Saturday, 7 December 2013

Happy 30th Birthday. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you all survived the horrendous winds. Its fine if your house has been blown into a different county, as long as you are all safe. Only a few ripples across the pond so we escaped quite lightly (in fact, I think Speedy Gonpatricia causes more of a wake on one of her zoom abouts)
Thank you for your lovely comments as usual. to clarify from my last post, on Tuesday's I volunteer in an RSPCA charity shop. I love it as itsmy way of helping the animals without me blubbering over a sick cat or me doing 6 months for GBH if I got my hands on anyone abusing an animal.
The paying job is in a large chain store. Won't say who, in case I want to whinge about em hahaha!!! 

Now, today's card is one Nesta asked me to make for her niece who, unsurprisingly, was going to be 30. This is the same niece with the purple and gold wedding theme, for whom I made the engagement card as shown here .
Its an 8x8 cream card base to start. I then cut a slightly smaller piece of gold mirror card and then a slightly smaller piece of purple card. Out of the purple, I cut the largest SB Majestic Labels 25 and also one of the SB Bracket Borders, top and bottom, as shown. 
I embossed the portion of the gold card, that would show through the frame, with the That Special Touch Delicate Mask.
I then cut the nesting layers from the Majestic Labels 25 in gold and purple and also the leafy shaped die from the SB Botanical Swirls and Accents (did wonder if I would ever use this odd shaped die in this set but there you go). I matted and layered them on top of each other and stuck the leafy things on either side of the top layer. 

In the centre of this I used. . . . . . . . John, look away. . . . . . . number peel offs for the 30. For the Happy Birthday, I did cut the letters from gold mirror card using a X-Cut Alphabet die. 

Nesta loved the card but I have no idea if her niece did as the miserable g#t hasn't even bothered to text, nevermind phone, to say thanks to Nesta for the card and her present.

Well that's me for today folks. Day off (hurrah !!!) so off to the NEC for the Airport Duty Free Christmas sale first thing (handbags, perfume and Estee Lauder come to Momma)  followed by a reunion with former workmates (one of whom has just come back from New Zealand) at a Thai restaurant for lunch and witty reparte lol !!!
Have a great day yourselves, whatever you're all up to.

Ang x


  1. Brilliant card, I love the wonderful use of your Dies.
    Some people are so terrible about saying "thank you"
    Hazel and I are still waiting for a "thank you" from our own sister for her Birthday Gift from last December!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day I hope you got lots of bargains.
    Enjoy the catch up with your friend
    I am off for a scoot round the pond to raise some ripples!!!
    Big Hugs

    Patricia. xxxx

    Patricia xxxx

  2. Hi Ang, another gorgeous card and such beautifully rich colours. get so irate that people take things for granted and never think to say thank you. II remember my mum sitting us all down at the table after Christmas and birthdays to write our thank you notes - and make thank you cards when we very small. I used to say it must be the way you were brought up but I found even that's not true. My brother's daughters never send thank you notes, yet he did. Maybe his wife's influence? I don't know. Anyway, enough said. Love and hugs Christine xxx

  3. Gorgeous Ang. Great design. xxx

  4. Hi Ang,
    Love your design but sorry not the colour , but as it was requested I,m sure it was loved.
    Enjoy your day sounds like you are going to have fun.

  5. You stories have me smiling as usual Ang. Love the card and the lovely dies. Not too keen on the colour but each to their own as they say.
    I don't use peel offs very often but I think they've definitely got a place in card making. When I first started making cards I used nothing but.
    Enjoy your meal and the weekend.
    Love Val x

  6. Hi Ang,

    Love it, as I am sure Nesta niece would have. Wow sound like you are in for a fabulous day, very busy but fabulous.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. A lovely card Ang , love the style,nothing wrong with a peel off i find they can cover many a mistake lol
    Have a nice weekend xx
    Elaine H X

  8. Pretty card, I'm sure it will go down well with the recipient.

  9. Wow - this card will defo put a smile on your face xx luv how the emboss matches up on your die, very clever - like the use of the 'ickle dies' that we get in our packets and like you say think will I ever actually use these!! well done xx have a fab weekend xx GailT xx

  10. Gorgeous card Ang. Love all the shiny gold. My side of the family writes thak you notes. My husband's side never has. I don't think they were raised right. Have a great day. Weddibg plans are coming along nicely.

  11. Hi Ang and what a sumptuous card [I was trying to find a suitable adjective and that popped in my mind!!] I too often wonder what to do with the little dies in a packet which don't seem to have much to them but as you say it is surprising when they come into their own. You are certainly one for gadding about but I hope you found some Christmas bargains and had a lovely meal and catch up with your friends. Best wishes Jackie

  12. Great card Ang, Nestas niece would have been quick enough letting her know if she had forgotten her birthday, as you say a little text would have been enough. Hope you got lots of bargains and enjoyed your meal and catch up.
    Hazel xxx

  13. Another beautiful and elegant card!!

  14. Hi Ang
    A lovely card using my current favourite die, labels 25. I bought the 'plain' version yesterday so I've got more options with layering. I just think the shapes are so pleasing. Your comment about the smaller dies has prompted me to go and cut out some of them later ( have to confess I've not cut out them all, but who knows what surprises there will be!
    Finally, I'm with you on the thank you front! Still waiting for thank you's for 2 wedding gifts and one engagement. When I tried to check if one had arrived ( contained money) I was told by one of the parents that they were very busy. Not too busy to receive it though! Lol
    Anne O

  15. WOW! Bright, pretty and so very elegant. Beautiful birthday card.

  16. Such a beautiful card Ang lots of huggles Sue xxxxx

  17. Hi Ang how did I miss this one, it's gorgeous, that die is beautiful and suc fab bright colour

    yep I'm a thank you person too, it's a real bugbear for me
    Hope you had a fab day, ugs Kate X