Thursday, 23 March 2017

Even More Poinsettias . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are well and not experiencing minus temperatures.
We had a lot of rain and grey skies yesterday until about 5pm, then beautiful sunshine.

Still feeling tired at times but plodding along and hoping I awake this morning still ok as last time, my rhythm went loopy again in the early hours of the Thursday morning. Mentally, I think I need to get past this point to start feeling more positive.

Now, the Christmas theme continues with more poinsettias. This looks quite dimensional but was actually quite flat-ish, though I suspect that Mr Postie had those flowers flattened even more by the time it got opened lol!!!

Cream card
Rich red card
Vintage gold and gold mirror card
CE Frosty Swirls embossing folder
SB Layered Poinsettias
Indigo Blu sentiment stamp
Memento Dew Drop Rhubarb Stalk ink

In case you were wondering (and apologies if you weren't lol!!!) how I got the gap in the embossing, it was as simple as embossing the top and bottom bits of that layer. OK granny, stop sucking those eggs lol!!!

I think there are about 5 more festive cards to go. I thought I'd warn you before you start thinking, not another b#@@dy Christmas card lol!!!

Hoping to meet up with John tomorrow. He's doing a workshop at a local craft shop which is closing down to concentrate on doing shows and on line trade and bonus is they are having a half price sale too. As I didn't get to the NEC, it would be nice to get to look around some crafty bits.

Before I go, Foxyg, hope hubby is still doing well. I do check with Wendywoo now and again.
SuzzieQ, I think it helped me helping the other lady. My random act of kindness for that day lol!!! 
Jenny, you've sussed me out. I'm CEO of Foam Pads R Us lol!!! Seriously, before I left The Range, I made good last use of my staff discount and bought a load of packs of foam tape and pads. That was 2 years ago (blimey, where did that go ???) and I've still got plenty left as I only use enough not to get saggy bits (Maureen. . . . . .No!!!)
June, I could sleep for England at the minute lol!!!
Wendy (Yorks Butterfly), I'm super excited about the weekend. Will miss Jenson Baby but I think it will be an interesting season. Jackie D and Wendy will hopefully be watching too (unless Wendy is on her flight at that point).

Well that's me for now. Be good.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, more inspiration for me to get my Christmas cards started early. Beautiful, keep them coming, hope you have a great day and feel better. Bx

  2. Such a lot of inspiration for special Christmas cards - thank you. Know you'll have a great time with John.

  3. Hi Ang
    Beautiful Christmas card ,i love them all.
    You are bound to be anxious ,so get this day over and done with and John will have to get roller boots on to keep up with you .
    Have a great time and spend plenty ,you deserve it.
    Elaine H X

  4. Classy and glam here Ang, lovely card.xx ♥[aNNie]

  5. Another super Christmas card Mrs D. I love the ivory and gold combo. I do that with embossing folders too, then to finish it off I use my scoreboard to emboss a line at the end of each plain panel. Fingers are crossed that you are still in NSR!!!!! Christine xx

  6. Morning Ang,
    Another lovely card, I don;t mind seeing C/C.

  7. Hi Ang. Gorgeous card. Hubby not bad thanks. Keeps getting dizzy spells, but I'm sure it's nothing to do with pacemaker. I always check your blog to see how you're doing. Will be seeing Wendy at the weekend as she's at Mum's at the mo. You keep getting better, and take it easy. Xx

  8. Another great Christmas card, Ang. I love the combination of vintage gold/mirri card.

    Enjoy your trip tomorrow.

    Anne (Northampton)

  9. Morning Ang, love these cards, I must admit to a love of Poinsettias. So glad that you still have some more Christmas cards to share with us as you have given me so many ideas for my cards this year.
    Do hope that things are still ticking along properly.
    Enjoy your trip to the craft shop and I was going to say don't spend to much money, but that's a pointless thing to say to a crafter , so have a good spend and enjoy yourself.

  10. This is a beautiful Christmas card showing how clever you are in your designing. So sorry your rhythm got out of sync, again. Praying that will be the last time you have to have that happen to you. We, here on your blog, need you strong!

    1. Hi Suzzie
      Still in rhythm so far. Sorry if I've confused. Was referring to last time when it went loopy.
      Ang x

  11. Lovely card today and loving the poinsettias.

    Take care and from the tub

  12. Gorgeous card! Hope you feel better really soon! Hugs!

  13. Hi Ang

    Very festive indeed. Love these colours and Poinsettias are very festive

    Don't fight sleep, you need to sleep as much as your body is telling you... does that make sense? It did when I was talking to myself lol!

    June x

  14. Hello Ang,
    Why am I still enjoying the C cards and your poinsettias? Sad, that's why!!!
    Thank you so much for the beauty tip, I'll have to remember to use foam pads next time my saggy bits are on show ha ha.
    Glad the rhythm is still o.k. Personally, the Rhythm Method never worked for me!!! Keep breathing, you'll feel so much better!
    love Maureen xx

  15. Hi Ang,
    another goergeous and luxurious looking card today.
    I love this wonderful design as I have all your other ones.
    Your poinsettias are gorgeous also.
    My you have made some really super creations for last Christmas, and the peeps that received them must have been over joyed with them.
    Steady now don't get too excited by the half price sale.
    Remember Darnells troubles when she was jumping up and down with joy each time the van brought her a new crafty items she had bought. lol.
    I think you have enough health probs without that
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hi there Ang, gorgeous Christmas card, luxurious with all that gold and red, lovely embossed panels, brilliant design. Hope all is good with you, Kate x

  17. Another super classy card. Glad to hear your doing ok this time . I use those sticky pads on everything. My motto is if it sags stick it up. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Another great card I like the way you have used the embossing folder and you never can have too many foam pads xx

  19. Good Friday Morning Ang,
    Love your card, it's brilliant, although you have it as a Christmas Card, a little tweek (different flower) your design could be used today.
    Glad your rhythm is still ticking away at the right beat. See that Maureen she's a right one is she not?? Even worse when you spend time with her she leads you astray ha!ha! she is great fun to be with though.
    Have a great day with John, don't get too excited with the sale goodies, you might send your rhythm haywire.
    Give John my best wishes
    Have a great day
    Patricia xxx

  20. Hi Ang a very interesting card with lots of detail. Hope you had a nice meet up with John and got lots of goodies in the sale. I'm now in Lyminge with mum and the sun is shining but a bit of a nippy wind. The gardens here are looking so pretty with all the daffs and hyacinths and primulas out. Love from Jackie xx

  21. So pleased the rhythm seems to be behaving itself I'll get you Salsa dancing next! I love seeing your Christmad cards They are brilliant and I may pinch a few ideas! I especially like this idea with the gap in the embossing Keep 'em coming as far as I'm concerned