Thursday, 5 June 2014

Diamond Anniversary. . . . . . . .

Good morning Duckadees. Hope everyone is ok and happy.
Thank you for your super comments on my DT cards, especially about my attempts at colouring. Having to use a sponsors image did fill me with dread as I don't do colouring but I bit the bullet.
Nice to see you hopping and all the new visitors. Hope you can all pop back soon to visit again.

Now, today's card is the actual diamond anniversary card for Bill and June in relation to the acceptance (to the party, on Saturday) I showed here. Their anniversary is today and along with this, they will be receiving a card from the Queen (bet she doesn't hand make hers!)

Our John has got me thinking about whether I waffle on a bit with my explanations with my cards. I fear that I may have been trying to teach those of you who are grannys, to suck eggs. 
With that in mind, I shall scale back on my jibber jabber and move toward a more ingredient format. I know I have done it before but if anyone does require further explanation, I shall be happy to give it.
So, today's ingredients are;
White base card A5 size
White card, embossed with a Hougie in a diamond pattern
Diamond patterned C&C silver holographic card
Silver mirror card
SB Labels Twenty
SB Fancy Tags Two
X Cut Alphabet Die
A diamond shaped bling
Silver embossing powder

This one was taken in a slightly different light (not sure either do the actual card justice)

                                                                        A close up

Now, I hope you don't mind but I have included a few pics of one of our wisterias as its put on a marvellous show this year. We also have a white one at the bottom of the garden and they have been in flower at the same time this year.

From the decking

Under its canopy

From the main garden, looking up

Have a great day folks and if you can't be good. . . . . . no one will mind as life's too short to behave!

Ang x


  1. absolutely stunning Ang, a beautiful card stunning composition well balanced and I just LOVE it! Good photo too! lol

    John x

  2. Hi Ang! I love this card. So Gorgeous. You can keep jibber-jabbering because I get a kick out of your wry sense of humour. Don't cut back on that. I'll bet the queen doesn't make those diamond anniversary cards. She doesn't know the fun she's missing! Have a great day.

  3. P.s. forgot to say how beautiful your wisterias look.

  4. Morning Ang,

    A fabulous card, love the design and colour.

    WOW! your wisteria is absolutely gorgeous,one of my favourite plants, I used to have one in a pot but the main trunk broke so it died. This one is so, so pretty.

    I too am going to cut down on my info as I seem to waffle on too much lol! Though today I think I did too much but never mind, next time lol!

    Have a nice day

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Morning Ang,
    Waffle all you like it makes me smile. Lovely card, very elegant.
    You wisteria is stunning.

  6. Hi Ang ,
    Such a lovely card , really like the style and your clucking as you put a smile on my face .
    Lovely, lovely Wisteria we had to leave ours at the house we moved from, i often wonder how it is doing and hope it is being well looked after .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Ang. Love the card, I'm sure the Queen would be just as addicted to card making as us if she had a go : ) I personally love lots of info and waffle, if others don't they can just skim over it. Remember it's YOUR post so do whatever YOU want : ) I am always grateful that you share anything. I can see why you showed us your beautiful wisteria, it is gorgeous(the blue sky is too! Wish we had more of that) Take care.

  8. Love the card, but I am far more envious of the wisterias, the fragrance must be heavenly. I've had two that both died before flowering. I don't think I have the right green fingers for them.

  9. Good Morning, Mrs d,
    A Diamond Card to behold, beautiful!
    I am in awe over your Wisteria, seldom have I seen such glorious show of blooms. You must have pruned the tree with great knowledge last year.
    Well done.
    Lis x

  10. Hello Ang, your wisterias are gorgeous, wonderful colours, you must have green fingers.
    Love your card, lovely embossing and central die, I'm sure it's a keepsake card for the couple, hugs Kate x

  11. A lovely card Ang, love the simplicity of it, very suitable for an anniversary card. Janice x

  12. Gorgeous card Ang and omg what fab wisteria!!! looks stunning. Paul's parents got a card from the Queen for their Diamond Anniversary it was lovely but when it came to the Queens Mum's 100th birthday when she opened her card it was the same one!!! lmao she must have had a batch made hahahah huggles Sue xxx

  13. Hi Ang I like your " Waffle" the card is a masterpiece ,love how you have used the bling,not over the top.
    Your Garden wisteria is fantastic ,there is a similar type that grows in Brittany,and it is called Glicesin,not sure the spelling is correct .

  14. Good evening Ang, sorry I'm a bit late, been out with one of my U3A groups today. I'll start with your card which is so pretty and your friends will be so pleased I'm sure. I love your waffling, you always make me smile so personally I say keep it up!! Now as for your wisteria - how come you weren't at Chelsea this year, an absolutely marvellous display. I'm sending a copy to my friend, she had a lovely display too but nowhere near as abundant as yours. Bye for now, Jackie

  15. Good evening Ang,
    I just LOVE your stunning card, everything about it is beautiful.

    You don't Jibber - Jabber please don't stop telling your wonderful stories I for one love them.
    Your Wisteria is beyond words ..... it is truly amazing. When I saw the photo "under the canopy" I thought I was seeing a waterfall in the background, it is just so beautiful.
    Hazel, Elaine and I don't need to visit the pond we just wander about outside our villa!!! However we did manage to find a little sunshine this afternoon.
    Hugs from Dalyan. Turkey

    Patricia xxx

  16. fab card ,love your Wisteria it looks fab ,don;t know if you know but you won the candi on Julia's blog well done .Laura O

  17. An excellent diamond anniversary card. Gorgeous wisteria. My mother had one and it was beautiful. Alas My brother removed it when he took over the house. I was tempted to plant him in its place. LOL. He is still around.

  18. Very pretty card Ang. I´m sure they´ll be delighted with it.
    Love Val x

  19. Ang your card is wonderful , I love it all. Now if I had a wisteria like that I would be using photos of it on some of my cards it's stunning. Beautiful here today just like we always have it. Hazel xx

  20. Very elegant card. Your wisteria is stunningly beautiful!