Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pink and Puddy Tats for Lydia. . . . . . . . .And Prize Draw Result.

Good morning one and all. Hope you're well and not flooded out with the rain that's wafting about (not sure that rain does "waft" but you know what I mean) I think its due in these here parts tomorrow. . . . . .lovely!!!

Will have to get myself re-organised as work has decided to change all of my shifts that I have been happily doing for the past 10 months. Sadly, they are making me do a Tuesday, meaning I'm not able to volunteer at the charity shop anymore. I'm not happy as I was volunteering before I started this job and was told it was no problem not working Tuesdays.
I'm also having to do another late shift.
I'm told that the change will hopefully be temporary but I won't hold my breath. Mr D has told me to quit if I want but I do actually enjoy the job itself. Will have to suck it and see for a while. . . . .I suppose its what happens in retail.

Anyhoo, onto happier things. Thank you for your comments on my "oldies". There was mention of my showing how I do the fuchsias and I am very happy to do so, if folk are interested. It will be a step by step thing, if that's ok as I'm not au fait with videoing and You Tube (will have to get John to give me lessons and get Wendy over as a "Magic Hands").

My current Magic Hands, Mr Duck has pulled (steady !!!) a name from PPP (Pond Prize Pot) so the winner is announced at the end of this post. . . . . . .Don't you dare scroll down there yet hahaha!!! 

Now, today's card was for my a friend at work , whose daughter was to celebrate her 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago (sorry if our Lydia Jordan wondered what was going on lol!!!). Little Lydia made me a very lovely card for my birthday, bless her so I thought I would try and return the favour. Her favourite things are pink and cats (can't argue with that!).
Pussy cats bow and nose have been heat embossed so are glossy in real life.

White card
Pink card
SB Labels 20
X Cut Alphabet Die
Crafts Too Stars embossing folder
Docrafts alphabet stamps
Card-io dragonfly stamp
Cat stamp (was in a huge box of wooden stamps I got for a fiver at a car boot)
Water colour pencils
Spun Sugar DI
Pigment ink 
Comic Shimmer clear embossing powder
Pink satin ribbon

I also made a matching box for some little pressies, so will show you that next time.

To get the stamping of "Happy Birthday" relatively neat (and I say relatively lol!!!) I lined up the letters on the card around the aperture, then pressed my stamping block onto them and inked them up where they were. . . . . . . .

like so and when I say stamping block, its actually a A5 sheet of perspex that was a mini clipboard, that I hacksawed the clip end off (very Blue Peter tee hee!!!)

Well, Lydia loved it and apparently has kept the envelope too as that was stamped with a cat as well. . . . . .Blessssss

Right, here is the prize that will be sent to the worthy Paddler. . . . . . . .

and the lucky person is. . . . . . . . .drum roll. . . . . . . . .another drum roll. . . . . . . . . . . .

Cue, whistles, wild applause and stamping of feet. If you can read my writing, come on down Karenlotty, its you !!! (hopefully you're not thinking "what am I going to do with this pile of tut" lol!!!)
I've asked John for your email address, as I think you have emailed him, so I can get your details (I haven't put my email details on here as I'm in a Duck Protection Program). If not, I'm sure John won't mind you emailing your details to him and he can pass them to me to send out your goodies.

Sorry to everyone else (blame Mr Duck not me lol!!!) but thank you again for your continued support of my little piece of Blogland. Next prize at 100 followers or 300 blog posts (I bet I know which will come first hahaha!!!)

See you all soon.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang! I love this pink girlie card with the kitty! So cute! Sorry work is being a pain. Retail is like that. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ang. I love Lydias card. I'm not surprised that she loved it : )
    Yes please to the fushia tutorial, step by step pics are great with me.
    Congratulations to Karen Lotty, enjoy the goodies : )
    I hope the change of shifts work out ok Ang, but I'm sure the charity shop will miss you.
    Take care.

  3. Gods morning Ang,
    Love, this stunning card, and of course Lydia loves it, it is beautiful.
    Congrats to the winner, she will enjoy using all those super goodies.
    Have a good day, won't need the pond it is POURING rain (spoke too soon last night) will be in hibernation today.

    Patricia x

  4. Morning Ang,
    For a moment I though I had forgotten my birthday, until I read down. Bet Lydia Loved the card, it's very pretty.
    Congratulations to the winner. We have another lovely day again today sunny and warm, you can keep the rain.

  5. Morning Ang , a lovely beautiful card for Lydia i am sure she will treasure it for a long time to come .
    Love the Pond Prize Pot name and Congrats to Karenlotty enjoy your fab prize .
    Hope your work times get better for you ,nothing worse than times/days being altered .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. great card ,love the stamp at the bottom .Laura O

  7. Morning Ang, a pretty card for Lydia, like you say cats and pink goes well together. Thank you for being generous and giving a gift to one of your followers. It's nice to be appreciated. Hope you can cope ok with the shift changes, my son also works in retail and is always having his shift changed. In this day and age you can't complain as there are always other people ready to take your place. Have a good day. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  8. Good morning Ang,
    What a lovely thing to do for an obviously lovely hearted wee girl, i bet she is thrilled to bits with it and who could argue with having it pink except Kirsten had grown out of the pink faze by then and was into purple and lilac(back to pink again now she has grown up). Well done Karen on winning such a useful prize and unexpected one at that. Ang, i think we all come because we want to see what you have been working on now, not what we have a chance of getting at a certain point in time so a big thank you for a lovely prize and the chance that we had of winning it. You would be quite at home out the front of my house in your waders and quacking as it is swimming out there. Have a lovely day flower and thank you for another lovely card.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  9. Hi Ang. What a lovely card and great for an 8 year old. I always stuggle with making cards for children of various ages as having no children in the family and have forgotten at what age my own two did what, I never know what is age appropriate.
    Well done Karen on winning such a lovely prize.
    Love Val x

  10. Hi Ang, a perfect card for a girly girl. Thank you for the gifts you gave to two followers, it is such a nice thing to do and a surprise for the reciprient. Beautiful sunshine here so I will make sure I can see it while ironing!!!
    X Ros

  11. Hi Ang, Gorgeous card love the layout I bet she was thrilled with it.

    We have glorious sunshine here today, quite warm for October, lovely but makes you think what is round the corner lol! I think we are in for a bad winter but hopefully not till after Christmas!!!

    Big Congratulations to Karenlotty.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  12. Beautiful card Ang! Love the layered window and the kitty cat is so cute! I sure hope they put your schedule back to normal soon, I don't luck a sad Mrs Duck! big hugs :)

  13. A beautiful card. Lydia will have loved it was made for her. Not good about the shift changes, they do forget you have a life outside the store. Congrats to Karen. I did think I would have needed a boat this morning to get Beth to school. Bad flooding around here, still raining and miserable. Hazel xx

  14. Great card Mrs Duck, but I'll have to have a word with the Drake in the house, he didn't pull my name out, LOL.

  15. Fab card Ang! bet she loved it:) huggles Sue xxx

  16. Fab card Mrs D and perfect for someone who loves pink and cats - like you say why wouldn't you xx Like the ingenuity of the A5 stamp block!! Weather here had been fab today and done a long walk with the significant other - enjoyed all the more because it was a last minute decision as I was off work today and he decided to book a day off too - 16 degrees and sat out for lunch but arrived home and about 20 mins later the heavens have opened - I think that is classed as good timing xx sorry to hear you are being messed around at work but like you say maybe that is retail for you but such a shame you won't be able to do your volunteer day - hopefully it will only be short- term xx congrats to Karen and I think the stash prize is fab and sure she will be chuffed too xx GailT xx

  17. Lovely card, great stamping.

    Congrats to the winner.


  18. hi Ang.
    lovely card for a young girl, i like the choose of the color. so elegant.
    congrats for the winner
    hugs laurigami

  19. What a beautiful card!! Love the window and how you personalized her name! Hugs!

  20. Oh Mrs Duck how you make me laugh! I actually laugh out loud, especially at the "Duck Protection Programme"!!!! Love your card, all pretty in pink, that little cat looks so content. Michelle x (PS, I don't do Halloween either, it was for a DT card so had to, quite frankly don't know what all the fuss is about!!!)

  21. Hi Ang, beautiful card, loving your design and lovely embellishments.

    What a bummer about the change of shifts, employers thing they can do anything with employees, hope you cope.
    Well done to the winner of your candy, not long now, hugs Kate x

  22. My DH loves fuchsia's and your 'old' cards are lovely! I would really appreciate being shown how to create them hun - as it is something different to what I normally do for him indoors!
    Beautiful card for the young lady - love that cat image and you can never go wrong with pink, well IMHO! Congrats to the winner of the candy and here's to you getting many more followers lol!
    Sorry about your hours being moved - but ain't that not nice of your boss! Grr, have a lovely week hun, well what's left of it! Karen x

  23. Hi Ang, love the card, gift box, hair clip and the pink cats for Lydia. Any little girl would love it. Well done Karen, and Ang, employers just do not understand our need to do other things apart from working to pay the bills. Hope it works out for you. Bx

  24. Well done - so pretty - so pink!
    Sandy xx