Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love Is..............

Good morning everyone and a Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Sadly, I'm at work today so have had to forego the breakfast in bed that I'm sure that Mr D had planned (ever the optimist moi!).

I know that you will all have more exciting things to do today than hang around The Pond but I thought I would share my "card" I made for Mr D with you. I say "card" as I felt more like an engineer putting it together lol!

I was originally going to go quite CAS with his card this year but then I got inspired by one of our Janice's and her amazing make here.

Trust me to make more work for myself but heyho.........hope he bloomin likes it now lol!
It looks like the heart at the top is propped against the wall but it honestly isn't. I think Janice used a fork to make the cascade but mine is supported by a double layer of acetate and also a narrow acetate stand at the back. This is because it had to support that large heart which is 4 layers of card stuck together, then double sided adhesive, red micro beads and a laser cut "LOVE"

Red card (PMD)
Red paper (Lidl)
Sissix Hearts dies
SB Bitty Blossoms (quelle surprise and thank goodness I have 2 sets)
Hobbycutz laser cut (coloured in black marker)
Tatty Teddy Alphabet stamps
Black archival ink
Red micro beads
Patience of Job..........optional lol!

Amazingly, this fitted into an A4 envelope, just as it folds relatively flat (the 2 hearts with the stamping on are "hinged" if that makes sense (as opposed to unhinged like me!!!)

Well, that's me for today. Hope you have a lovely day, whatever you're doing and enjoy the week ahead.

Ang x

Ps......Elaine, I'm guessing your interest in moving in next door is to do with Flash, rather than wanting to share crafty stash, tea and cake with me, but sadly, Brad Pitt he ain't........more like Mad Gitt!

Pps.......has anyone lost blogs from their reading list? I'm sure mine seems to have shrunk.


  1. An absolutely AMAZING card Ang, love it.
    It would also look fantastic in Summer Blossoms.
    I have lost you off my reading list, I just have to keep remembering about you.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  2. Very creative Ang, I'm sure it will be much appreciated you little love bird you! Jx

  3. Ang, this is an amazing work of art, and a labour of love too I think., it's brilliant. Hazel X

  4. Hi Ang
    Mr D will love this card , so unique and it really is a wonderful work of art .
    So sorry Flash is not a brad pitt, but yes i would still like to live next door to you , think of all the swaps we could share and all the tips and ideas you could give me , haha .
    Take Care and have a lovely Valentines day.
    Elaine H X

  5. Good morning Ang what is a creation. I'm sure Mr D will love it. Shame you are working today but perhaps he'll create a masterpiece of a dinner for you tonight??? Love from Jackie xx

  6. I,m sure he will love this Ang, it is stunning,
    Blogger is getting rid of followers that dont use Google I think, mine have gone down too, as has everyones. xx

    1. Hmmm....I understand the followers for me but my reading list is blogs I follow so that's why I'm puzzled.

  7. Morning Ang,
    Wow! what a stunner a real work of art, bet Mr D love sit.

  8. What an amazing construction. I'm sure Mr D will be impressed!

    Please can you tell me where the apricot card came from on your last creation. I've been looking for that colour

    From the tub! Jennie.

  9. Happy Valentine's Day Ang, thanks for the plug, you've done an amazing card, can't believe that it folded flat. Hope your hubby appreciates all the effort you've made. Janice xxx

  10. Lovely card Ang, I am sure Mr. D will love it.

  11. WOW Ang what a work of art. I think youre gong to get lots of brownie points when you give this to Mr D.
    Love Val in Spain x

  12. Hi Ang! This is an amazing feat of paper engineering! Sorry you had to work today but I am sure Mr. D. Will have a nice Valentine surprise for you after he received such an amazing card. I have lost several followers off my blog. Something to do with Google. Have a great day.

  13. Stunning card Ang and your Mr. D will love it. I can see why you call it an engineering feat, the whole construction is amazing. Hope your day at work went well, Kate x

  14. Hello Ang,
    What a show stopper this is. I think you have got an engineering degree and Mr D should be mightily impressed.
    It's a shame Flash doesn't look like Brad Pitt, I'm withdrawing my offer on the house ha ha.
    Hope you didn't have to work too hard, and that Mr D had something special for you when you got back home!!!
    Maureen xx

  15. I think youv'e qwacked it! This is just amazing. hugs Mrs A.

  16. It's an amazing engineering project and a pretty one too

  17. Stunning, this is amazing, love the gorgeous design and colours are just a delight. I would love to go to Paris, not yet too far and expensive...x..xx{aNNie}

  18. wow! This is amazing, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. WOW - this is amazing - you are one clever lady xx

  20. Hi Ang, well Mr D's Valentine is certainly awesome, love it. Take care. Bx

  21. Wow Wow this is magnificent,that read is a beautiful colour

  22. You are so very clever and those roses are gorgeous - I can smell them from here!
    sandy xx