Monday, 29 June 2015

The One That Got Away. . . . . . . . .

Good morning paddling chums. Hope you are all well.

I'm busy at this end working extra days to cover my boss's holiday and its bloomin hard work, especially when a child pees on the shop floor and the Mother just drags it very quickly from the shop, without bothering to tell me. I was somewhat suspicious of the speed of exit so went to investigate at the back of the shop and found the offending puddle.

Accidents happen but to just clear off without telling me is out of order. . . . . . . . mind you, I'm assuming it was the child, perhaps it was the mother lol!!!

Now, today's offering is entitled so, as this was the card that I did as a sample for John's stamp shows but it couldn't go on telly as the die I had used for the flowers was not available on C&C at that time.

I tried to capture the sheen from the mica that I used on the panel. . . . . . . . 

White card
Orange card (Lidl)
Yellow card (Lidl)
John Lockwood's Daffodil Burst stamp 
HC Sunkissed Fleur die (for the daffodils)
SB Carnation Creations (leaf die only)
A Striplet outer edge die (to cut the recess the panel sits in)
TST Elegance mask (embossed under daffodil panel)
White embossing powder
Yellow and orange mica
Sentiment from John's Cherry Blossom set
Orange bling

Sorry that the embossing didn't show up very well on the top photo but you can see it better above.
Its a shame it didn't get its 15 minutes of fame lol!!!

Had a lovely time at CE Towers last Thursday with John and his ladies and was a very naughty girl as I bought 3 of Sue's new Christmas dies (Bad Duck!!!) I also bought a few other things (very bad Duck!!!).
Back there again on Thursday for one of Sue's demo sessions (repeat, I must not spend more, I must not spend more. . . . . .) They were originally 1 hour sessions but have been extended to 2 hours, yippeeeeeee!!! I have met Sue a couple of times socially but never seen her demo live so I'm so excited. Any of you ladies going?

Before I tootle off, I think it was Jane who asked about the difference between commenting and following. If you click on the followers button, my blog will appear on your reading list so when I publish a new post, it will appear on your reading list straightaway. Commenting just means you can leave a comment on anyones blog but you will have to look for updates yourself. Hope that makes sense. Also, when us bloggers have little giveaways for various milestones (like my 100 followers recently) it tends to be for followers only.

Well, that's me off to put my feet up (its Sunday evening and I'm scheduling) as I have done Friday, Saturday and today at work. Got today, as you're reading off then back at it again until Thursday so apologies if I fall behind with any comments again.

Hope you don't mind daffodils in June and that this week treats you kindly.

Ang x


  1. Good morning, Ang. I love this card. I've been lucky to do a couple of workshops with Sue - you will not be disappointed. See you there.

    Anne (Northampton)

  2. Hello Ang, this card is lovely, such beautiful colours and love the Daffs. Wow you are a busy girl, glad you are enjoying the workshops. I would love to go, but don't think the boss would be too happy. Have a great day. Bx

  3. Good morning And, a beautiful, happy, sunny card, love it.
    Oooo!! puddles you would not want to "paddle" in ..... !!!
    Naughty "Ducky" however you don't have to be there to me naughty ....... if your like me you just press that button!!! Ooopps!! I have been really bad .... they really should not make that button so easy to press!!? Do not realist next time have fun and enjoy buying and spending. The temptation mush be terrible when you see everything.
    Have a great day
    Patricia xxx

  4. Good to meet you at John's workshop last week. Saw you had been naughty in your purchases, but weren't we all? Don't think I will get to Sue's demos as I am a bit tied up on Thursday but you will have a great time. Been on a workshop with her in the past.

  5. What a beautiful sunny card to click onto on a Monday Morning, loving the Mica i must give it a try,
    Enjoy your workshop you lucky duck
    As for spending money ? well least it was money well spent .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Good morning Ang what a stunning card.
    It's lovely and clean looking and your design is wonderful.
    Have a lovely day.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  7. Morning Ang, what a pretty card, I'm not a great lover of yellow cards, but I think this will change my mind.

  8. Good morning Ang, what a happy sunny card pity it wasn't shown. Thank you for your explanation Ang very kind of you.Wish I could come to Sue her workshop but it's a bit far to fly from Spain ,mind you it's really hot now so could do with a bit of cooler weather.ha,ha.Take care Jane B.

  9. Good morning Ang. Oh like Patricia it's not one of puddles you would want to paddle in. I have seen toddlersdo that and yes the offending child's mother just walks away, does make you wonder what home is like. Yes a " oh sorry " and do you have a mop and bucket I could borrow is all that's needed. That's one of the reason I am leaving work, new puppy arriving and they are very good at the puddle leaving and I am not mopping up after it. ( Time to retire any way)
    Love today's card, bright and cheerful. Yes it's a pity it missed the show, as to say.
    You will enjoy your 2 hours with Sue, she is lovely. To far for us to travel, but I kniw Patricia and I would have been there other wise. Enjoy your new dies.
    Hazel x

  10. Morning Ang, fab card that deserves to be in the spotlight!!! Lucky you to be able to rub shoulders with Sue & John on a regular basis. Have a great day. Janice xxx

  11. Morning Ang, Lovely card, such a shame it didn't get to be shown. Love the panel.

  12. Love this card for it's simplicity and clean lines, hoe remiss of C&C not stocking the die you used so the card couldn't be shown on t.v, still at least us paddlers get to see it. Enjoy your time with Sue.
    Lynne x

  13. good morning Ang and "thank you" for such a bright and summery card to go with the heatwave we have been promised. Just make sure you check the puddle before you go splashing this week. Lucky you to go to a Sue demo, as for the spending, well, you have earned it and as we are not due any rainy days.........have fun, love from Jackie xx

  14. Ang this is so gorgeous. the pic shows the Mica well.
    Spoke to John last week, seeing him in December. xxx

  15. Hi Angi baby! Lovely to hear from you again, gorgeous card, definitely worth its 15 mins, shame it never got it and I don't mind daffodils any time of the year lol! The colouring is fabulous and they do really shine! Your post made me laugh (nothing unusual!) was it the child or Mother mmm yeah lol! Anyhow I hope you don't get over doing things have a wonderful time in Sue's class, I am sure you will love it.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. How very lucky of you to get to see Sue in action, what a treat that must be!! I was a bartender/waitress most of my adult life, pee is just one of the many excretions I had to deal with from people's wretched children, and for some reason the parents always tried to hide it. You think I don't know why all of the napkins are on the floor lady!!! DUH!!!

    Your card is so beautiful Ang, I love the inlaid panel, so pretty! The 3d flowers are lovely as well. A real eye catcher with the wonderful summery yellows! hugs :)

  17. Hi Ang, don't work yourself too hard you are still not 100%, naught mum not even telling you. I really like this card perfect for a sunny day. X Ros

  18. Hello Ang,
    This is a vision in yellow, and it's beautiful. I hope you wore rubber gloves when you did your spot of cleaning!!
    Maureen xx

  19. Ang - you lucky duck spending time at CE towers and to see Sue demo live - As CE don't sell direct is there a shop that us minions can visit on site?
    Your card is beautiful I love the mica and the daffodil accent just completes it Very effective

  20. I meant to mention the puddle but Patricia said it all! How rude, as if you wouldn't notice Perhaps it was the mother!

  21. Oh my, this is such a gorgeous card! It has shine,it has embossing, it has a pop of color. LOVE!

  22. Gorgeous card-nice & bright to cheer my Monday up!


  23. Hi Ang
    I don't mind daffodils in June. This is a stunning card! I was intrigued to see the dies you used, as I have them and had never thought to use them in this way. Thank you for the tip. And how lucky are you with a visit to see Sue demo! Important research for your blog, of course! LOL. You will probably need another die for the same reason. And of course, you are setting the rest of us a good example... Have fun. Best wishes, Anne O

  24. Lovely, it's real splash of sunshine, and some of us could do with that this summer.
    It looks simple, yet there's lots of detail.
    Disgusting, how a Mum can leave someone else to clear up after them. What does that teach the kid.
    Janice W

  25. No objections to daffs in June at all! Love the techniques you used.

  26. Hi Ang,
    oh this is so gorgeous, and superb creating.
    I love everything you have created in this lovely vibrant card.
    You are very clever making those super Daffs out of that die, and thank you for sharing this.
    ooooooooooooo! you are so lucky to get to CE Towers, now I'm the jea one. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  27. Hi Ang! Made me laugh about the mother peeing on the floor LOL! Love the beautiful yellow with the white embossing. Sad it didn't make it to the TV show! Have a great day!

  28. Beautiful card Mrs D and so summery (perfect for the weather we are having at the mo) xx not the kind of puddle for Ducks to swim in then - how rude!!! like you say hopefully it was the child! Lol xx GailT xx