Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Language of Flowers 3 . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope all is good with you or if not, I send you best wishes and positive thoughts.

On that note, I'm sad to hear that our lovely Maureen has broken her hip. So sorry you poor lady. I haven't ascertained if alcohol, Lycra or cycling was involved but send warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Now, I'm continuing with John's samples. Thank you for your kind comments on them. This one got a fair bit of air time and seemed popular with the presenters. Totally out of character for me as I don't normally do grungy but I just saw this in my minds eye when I first saw this fab stamp.

Cream, brown and taupe card
John Lockwood Horticultural Definition stamp
MDF shapes from Ebay
Rich Cocoa Dew Drop Memento ink
Vintage Photo Distress ink
Hougie for scoring

I roughed up the edges of the stamped panel with some scissors but not too much as I like neat grunge lol!!!
I added some finger prints to give it that dirty fingers from gardening look.

Its been lovely to see some new names commenting and I thank you for your visits.

Elaine, Mr D actually got 3 of the Fondant Fancies . . . . . . the chocolate ones as I don't like chocolate flavoured stuff. Its always Russian Roulette with a packet as to how many of each you get but there was a special Easter box of all lemon (my favourites) but I would have eaten them all. Still sending you prayers and good vibes.
Littlelamb, hope your back is feeling better now.
Wendy, the framed one was actually scraper foil/board rather than gilding flakes.
Jackie, bit more excitement at the GP this week. I felt for Valtteri too but at least Lewis didn't win lol!!! Looking to seeing Jenson Baby again.
Patricia, thanks for letting me know about Maureen. Such as shame she will miss your meet up.
Karen, you try whatever gives you inspiration chuck. Your personalised cards always look individual.

Well, that's me for now. Enjoy John's glitter shows. I'm hoping to get out for lunch with Davey and Nesta. Davey's off to Japan next week. He's like Judith Chalmers with a hairy chest (although I do hear she waxes, lol!!!)

Ang x

PS. . . . . . Final reminder for The Paddle Prize here. Mr D will be performing the draw at 7pm tonight so don't forget to click follow and leave a comment on my anniversary blog post before 7pm.

The winner will be announced on my next post.


  1. Morning Ang, what a superb card, love the neat grunge. Sorry to hear about Maureen, hope she will soon be on the mend. Take care. Bx

  2. Morning Ang, great card on the Gardening Theme, love how you have used John's great Stamps.
    Maureen has been up on her feet taking a few steps.
    Hope you have a nice lunch.
    Patricia xxx

  3. Fab card, I try to do abit of grunge now and again.
    I think the gold could be done with Gilding Flakes, will give it a go, xxx

  4. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card.

  5. Hello Ang, I agree that this card deserved the air time it received. I don't really do grunge but this card inspires me. Have been looking forward to seeing the glitter kiss product since I saw it in my local store and emailed John to ask questions about it as the store had no idea! I am hoping he demonstrates them on Saturday when he's at my local store. Keep well. WakeyL

  6. I must admit I don't do grunge, although I haven't even tried it.. but I do like yours as you say it's neat grunge.
    take care

  7. Hi Ang
    I hope you are continuing on the up side of things ?
    So pleased you shared with the lovely Mr D

    Your card is fantastic ,loving the look Ang . I myself have never done Grunge , not even neat Grunge like you but if i did i would never dare leave my finger prints as you don't know what bovver it can lead to , Well you gone n dun it know gal , if Mr D finds a piece of his Chocolate missing i think perhaps he should get out the spy glass.

    Take care
    Elaine H X

  8. Morning Ang

    I loved this card when it was shown on TV and like the other ladies have said "a neat grunge".... it's a hit with me

    Looking forward to more creations with John's stamps

    Take care

    June x

  9. Hi Ang as I've mentioned this is a great card and seeing it up close now I can see the embossing in the background. Glad to read you are getting out and about this week but don't go overdoing it. If Maureen is reading this I'm sending my best wishes for good progress and hope recovery hoes as it should. Love from Jackie xx

  10. Hi Ang, I seem to have missed a few of your blogs over the last few days, you have been a busy duck !!. Love the latest card, I don't normally do grunge either....but this card works so well. Janice x

  11. Hi Ang. fantastic card, and I'm so glad you have shown it on your blog . Like a lot of people I don't usually do grunge but love this card so may have a try at "neat grunge" . Sorry to hear that your friend has broken her hip and do hope that she's up and about quickly.
    Enjoy your trip out.

  12. See that's the answer. I need to make gardening cards then I don't need to worry about getting fingerprints everywhere. Your a star.! Hugs Mrs A.

  13. Hi there Ang, fabulous card, I love the design and the images are wonderful, super colours and embellishments.
    Unfortunately I missed most of the shows, but still might catch up with them, although I caught the glitter polish this morning, what amazing stuff, take care of yourself, Kate x

  14. Love this card Ang. Saw it on John's show. Thank you for sharing it. Loved John's shows. Have to catch up on the 12noon and and the second half of the 7pm show. Really like the Glitter Kiss My back is feeling a lot better thank you. Hope you are feeling ok.

  15. Wow, loving this countryish, rustic, bit grungey style from you, Ang! You should do it more often! Of course, I've loved all the samples for John that you've shared! Your talent knows no bounds!! I hope your wonky beats have leveled out or, at least, lessened for you, pet. Sending big hugs!! xxoo Darnell

  16. Lovely card, Ang. Do you like using glitter kiss as much as John does?

  17. I too struggle with "grunge" and also putting things on the wonk! You've succeeded with both here. A great card.

    Anne (Northampton)

  18. Love this card Ang, brilliant and unusual. I've missed a few of your blogs recently - Too much to do and not enough time ........ you know how it goes. All that and chronic sciatica for the last three months. Can't sit, can't stand and can't walk. Never mind, lots of people worse off. Keep on crafting! xx

  19. This is a dab card Ang I love the little mdf embellishments Mustlook at eBay more for these type of items

  20. Hi Ang,
    what a very brilliant card and your design is super.
    Yes those stamps do to call out for that wonderful inking of the edges and your super design.
    I am not surprised it was liked by all the presenters.
    I missed John's shows as I wasn't well, and totally forgot they were on.
    Love and big crafty hugs germ free of course. Jenny L.

  21. Hello Ang,
    It's lil ol Hoppalong here back from the Freeman Hospital!!!
    Like the card and the grunge look. I can do grunge very easily!
    The thing is that I saw a rather attractive young man walking down the main street in Newcastle and just knew that he'd like to meet me so I pounced. He moved out of the way - only because Mr K was with me - and I landed on my side with the World and his Wife rubber necking!!
    By the time the ambulance came I had amassed a Doctor, two police officers, A girl from Sainsbury's covering me with padded body warmers and the Duty Manager from Primark with two fleece throws and a beautiful cushion. I don't recommended lying on a cold street with no coat (hardy Geordie!) I'm not sure which was the worst thing in this episode. Being on a spinal board with my clothes being cut off, or the indignity of having to use a zimmer frame ha ha.
    Keep smiling, it's the only way to keep sane.
    I hope you are well and the rhythm is still top notch.
    love Maureen xxx

  22. Hi Ang! Sorry I missed commenting on this card! I love grunge and this one is really perfect! Love the fingerprints too! I gather by your latest post this was a hit on the TV show John does. You deserve the kudos! Have a great day!

  23. I'm not a grungy person either - well, I am talking about card making you understand! It's a super card for either male or female. Christine xx