Thursday, 11 August 2016

Present for Luca. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning blogging pals. Hope this finds you all well.
Welcome to Sharon who has kindly pressed the "follow" button, hopefully not by accident lol!!!

Mixed week here with yet another visit to hospital. . . . . . . .it comes to something when the nurses start greeting you like a member of the family lol!!! At least I now have the Echo result which was . . . . . . . .inconclusive!!!
Apparently, I was in A/Fib whilst the Echo was being done (I suspected as much as I could feel my heart pounding, hoping it was just a bit of anxiety) so there was some things they couldn't see so they may have to do it again but that will be up to the Cardio consultant. I'm seeing my GP on Monday as he is the one that will need to try and get my appointment brought forward (Currently mid September)

For those of you asking about my ankle, its still not 100% but I can walk without the crutches now, just using my heel cups, thank you. 

Anyhoo, on to other things. Sadly, a friend of ours daughter passed away last week. She was in her mid 60s and had been ill but then the next day our lovely next door neighbours had their new baby boy. Mixture of emotions in 24 hours!!!

Baby Luca is a cutie and we got him a couple of little outfits but I couldn't find any wrapping paper I liked at Tesco (My shopping venues are limited at the minute) so I bought some plain blue wrapping and decorated it myself.

Mr Lockwood has stamped and decorated brown packing paper before now but I thought it needed something softer for a baby gift so that's why I went for the blue.

The baby theme stamps are a mixture all from Hobbycraft but the "LUCA" I made by cutting the letters from funky foam twice and gluing each letter together to give a deeper cushion to stamp with as I thought on layer might not give a clear image. Memento Dewdrop inks. . . . . . . . . .

Mum peeled the sellotape off very carefully as she said she wanted to keep the paper in his baby box (awww!!!). 

Second generation stamping done to give a shadow effect on the letters. 

Something different, which took me a while but it keeps me off the streets lol!!!

Next time, I will show you the card I made, which also went down very well.

Mr D has the day off today so I'm hoping I will be able to escape out somewhere for a little walk round a garden centre or a spot of lunch. . . . . . . .anything to get out as Mr D is not keen on me going anywhere on my own at the moment but I'm getting a little stir crazy.

Hope you're having a good week and thank you for all of your comments and well wishes.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, sorry to hear about the results of the echo. Hopefully the GP will get your appointment fast tracked. Love your wrapping paper. Take care now. Bx

  2. Fantastic wrapping paper Ang I love the way you have personalised it.
    I hope that appointment can get brought forward for you, you must be getting veryr frustrated.
    I hope you get out and about today.
    I'm on a week's holiday trying to do some cards but not very successful at the moment.. seem to have a mental block lol..
    Take care xx

  3. Isn't that just typical of you madam? You can't even do something straightforward like having an echo doen! What are we going to do with you? But seriously, it must be so frustrating for you becasue I know you really wanted a firm diagnosis and treatment sorted. Hopefully it will not be too long now. Love your wrapping paper - it's somrting to definitely bear in mind for the future. Take care nd I hope you manage a trip out somewhere. Hugs Christine xx

  4. Hi Ang
    First things first,,,,Sorry your results were scuppered { not clear } lets hope your GP can bring things forward very quickly as we don't want you as a fixture in that Hospital Ward .
    Second ,,,, Wow ! lovely designer paper for the little man , tis no wonder Mum wants to save it , looking forward to seeing his card .
    Just keep resting Chuck
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Love the wrapping paper Ang. Keep smiling.

  6. Morning Ang,
    What a lovely idea, can understand your neighbours wanting to keep it.
    Keep your chin up.

  7. What a brill idea Ang, it looks great, xxx

  8. Hi Ang, what a beautiful idea for the paper, clever to make the wording out of really well. Hope you can get out today......a spot of lunch works wonders!!! Janice xx

  9. So at first I was like... why is she showing us a closed package?? Silly me, of course you decorated it yourself!! Like Mr D, I have done kraft packaging before, but I sure do like the result with the tissue!! Very well done. sending hugs and wishes for a better day tomorrow :)

  10. Beautiful paper Ang and what a very thoughtful idea:)) I know what you mean about hospitals calling you by your first name lol ..we get 'Oh hi Sue and Paul' !!!! it's like a second home..but it's frightening when the A/Fib kicks off:(((( mine has settled down a lot thank take care of yourself and hope you get out and about huggles Sue xxx

  11. Ang, ok when I go to the unit the nurses greet me like family or one of them, one for working for their boss looking after his girls for a good few years plus I go every month with goodies for the tea trolley! Sorry they still haven't got to the bottom of what wrong with you. I am loving your wrapping paper it just makes that gift even more special.
    I am busy helping
    Beth raise her £600 for the Bob Champion cancer trust. She is Shetland pony racing at Olympia in December and has to raise the money by then, it's like a pay back thing for her getting her place. We make tray bakes and sell them at pony club each week, she is doing ok so far, a lot to raise for an 11 year old. She is also making cards to sell, so I have a kind of put things on a back burner just now to give her a hand. Hope you get out for a while. Hazel X

  12. What wonders wrapping paper you made, no wonder Mum wants to keep it! Hope your heart starts playing nicely soon, hugs Cara x

  13. Hi there Ang, what fabulous wrapping paper, I love all the baby images and how you have stamped the little one's name. I can well understamp mum wanted to keep it, great job done.
    Hope you and Mr. D managed to get out, big hugs Kate x

  14. Hi Ang,
    what a very super idea to decorate the paper yourself.
    You have done such a very super job of it too.
    Love all the fab stamped images, and such a great way to make stamps as well.
    I do hope all gets resolved about your health probs soon.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Ang,
    Thanks for dropping by life here is very up and down we just have to take one day at a time. DH is just about immobile needing 2 carers and an assist chair to move anywhere. Really hard to watch him going down as well have daughter going through chemo and DIL off her foot after op.
    Sorry to hear of you health problems and hope they soon find the cause and get you well again.
    Love you wrapping paper better than the bought stuff.
    Super big hug
    Margaret M

  16. Hi Ang, Amazing paper love it.
    Hope you get your health sorted soon!!
    Love Nancy x

  17. Hi Ang

    This is a great way to personalise a gift

    I do hope your health problems resolve soon

    June x

  18. Hi Ang
    Love the wrapping paper idea and am not at all surprised that Mum wants to save it.
    Look after yourself.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. What a lovely personal gift idea Ang.
    Hope you manage to get an earlier appontment.
    Take care.
    Love Val in Spainx

  20. My girl, you are ingenious and industrious and I like that in a crafter! Luca's paper is divine and if I were his mom, I would have kept this paper, too! I might even have framed a bit of it!

    I'm wretchedly sorry that your cardio came back inconclusive! I've been there with other tests and know how friggin maddening and frustrating that can be. You just want to get on with it, no matter how serious. Sigh. I hope you can have another one sooner this time and that the results are conclusive. Hang in there, my friend. You have a lot of people praying for you and holding you up!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  21. Ooh Ang I'm so sorry your tests came back inconclusive has your cardiologist got any idea how many trips you're having to make to A&E? I do hope your GP can move things along
    Love the wrapping paper idea I may need to try this but that'll mean buying alphabet dies.... Now where's my plastic!

  22. PS sorry to hear about friend's daughter

  23. Hi Ang,

    So sorry I have not been around much of late did not realise how quick the time had gone lol! So, so sorry to hear about your friends daughter and that you are still not well my friend, I do hope they sort something out for you fairly quickly and not middle of September, it beats me why you have to wait so long for appointments, only in this country apparently! Thank you so much for all your kind and lovely comments on my posts, its been 10 days!!! Cannot believe how the time has flown lol! Soon be time to go back to work, oh the dreaded thought lol! Anyhow my sweets I hope things start to look up for you soon, get plenty of rest its good to know Mr D is looking after you, WELL DONE MR D Lol!

    Love & hugs hun

    Jacquie J xxx

  24. Hello Ang,
    I've looked back over the posts that I've missed (holidays) and have to say that they are all gorgeous. Love the Anniversary card and the Friday whatsit. Also today wrapping paper. Now why did I never think of making my own name stamp? I usually just used alphabet stamps and do the name letter by letter, which makes it fiddly. This way, you can ensure that the name is lined up correctly - brilliant.
    I'm sorry to hear that they are still investigating. It's always the same, once they get you in their hot little hands, they like to keep a good hold to make sure you don't get away!!!
    I was supposed to have a cataract op tomorrow (Mon) but the Surgeon rang me to say that she is on emergency call and so is unable to do it. She's going on holiday (how very dare she ha ha) and will do it on the 5th Sept and I will be treated as a VIP patient (a pig just flew past the window).
    Keep your pecker up and I'm thinking of you.
    Maureen xxx

    1. P.S. Thanks for putting names to faces on the photo. I only remembered in the middle of the night that I hadn't commented on this. I obviously need to get a life!!!

  25. Absolutely brilliant. You have even cut the letters out yourself. I'm very impressed.
    Hugs Mrs A.