Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Christmas Part 392...................

Good morning everyone. How's it hanging? I would say that I hope that you were all well hung but I'm guessing that may sound rude (Elaine and Maureen, that is definitely not a subliminal message about Flash)
Crikey...........its March!!!!! Who stole January and February? It doesn't seem 5 minutes since I was getting intimate with a turkey.

A couple of non working days now to catch up on shopping and housework but a more steady pace than last week.

Now today, we're back to Christmas. This is the second of the three ticket/money wallets I made for my friend. This one was to hold panto tickets for her two nieces.........oh no it wasn't........sorry couldn't resist that one (although my chums from foreign climes are probably wondering "what is she on about lol!!!) I'm glad you liked the poinsettia one.

I thought the kids may appreciate a pop up style ticket holder. The pocket for the tickets is behind teddy...........you can just see the notch I cut out to make it easier to get the tickets out.

And of course the beauty of these things is that they fold flat!!!

The components were all from a Hunkydory Christmas kit I chopped up, even the card is Adorable Scoreable from the kit. I'm on a mission to use up these kits as I bought two large ones from C & C as my first foray into card crafting proper, about a month before I saw Sue Wilson do a die cutting show, then they got shoved into a darkened corner.

Just a bit of fun for the ankle biters.............talking of which, I had a "darling" 4 year old on Sunday, in the shop, who just decided to stand there and wet himself.........deep joy!!!
Mum comes up to the counter to tell me and turns to walk away but I say, "just a minute" disappear through the back and reappear with paper towels and antibax spray, which I thrust at her.
I'm guessing by the look on her face, that she was expecting me to be doing the honours but soon realised that I wasn't, so she handed them over to her other half and frog marched her little cherub through the door giving him what for. Sadly, its about the third time its happened in the past 12 months.

On a lighter note, here's a bonus card today in the form of the gold version of the card I showed you all previously here.

Isn't that a fab reflection at the bottom from the gold mirror card? The Christmas tree die cut is cut from a double sided adhesive sheet (a tricksy thing to do) and the front of that is covered in gold gilding flakes.
Would be great for batch making if you just gilded a die cut rather than cutting it out of a sticky sheet.

Well, that's me for today guys and gals.

Hope you have a smashing week ahead.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang
    I'm just catching up on all the blogs before I head of to work.
    I like the money wallet like you I have many sets lurking in boxes I must get them out at one day.
    Love the gold card it looks very opulent.
    I cannot believe the mother thought you were going to clean up after her child. Thankfully my children never did anything like that
    Have a great week enjoy your days off xxx

  2. Hi Ang, wow, the ticket/gift card wallet is fabulous, something to keep in mind for the grandkids this year, love the gold card too. Hope you have a great time off work. Good for you on the clean-up front. Take care. Bx

  3. Hi Ang
    You are a scream with your Hanging and Flash , you have me in stitches .
    Your money wallets are just the ticket { pun intended } in fact you have made me decide since i have some wallets i am going to do two for up and coming birthdays, with pretty papers .
    Your bonus card , WOW ! simply stunning .
    Take care Ang
    Elaine H X

  4. Good morning Ang. What an ingenious idea the money wallet is. Don't feel I have the creativity for anything like this.
    Are you going to be at John's workshop on 17 March - just booked for the afternoon?

  5. Both re gorgeous Ang, I love your humour.
    Last summer we had visitors on the block with a youg girl who pooped in the pool, had to close the pool for 4 days while the treatment worked, 40 degree heat and we couldn,t use the pool, deep joy, I hate tourists !!!!

  6. What a great idea for the gift vouchers, Ang. The card is great too.

    Good for you for standing up to those parents!

    Anne (Northampton)

  7. Morning Ang,
    A great post giving me a few chuckles. Love the gift wallet and the card.

  8. Good morning Ang now what is the significance of 392 I wonder? Just love how you have created the money wallet box great idea. Know what you mean about kits. My new year's resolution to make some up so whilst my ladies were doing their workshop yesterday I actually had a Hunkydory small kit and made 4 cards. All very straight forward cutting and sticking but felt pleased and that's another kit out of the box. Glad you put the mother straight even if hubby had to do the honours. Can't believe the attitude of some folk. Have a good couple of days love from Jackie xx

  9. Gorgeous gold version Ang, love the metallics at Christmas time! Great wallet project, very clever. So feel your pain, I used to be a waitress/bartender and although there wasn't a lot of peeing, kids don't always keep their dinner down, if you know what I mean...TG I am retired! hugs to you :)

  10. Hello Ang,
    I'm hanging very well at the moment, thank you. Well, at my age, everything hangs - if you know what I mean. What I'd really like is a face lift that starts at the big toe and works up!!!!
    Love, your wallet. How lovely to make a piece of paper (panto tickets) that extra special, and the giver could shout "It's behind the bear" when giving it!
    How disappointing that Flash hasn't been seen lately, but the weather is warming up, it's a positively balmy 4 degrees here so keep your eyes peeled ha ha.
    I'm surprised the mother of the child told you about the little "accident", it's a wonder she didn't just walk out.
    Maureen xxx

  11. OH I'm still laughing at your story of the little boy, well done you for not allowing yourself to clean up. Cheek of the woman I say.
    Anyway on to your cards, another fantastic money wallet, brilliant images and your golden card is gorgeous, love the embossing in the background and the tree die is just lovely.

    Enjoy your days off, and remember don't be too worried about the house work, you'll only have to do it again in another few months, lol, Kate x

    1. That made me laugh about the housework. Kate knows me so well lol!

  12. Hey Ang - how clever your ticket box is and I love the Christmas images you used.
    Beautiful gold card!
    sandy xx

  13. Both offerings are gorgeous I always gild first, cut later Ok, so you use a little bit more flakes but saves the agony of trying to peel away the backing from a flimsy die cut Patience is definitely not one of my virtues
    Don't forget, Oscar Wilde said that house dust doesn't get any thicker after an inch (something like that) so why bother doing housework xx

  14. Hi Ang, both card and gift voucher holder are fabulous thank you for sharing. No sure I would have the patience to do this

  15. Both projects are beautiful!! Very creative!!

  16. Hi Ang, fabulous card, doesn't it shine! Loved your poinsettia one too. Sorry for the absence have been so busy of late, all will be revealed on Monday on Honchanda! Hope you are keeping well my friend? I would have done the same in the shop, well perhaps not I would have given her a mouthful too lol! Don't think I could have contained myself on that one.

    Keep up the fantastic creations

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx