Thursday, 28 May 2015

Moving Along With The Times Challenge. . . . . . .Texture

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well?

I would firstly love to welcome my 2 new followers Deb Curtis and Ирина Инзер. Thank you for jumping in The Pond, especially at a time when there has not been much activity with my being poxed!!! Much appreciated folks and that's me at 99 now (not in age but I bloomin feel like it at the minute!!!)

Now today, its time for another challenge at MAWTT and its my turn to host, so my choice of subject matter is . . . . . . . TEXTURE

So folks, hope you can pop and see what the rest of the gals on the DT have come up with and why not enter one of your fab creations.

Cream card
Plum card
That Special Touch Fanciful Mask
Phill Martin Decadent WIne Sparkle Texture Paste
Sissix Squares dies
Crafters Companion sentiment
Memento Sweet Plum ink

I made the textured panel over at John's a while ago (see here) and had been wondering what I could do with it. Bizarrely, I bought the mask myself afterwards, not realising it was the same one and its that I used to emboss the base card so it all matches.

Hope you get time to join in with us at MAWTT.

Well folks, fortunately the bulk of this was scheduled before my poxation so I have just added a couple of sentences.

Thank you for your concern and advice. I have been having bicarb baths and they are very soothing, Calamine did nothing for me but Eurax is fantastic.
Have been to the doctors Tuesday and am having to take 15 tablets a day for 7 days (anti virals, anti biotics and anti histamines). With all the different spacings required and the empty stomach/non empty stomach stipulations, its been like planning a military operation to create a timetable for the bloomin things.

Enough typing for now folks as I have them on my finger tips too (you would be surprised at what little nooks these nasty spots have erupted in!!!) but I'm quite bothered that I have 53 on my face!

What a way to spend your birthday (today) eh???

Ang x

Ps. Mr D should hopefully be ok as he has had Shingles. He has done shopping and has valiantly been on cream applying duty (not in those nooks I mentioned though!!!)


  1. Hi Ang for the second time, I had almost finished typing when I decided to look at your tex paste, which is beautiful and now I will buy one or two.
    I won't be so cruel to wish you a Happy Birthday but just for this year move it forward to June 28th, so you are well enough to enjoy it.
    You need every one of the tablets as its a really horrid virus to get as an adult, so you need to just rest and recover.
    I love your card, fits the description perfectly, hope you win.
    Well I think that's all I typed the first time lol, rest up, look through Pintrest and YouTube as there are some brilliant crafters on there while you have the chance.
    X Ros

  2. Well Ang you can turn even a misrable experience into humour. I'm well impressed you counted the spots on your face.
    Your card is so lovely, it's a gorgeous die and as usual your choice og colours is fab.
    I will wish you Happy Birthday, not sure when it is though, you will enjoy it all the more when your depoxed. That's some amount of meds, yoy take care and rest well, hugs Kate x

  3. Good morning again Ang after I wrote earlier and wished you a happy birthday looking at the calendar realised it is tomorrow so many wishes for then! ! 15 tablets a day is so many but the days will fly by and no doubt Mr Duck is keeping a check in between cream duty and all his other chores. If you have so many on your face you must wear mittens to resist the urge to scratch. So back to your card and you have done a smashing job. It's amazing what good results you can get from texture paste. So, have a happy birthday perhaps a special takeaway as you can't go out but enjoy the day love from Jackie xx ☺

  4. Happy Birthday! Stunning card, love the gorgeous colour. Everything about it is fabulous. OMG 15 tablets! Just as well that Mr Duck is caring for you so well. Get better soon and enjoy your day! Michelle x

  5. Beautiful card Ang, that shimmery paste is so gorgeous! Since the state of affairs in your house right now leaves room for improvement, I say we push your birthday back a month!! Until then, try not to scratch and good luck with the pesky pill schedule. hugs :)

  6. Happy birthday Ang, it will be birthday that you will remember for not the gorgeous gifts or that. Make the most the pampering by Lee. Love your card. Hazel x

  7. My sympathies, poor Mrs Duck, 53 on your face sounds like a terrible dose of the pox, I do hope they all ease up soon and the meds give you some relief. Get well soon.

  8. Poor you You really are in the wars Hope the meds and cream are helping Will take a look at this challenge I posted a version on Tue so I hope I can still enter
    I need to buy more texture paste because I enjoyed my first try with it

  9. Oh Ang, you certainly don't do half measures, do you. Poor you. I know most childhood illnesses are harder as you get older(sorry) but to have it on your birthday too...ouch.
    Just put a time delay on this year's birthday. I'm sure we won't object if you lie about your age for a week or two.
    Love the card too, strong colours and texture, would be great for any partially sighted person as well.
    Janice W
    PS, when you play join the dots, do you get a good picture?

  10. Hi Ang,

    Just got back and read your post. SORRY!I have missed your Birthday again!!! So sorry my friend. I won't ask if you have had a good one as obviously not with all the nasty spots. I hope they clear up soon and that you are a little better. I agree with previous posts and put your birthday back a month!
    Your card is fabulous, so much texture on that, the colour is gorgeous, so rich. Just beautiful Ang.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. Oh Wow! Love the textures and patterns on this card Ang.. it's so elegant and pretty!
    Hope you begin to feel better very soon
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  12. Afternoon Ang, great card. You have certainly got chicken pox bad hope you're not scratching. Lol xxx Janice xxx

  13. Hi Ang,
    Sorry you are still suffering but keep on taking the tablets, and slap on the ointment.
    GWS, and have the best day that you can, and celebrate when you feel up to it.
    Love Maureen xxx

  14. Hi Ang, lovely card and like the texture paste effect. Sorry about your Chicken Pox, make sure you rest up and relax. Birthday wishes for tomorrow. Linda.x

  15. Hi Ang, lovely card, hope you start to feel better soon, they say that its worse for adults so hope you're not too uncomfortable, take care Jean x

  16. Gorgeous card Ang, chin up and dont rattle too much, xxx

  17. Gorgeous card Ang! Hopefully all the meds will get you feeling better soon. Nice that you can see the humour in the situation. Hugs to you!

  18. Mrs D you sound as though you have had it really rough and I know that Chicken Pox is going around at the mo - back to the card it is fab and fits your criteria perfectly - love it xx and last but certainly not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY - you are a Gemini the same as my sister whose birthday is tomorrow - you will have to join the ranks of the queen this year and have a second birthday so you can celebrate properly xx take care and hopefully you will be 100% soon xx GailT xx

  19. Gorgeous card. Hope you are able to have a reasonable birthday tomorrow, I agree that you should have a second birthday once you are recovered from your Chicken Pox.


  20. OMG!!! Ang where have I been???
    Did not realise your feeling rubbish had developed!!!
    Sending some gente (((((hugs)))))
    Love your beautiful card, great colours and brilliant design.
    Have as good a Birthday as you can. Put it on "hold" for when you feel like celebrating.
    Patricia xxx

  21. Hi Ang
    Hope you begin to feel better soon. Be like the queen and have a second birthday later! Lovely card by the way. Best wishes, Anne O

  22. Hello Ang, such a lovely card, with plenty of texture, love the colour of the sparkle paste. Definitely celebrate your birthday properly when you feel better, but hope you had as good a day as you could. Get better soon. Bx

  23. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card. Put your birthday celebration on hold until you are feeling better. Sounds like you have got a bad dose, poor you.

  24. Hope Duck is winning over chicken in the battle of the birds? Sorry to hear you are so poorly with the pox, but hopefully by now things may have calmed...a bit? Love your challenge and your delightful card. Embossing is a lovely technique, Jx

  25. Hope Duck is winning over chicken in the battle of the birds? Sorry to hear you are so poorly with the pox, but hopefully by now things may have calmed...a bit? Love your challenge and your delightful card. Embossing is a lovely technique, Jx

  26. I hope your spotty days are almost over now. Love this card and your fabby theme for this week, Sending Hugs Hazelxx

  27. Hi Ang. Belated Happy Birthday to you. Do as I did this year as I was ill on my birthday and wait to celebrate it once you are feeling much better, don't let it just slip by. I hope the tablets do their job, they'd better after all of that planning : )
    What a great card, clever of you to use the same stencil for both parts. Keep on popping the pills and getting Mr D to apply that cream. Take care xx

  28. Great theme and card Ang, hope you're feeling better
    Hugs Carole

  29. Great theme and card Ang, hope you're feeling better
    Hugs Carole

  30. Hi Ang,
    Me again, just checking to see if you are feeling any better.
    Love Maureen xx

  31. Hi Ang, I have looked everywhere to email you to see how you are doing. I have be hoping everyday you will have popped up to say you are on the mend,but I guess not just yet. So if you don't mind I'll keep hoping to see your happy banter back on your page. Please take care, I know it's a horrid thing to get children's illnesses when you are an adult, so look after yourself, treat yourself to some films, DVD's ect anything that will help pass the time while Mr D is at work. Lots if love Ros H

  32. Oh blimey Ang - you poor thing - I've sent you an email which I hope you received. Let me know if not!

    Take care.

    Sue Pxxx