Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Spot of Jewellery. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning folks. Hope life is treating you well. A busy few days at this end with work, a couple of appointments, popped to visit Mr Lockwood on Friday then to see John again, this time demoing at my local craft store yesterday.

More to come in the busy stakes this week too. Manager off so I'm in extra days, another appointment and Mr D has a hospital appointment and I'm at the NEC on Thursday......phew!

Welcome to another new follower. Blogger is keeping you under cover but thank you for pressing the button, whoever you are.

Now today I'm back to some jewellery. This set was a thank you gift for a kind lady, who had done me a few favours and as I know it is now in her possession, its safe to show here. Tracey likes bright and bold colours so I went with a big splash of colour ready for Summer (I'm an optimist so I'm sure that we'll get one lol!!!)

Apologies for the use of the lampshade again lol!!!

I love fuchsias (as you may have gathered from the other necklace I made here) so I featured one as the focal point.

Matching earrings but with a simpler flower so that they didn't detract from the necklace.

Hope you don't mind the jewellery detour.

At work today but hope that you all have a peaceful Sunday and great week ahead.
May bump into some of you at the NEC.......those who have met me will just need to look for the hair lol!!!

Ang x


  1. Wow ! Ang you have so much talent, a gorgeous creation ,{ no i don't mean the lampshade } love the dangley bits on the necklace and the earrings compliment it perfectly.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  2. It's all craft Ang and we all dabble in so many things nowadays. Beautiful colours you have chosen so will go with all things. Have a good week. Won't be going to NEC as mum's birthday weekend and we will be going to see my brother as well so lot of driving. Let's hope it stays dry. Bye for now love from Jackie xx

  3. Morning Ang,
    Gorgeous, lets hoep we get a lovely summer this year.

  4. Morning Ang, gorgeous colours in this set, just what you need to brighten your day. Janice xx

  5. Lovely bright colours Ang, very well done, lots of patience, xxx

  6. Another gorgeous necklace Ang. So beautiful! Soon be thursday! Hugs Christine xx

  7. Hi Ang! Love to see the jewelry you make. Sounds like you have a busy week. Have a great day!

  8. What a pretty necklace and it will look lovely with summer clothes.

    Will you be at Ally Pally this April, Ang?

    From the tub
    Isn't it amazing, the dog is on antihistamine but I've got the sneezing!

  9. So beautiful Ang - your are extremely talented at making jewelry. And do not apologize to using the lampshade. I think it is perfect to show off your finery!
    sandy xx

  10. Hi there, Absolutely stunning Ange, beautiful colours and the design is so pretty.
    Looks like is a whirlwind of a week for you, don't over do it though, take care, Kate x

  11. Hello Ang,
    This set is absolutely gorgeuos. You have some very lucky friends!!
    Don't work too hard this week.
    Maureen xxx

  12. I'm loving how you are decorating lampshades these days! What a lovely set of jewellery Never tried jewellery making I have a couple of friends that do and have bought a few pieces from them They are always beautiful like this and unique

  13. Beautiful fresh jewellery, just right for the summer! BST starts soon right? Have a good week, Cara x

  14. Lovely set again Ang.Love the Fuchsia.
    Love Nancy x

  15. Bootiful. Just my colours too. Love the fuchsia for the centre piece. Hugs Mrs A.

  16. How fabulous is this gorgeous show, love it ...xx {aNNie}

  17. Unfortunately, I find this type of jewellery to fancy to wear but it does not mean I cannot appreciate it. This is gorgeous Ang and I am sure Tracey was thrilled with it.

    Will look out for the hair on Thursday!!

    Anne (Northampton)

  18. Good morning Anj,
    Oh how pretty is your fuschia necklace, i hope that Tracey loved it and wears it as it is bonnie flower. It would add that touch of panache to a plain outfit allowing your beautiful necklace to shine through. Yes i too love those little ballerina flowers in their gorgeous tutus as that is what i see dancing in the garden that has fuschia's in it, little ballerinas (see brains off again but hey you know this about me by now Anj). Did you have a good day with your other man at the weekend? I love Darlington and the people that are in it, so friendly, helpful and kind. Poor Mr D. i hope that he is ok at his hospital appointment and it is nothing to worry about. Enjoy your day at the NEC flower as after extra working and being glamerous assistant for John you need some fun, but don't do anything i wouldn't do(which gives you fair scope)
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village)

  19. Hi Ang,
    oh this necklace is gorgeous.
    I bet the recipient loved it.
    Snap I too love fuchsias as the flowers last all summer long.
    Enjoy your NEC visit, and I do wish I was going, but the journey is a tad too long for me from where I live.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Hi Ang, love the necklace and matching earrings, we will get summer. Eventually. Take care and enjoy your week. Bx

  21. Hi Ang, been on hol in uk for 3 weeks.
    lov this jewelry. So pretty you clever girl.
    enjoy the nec.
    love Val x

  22. Hey Ang, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Weather here is cheering up a bit and so am I! ha! Love the necklace set. The colours are beautiful and so much work went into stringing all those beads. Good grief! Well have a great week! hugs :)

  23. I'm always happy to take a detour to see jewellery and this necklace is very pretty.

  24. Absolutely beautiful!! Love the colors! Hugs!

  25. Hi Ang. What a lovely present. Enjoy the NEC - I'll be at John's afternoon workshop. Sorry you won't be there.

  26. This is simply gorgeous. The colours are fantastic. This is certain to brighten any outfit! Amanda x