Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy Birthday 2014 Mr Duck! . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is fandabydozey (apologies for that Krankies moment).

A huge welcome to Dana Joy, Judith, Sue B and Hazel (Didos). Thank you ladies for coming for a paddle. Its lovely to have you visit and I shall pop by to visit you soon. 

Anyhoo, yes, today is my beloved Mr Duck's birthday. I won't say how old to spare his blushes lol!!! I used to laugh at the expression "soulmate" but he really is mine (You are all either going "Ahhhh" or sticking your fingers down your throat aren't you???!!!???)

We were going to go away for a few days. I had booked time off round my shifts and all was good until this weekend when, by text message, I'm informed that my shifts have changed, yet again, from this week (I think that's 6 times now in the last few weeks!!!). . . . . . . . what about my leave and us going away? Tough, apparently!!!
Mr D wants me to quit and I'm very tempted. We are so angry and upset but enough of that as its been the source of sadness for the last couple of days (hence the gap in my blog posts) and today should be happy.

Those who have been paddling for a while may remember that Mr D's favourite colour is red so, I try and make it the main colour theme on his cards.

Now, this is tri-fold card made from a whole sheet of A3 card.

And yes, it wasn't until afterwards that I realised I would have to make an envelope to fit lol!!!

A3 sheet white card (Lime Tree Crafts)
Red PMD card
Sue Wilson Bevelled Glass Striplet
X-Cut Alphabet die
CE sentiment stamp
Black satin ribbon
Black bling

I cut the front aperture with my GC by doing all the folds to make it fit, then adding a layer of card between the top and middle layer. This meant that the front cut completely, and the middle and bottom layers had a nice embossed rectangle on each, which helped frame the lettering and sentiment (Hope that makes sense).

Mr D has given me his blessing to put this on at a time where some of you will be seeing this before him. Hope that he and you like it. You all know how tricksy fellas cards can be.

We shall hopefully have a nice day together, off to buy a new wedding ring for Mr D (that's another tale of woe to add to the expanding list we've had recently).

Before I pootle off, a little announcement. You may have noticed a new addition to my sidebar. I am really flattered to have been invited to join the DT at Moving Along With The Times. I shall be officially starting from January so look forward to new challenges and fun. Would be lovely to see some of you joining in too.

Hope you all have a good day. Thank you, as always, for the time you take to leave your much appreciated comments.

Ang x


  1. Firstly "HAPPPY BIRTHDAY" Mr Duck. Ang, as usual another brilliant card, and made with love. Yes as soon I as I saw what you had posted I knew who it was for by the colour. Oh I would have stood my ground over your time off!!! You booked it you were entitled to take it. These companies think they own you, no wonder they can't keep there staff. Now I know why the Dundee shop was full of miserable staff members the other day and if it wasn't for the tree decorations you wouldn't have thought it was Christmas. There is more Christmas cheer in my little craft shop. I can see you looking for a new job. Ok you have a new DT post Congratulaions. Don't get yourself down, it isn't worth it, remember it's only a job. You will find another and they will be the losers. ((((((Hugs)))))). Hazel xx

  2. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR DUCK! I would be annoyed to if I had taken time off work for a trip away and they cancelled it, I am with Mr Duck I would leave and leave them in the S***!!! Anyway Congratulations on your new DT position I shall have to take a look later at this blog as I have never heard of it lol! That's not really surprising as I am in a little bubble at the moment of cleaning duty, all I see is a list of things to get done before Christmas in my head lol!!!

    Take care,

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. See what I mean I forgot to mention what a beautiful card you had made for Mr Duck, beautiful colour, great design.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Lovely vibrant card for Mr D, Happy Birthday to him. Fab design Ang. Look forward to working with you at MAWTT, dont know if we are on same team yet. Hazel if great to work for / with.
    Hope you mangae to get away for afew days at some point. Have a nice day anyway. xxxx

  5. Happy Birthday Mr Duck and a great card I know it's easier said than done but it does sound like you should tell 'em where to shove their job Having to change shifts is one thing but to forego time booked off is another You don't work for the NHS (like me!) do you because they really do take the biscuit! Take care xx

  6. Happy Birthday Mr Duck and wishing you many more .....
    As for your little job Ang i can only agree with the others ,so do as MR D advises you .
    A beautiful card Ang , congrats with your new DT post .
    Have a happy day Both of you
    Elaine H X

  7. Morning Ang,
    Firstly Happy Birthday to Mr D, and congratulations on your your DT post. Lovely card.
    If I was you I would tell them what they could do with their job, it's not right that they can cancel your booked leave.

  8. Hi Ang. First of all congratulations on becoming a DT member.
    Happy Birthday to Mr D. Hope you have a lovely day.
    I don't know how your chop could do that especially when they know you are going away. I'd be very tempted to say goodbye to them but count to ten first and get another job before you hand in your notice.
    Love val x

  9. Sorry Ang, never said what a lovely card this is.
    Val x

  10. Hi Ang. Will start with a Happy Birthday to Mr Duck, have a great day : )
    Congratulations Ang, on being invited to join the Moving Along With The Times, can't wait to see what goodies you have to share with us : )
    Mr Ducks card is beautiful, perfect for a man. Where would we be without Sue's striplets? Take care.

  11. Happy Birthday to Mr Duck, I hope he had a great day!! ~his card is super, I too make different sized cards then realise I have no envelopes that match!! Doh!!! Welcome to the team on MAWTT, Love Hazel xx

  12. Hi Ang, happy birthday to Mr.Duck. What a shame you cant go away now as stinks doesn't it.....but it does help pay towards your crafting goodies so it does have a good point (if only 1 !!). I too have made a large card and not even given a thought to the envelope. Lovely card though so I suppose you could just give it to him without one !! Have a good day. Janice xxx

  13. Happy Birtdhay Mr D xx sorry Ang to hear about being messed about by your employers it really isn't fair xx on a brighter note congrats on your new DT position and what a fab card - luv it xx GailT xx

  14. Happy Birthday Mr Duck hope it's a brilliant one however you spend it. The card you have made is stunning. What did we do before Sue's Striplet Dies?? Envelopes!! I do that all the time, make cards "then" think about the envelope. For John I would have wrapped it in tissue to present it.
    I am with Lee, I would have told them what to do with their job. These companies don't give a "jot" about thier staff. Sorry your few days together were spoilt, I am sure you will make another date for them soon.
    Congratulations on your DT position.
    Have a great evening

    Patricia xxx

  15. Please wish your Mr Duck a very Happy Birthday hope he enjoys his special day.
    With regards to the cancelled leave that is disgusting, I am with the others in their comment to walk with your feet/flippers it will be their loss not yours you cannot treat people like that if they cannot get their work schedules worked out correctly that is their problem. Do remember as one door closes another will open.
    Congratulations on the design team appointment well done you clever little duck! So pleased for you.
    Margaret corgi owner

  16. Hello Ang, and Happy Birthday Mr. Duck!, I'm a wee bit late I'm afraid, not getting much chance to blog just now. Away all day yesterday to Glasgow to visit Alistair's brother, what a long day it was, on the bus at 8.30 and not home again till 9.30. we're getting too old for it.

    Anyway what a gorgeous card, lovely sentiment and the striplet shape is fab.

    Ang, they can't do that you are entitled to hols and if you've booked something they can,t make you change your shift. It's disgusting.

    Congratulations on your DT post, very well deserved, you take care, hugs Kate x

  17. First Happy Birthday Mr.D,I hope you enjoy your day,and I know both of you are dissapointed that you can not get away.
    Congrats Ang.,great news,looking forward to seeing your cards.
    Love your Card for Mr.,D.
    I have spent the last week trying to make 4 cards,and just made a mess, will see how tomore goes,I might have to send "shop Bought ones"
    Oh the shame.

  18. Happy Birthday to the drake in the family. Sorry about the change of shifts, that doesn't seem at all fare that you should have to go without your few days away. I don't know about quitting, but I'd be tempted to go anyway, and face the consequences when you get back. Companies should ride roughshod over their employees, not if they want to keep the good ones. And a good employee is worth her weight in gold.

  19. sorry, my comment was meant to read : 'Companies shouldn't ride roughshod etc.'

  20. Hi Ang! Send my Birthday wishes to Mr. Duck. Love that beveled glass striplet. Looks gorgeous in red! Great sentiment too. So sorry about your trip being cancelled for work. I'm with Mr. Duck and you shouldhave quit. Nasty business practices! Hope you enjoy the Birthday celebration. Have a great day.

  21. Hello Ang, this card certainly has the wow factor. I am sure Mr Duck will love it, and Happy Birthday to him. Mmmmm, work practices like that should be regulated, but they know that we need our jobs, and it is not easy to find new ones. Hope you do get some time off together at some point. Have a great day together, and congrats on the new DT position. Take care. Bx

  22. Fiddlesticks to your employer, that's what I say! Try not to fester about it though, tis the season and all that! Fabulous card, Mr D is going to love it, I'm sure he loves all that you do...that's what a soul mate is for!!

    Congratulations on your new DT position! They are lucky to have such a talented lady on their team! You will be an inspiration! Many many holiday hugs to you Ang! :)

    1. Hi Ang, quick answer to your acetate question. The only dies I have found that will cut through the 10 point acetate are the Sizzix Bigz dies. Possible a thinner plastic would be OK for other brands though. I like the thick plastic because it holds it's form well. even in the mail.

      Big holiday hugs to you and Mr D! :)

  23. Happy Birthday Mr D....Fabulous card, it's colour and design is gorgeous...enjoy your weekend.
    ♥aNNie {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  24. Hi Ang
    Hope Mr D had a fabulous birthday.
    Brilliant card - love the design - hope you sorted out the envelope problem lol!!!
    Welcome to the MAWTT team.
    Debs xx

  25. What a fantastic card of love for your Mister Duck, Ang! He will be delighted with it and happy birthday to him! I'm so sorry for the disappointment of not being able to get away. I hope you are able to find another job somewhere soon with more considerate working conditions so you can tell your current employer bye-bye (not the words I would use, but you know).

    I want to wish you Happy Holidays and that your string of woes turns into nothing but wins in the new year, starting with your wonderful DT gig! Congratulations! They are so lucky to have you on the team!! Big Hugs! Darnell