Thursday, 30 January 2014

Love Fest. . . . . . . .

Good morning my little duckadees.Hope you're all on quacking form today. I suppose its batten down the hatches for Friday; gale force winds and lashing rain again. 
If Nesta says one more time that she doesn't want to live abroad as she would miss the seasons, I will remind her of the conversation I've just had with her from her freezing cold Scarborough hotel room. . . . . Sue, she's at The Grand (which by the sounds of things, could be challenged under the Trade Description Act).
The only four seasons I'd like to experience are on CD with Frankie Valli! (or Vivaldi at a stretch) or a pizza. . . . . .well, you catch my drift.

Thanks for the super comments on my last card. Duckadees, resistance is futile when it comes to that Tapestry die and to Donna and Jacquie, I will just say. . . . . .ebay.

Now today, there is a trio of Valentines, a veritable love fest. You have three as to show them individually, I feel I would be short changing you all as they were mega quickies and made last year when I was still a duckling with this card mularky. I fished em out for the charity shop to sell and thought I would pop em on here for the craic (i hope that's spelt properly for you celtic folk or I may pop up on peoples rude Google searches)

I love the embossed pink heart paper on this one though. It is actually wallpaper from a well known DIY shop and I needed a sample, legitimately of course. . . . . . have some left so may use it again this year.

Hopefully, my card making has improved a wee bit in the last 12 months but they're a bit of fun and hopefully the shop can sell them (jeepers, I will be gutted if they don't go hahaha!!!)
Will strive for better with my next post.

Well, that's me for today. Wrap up and hope you don't get too wet.

Ang x

I promise to post something better next time.


  1. Good grief I thought these were for your 3 "valentines"..............and I know you are really a one man guy.........LOL!!
    Great cards I love them, they will sell no problem.
    I think we all "cringe" when we look back at what we used to produce, well I know I certainly do.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xx

  2. Like my big sister I did think that you either had three guys you needed to send cards to or I think in your case you just wanted to let Mr. D know how much he means to you!!! Loving the second one that embossing folder for the back ground it great, and I agree you just couldn't not use that sample of paper. Hope they have made a mistake with the weather, and I am sure our Tammy stayed in the grand 9 years ago and thought then it needed some D.I.Y. S.O.S big build help. Hazel xx

  3. Indeed ladies, I am a one man woman. . . . . Heavens to murgatroyd, one is more than enough to cope with lol !

  4. Hi Ang,
    I'm sure they will sell, very pretty cards.

  5. Morning Mrs Duck, luv these cards and like Patricia says I think we all cringe when we think back to the kind of cards we used to make xx I understand about one fella being enough and I am sure these cards will sell as they are luvly xx what a shame about the 'Grand' - I used to stay there every year for a week with my parents when I was growing up and it really was Grand then but then that was .......years ago!!!!! xx can't wait to see what you do with the wallpaper this year and I feel that I now need to do a recci of the local DIY stores for even more ideas xx GailT xx

  6. They are gorgeous cards and what a fab idea for the wallpaper - never thought of doing that before so thank you! I hope you are not too near to the flooding and the winds pass you by. Personally I am really fed up with the blooming rain and cold and damp, grrr xx

  7. Absolutely fab cards Ang and I know exactly what you mean about 'The Grand' which is truly a shame because it was very grand at one time and I can only begin to think how cold it was in Scarborough at this time of year LOL lots of huggles Sue xx

  8. Beautiful cards Ang, love the designs. Thanks for telling us it was e-bay, will take a look.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Good Evening Ang, firstly, how can you even put Vivaldi and Frankie Valley's Four Seasons in the same sentence!!*For Shame, only kidding!
    I think your cards are lovely, great embossing, design and colours.
    We're forecast snow tomorrow.
    Finished my hours for this week and off now until next Thursday, should have done this part time lark sooner.
    hope all is well with you and work, hugs Kate X

  10. Hi Ang!
    I laughed so hard at your 4 seasons jokes. Hilarious! I think your cards are great. I love the embossing on the middle one. Have a great day.

  11. Hi Ang, Sorry didn't get as far as my computer yesterday so I have loads of emails to catch up on this morning including your post. Your cards will sell no problem, they are bright and cheerful and whilst looking back on what we did at one time sometimes it is useful to revert to a simpler style, we all get so involved in layers and techniques nowadays don't we. Best wishes Jackie

  12. You are so funny! "Big Girls Don't Cry" Was that one of Frankie's songs?
    You say duck and I quack!! All three of your cards are just as lovely as can be. I can tell you have loving on your mind!
    Sandy xx

  13. Wonderful card design, lets hope Spring arrives soon.

    Hugs Diane

  14. Hey ducky how ya goin' are you for real, these cards are cool and after having a good squizzy at them I realized you have three love ones to send them to...catchalata.xx

  15. Well I'm here at last. Better late than never eh? Three lovely little valentine cards which will sell like hot cakes. I stayed at The Grand many many years ago and it really was quite grand at that point in time. I'll drop you a line soon. Hugs Christine x

  16. Hi Ang,
    I too am pretty late commenting on your Valentines cards.
    A great threesome of fab cards. All so very different in style.
    Will sell really well too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Hi Ang, your posts are so entertaining to read! And those cards are fabulous - especially the last one, LOVE that!