half asleep running around upstairs looking for it. Then realised it was downstairs so hurtled down the stairs, threw myself through the living room door, tripped over my own feet, landed on the sofa, legs in the air, promptly setting the burglar alarm off as I'd forgotten to switch it off. The only thing missing was the Benny Hill chase music. It certainly woke me up and half the neighbourhood I should imagine lol!!!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last card. I'm getting curious now as to who did make it on the CEDT as its a few weeks since I got the "no" email and no one has been revealed on their blog as yet. Lesley, glad you got those micas and hope you enjoy playing.

Now, today's card is the last of my submissions for the CEDT call. I posted a similar card a few posts ago (see here), which was a prototype for this one.
The background creation was done exactly the same way but this time I used a CE heart stamp, another CE sentiment and CE Crocheted Ribbon (thought I'd better show willing if applying for their team lol!!!)The heart is attached with Nymo beading thread so it dangles in the aperture.
I threaded some silky blue cord through the ribbon, tied it in a bow and stuck a lime green heart shaped gem on the knot.

Right, that's it for today chaps and chapesses. I shall be parked in front of the box this morning for F1 Qually and also tomorrow morning for the actual race. Hope you all enjoy doing whatever floats your boat this weekend and that the weather is kind to you. Annie, hope that the fires are under control now too.

Be good.
Ang x


  1. Hi Ang,
    You made me smile with your blog today sounds like your had a rude awakening. Enjoy the biscuits. Saw your card on Ali Reeves show yesterday.
    Now onto to today's too bright for me but I love the design.

  2. Morning Ang, I am sitting her reading your post with tears in my eyes through laughter! You did just need the Benny Hill music I could picture it well lol!

    Hope you enjoy the biscuits whilst watching the GP.
    Love the card, I love Green & Blue together, I know they say shoule never be seen an all that but I think they go so well and the White hearts set it all off lovely.

    Have not heard about the CEDT either Mmmm! Strange one.

    Anyhow Good Luck and have a great weekend.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Hello there Ang, I am still chuckling about your story, I can just picture it. Good job you didn't loose your footing on the stairs, we wouldn't have been laughing then.
    Well of course Scottish M&S biccies will taste better!!!, hope you enjoy them.
    What challenge blog is CE, I know the DT will stand for Design Team, but can't think what CE is.

    Love your gorgeously bright card, it's the shades of the blue and green that are so good together, and the hearts are lovely.
    Took myself off to Lidles and got some of the card, I think it's lovely and will be so useful.
    Enjoy your weekend with the F1, hugs kate x

  4. Pretty card, but the story was hilarious!

  5. Brilliant card, l love what you have done, and also the use of the cord. I have loads of that from jewellery making must get it out.
    Now! .. a map of Dunfermline would not be too bad, it could direct you to a nice park where there is a Duck Pond..........!!!!
    Oh! Ang, what a laugh I had picturing you trying to find that phone!!!!! Sorry would not be funny if you had hurt yourself which was more than possible.
    Enjoy the racing, I will be racing, but only the 8miles to Tesco then back. Need to get in plenty "bread & milk". The boys are coming for a few hours. Dad has been called to a meeting in Perth. Better stock up on other things in case they all decide to stay for Dinner as well.
    Stay safe

    Patricia xxx

  6. Hi Ang
    OMGoodness what are you like? tis a good job the sofa was there to break your fall .
    Todays card , not my colors but i do like the style and the pretty lace .
    Take Care and no more running

    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang. This is so so pretty and love the lace effect.
    Great Benny Hill story. I bet you and your neighbours weren't laughing though.
    Strangely, I think the biscuits in M+S in Liverpool taste much nicer than anywhere else in the country - mmm!
    Enjoy the race and all of you in the UK take care in the predicted storm.

    Love Val x

  8. Hi Ang, didn't get to read your story before I went out yesterday having been up too early to see Practice 3 then quali and now just watched the race. Poor Mark, nothing ever seems to go his way but was an interesting race and lot more action than some. Your escapades have me chuckling though - it's the way you tell 'em!! Not quite so keen on this colour combo or perhaps it is the brightness of it but the lace ribbon and little heart are sweet. Best wishes Jackie

  9. Hi Ang,
    fabulous card. Such beautiful colours used on the gem of a creation.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  10. You made me chuckle over the burglar alarm tale. I did something very similar once. I got up and was carrying the laundry basket downstairs, caught my foot on my dressing gown, slammed the basket down setting off the alarm - which was a loud klaxon at the time- I leapt with fright and then promptly fell down the stairs all accompanied by the darn klaxon. I was trying to get down and switch it off before the outside siren went off - but no such luck. I didn't hurt myself apart from a odd bruise but I have been very careful since!!

    Anyway to your card - I absolutely love the cord and lace, they really look fabulous. The colours are not what I normally use but they do look great so I really need to push myself away from the pastels! Love and hugs from Christine xx

  11. Ang, not only did you have me chuckling, but when I explained to Charlie why I was he then started. You were so lucky you didn't hurt yourself. Another great card, love your use of the lace and cord. Well we had a great time last night but a nightmare to day trying to find the petrol station near the airport so we could top up the hired car before returning. But got there in the end, thank goodness we won't need a car in two weeks time. Hazel xx

  12. Fab card and lovely fresh green with the lace.xx

  13. Couldn't find an email address for you so thought I would leave a message here. Yes I am going to the NEC. I generally go on day one but since some of you will be there on Friday then so will I. It will be wonderful to actually meet people - in the flesh!! Lol! Looking forward to seeing you all. Christine xx