Sunday, 30 April 2017

Language of Flowers 6. . . . . . .

Good morning everyone on this last day of April. Where is this year going?
Hope all is well with you. Had a couple of rough days, starting Thursday night and not much sleep again. Mr D thinks I have been overdoing things so has forced me to take it easy.

Watched GP qualifying yesterday and looking forward to the race today, so yes, I'm taking it easy.

Thank you for the comments on my fairy card. Its not probably something I will do more of but at least I did it once (there's lots in life you can apply that to lol!!!)

Now, today, I'm back to John's samples and the lovely lily stamp. I decide to make a sympathy card, as I do tend to associate that with lilies. Just hope that I don't need to use it anytime soon, but I do send my condolences to Maureen and George. So sad to hear that George has lost his twin. What a time you two are having lately.

White, Green and pink card
John Lockwood Lily rubber stamp
John Lockwood sentiment
That Special Touch Elegance border mask (embossed down the side)
Distress inks
Cotton buds

I coloured the image in using distress inks and a cotton bud. I find it gives a lovely subtle hue and a different look. I also did it on this card here too.

Jackie, interesting qually eh? Hope you enjoyed your quilt show.
Jenny, I could give up meat except for bacon, chicken or steak lol!
June, I've taken that shovel away for you own safety lol!
Janice, wait till you see what other challenge theme I had in mind lol!
Patricia (just to break up all the Js), I do indeed still have Shaun the car. It may not be folks best view but it's best to get out rear end first lol! That was a hilarious but happy memory.

Well that's me, short and sweet for today as I'm under Mr D's beady eye. It will be a quiet week for me anyway as Davey is in Japan on the blossom trail and Nesta is in Spain again (I've reminded her it's not quite warm enough to get her castanets out!).

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, sorry to hear that you don't feel too good again. That's the trouble when you start to recover, you can't wait to get on with things again, and sometimes you just need to have a few more days of resting. Not easy when you can see all the housework chores that need to be done lol !! Tanker it easy today. Janice xx

  2. Gorgeous card Ang. It must have been all the gadding about you two did on Wednesday, take it easy. xxx

  3. Oh! Ang, not so good if your not geeing too good. I hope relaxing watching the GP has helped.
    I just LOVE John's new stamps and you have done this one proud, it's beautiful.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  4. What a beautiful card, Ang. Sorry to hear you haven't been too good - I suspect Mr Duck is right so take it steady.
    Best wishes

    Anne (Northampton)

  5. Hello Ang, so sorry to hear that you have not had a great week. I hope you feel tons better soon. Love your card, Sympathy cards are so hard to get right, but yours is perfect. Enjoy the GP. Have a great Sunday all. Bx

  6. Hi Ang , sorry you have had a rough couple of days mate , just do as Mr D tells you .
    Loving the card it looks so gentle and with the border mask down the side ,just perfect.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Yeah you're here at last! And with such a delicate and beautifully designed card, it's such a lovely image and you have coloured it so well.
    All went well last night, speak to you soon, take care of yourself, Kate x

  8. Hi Ang

    I'm with Mr D today, take it easy please!

    John's stamps are fabulous and your designs with them are stunning, as is this gorgeous card especially when it's for a sad occasion, if you get my gist?

    Having a lovely, relaxing Bank Holiday

    June x

  9. My goodness, please take it easy and listen to Mr. D. Your card is perfect for a sympathy card. When I first saw today's lily card, I thought you had used your tissue paper painting technique for the flowers. Just lovely.

  10. I am either a slug or I over do. I know how easy it is to over do especially when you are feeling good. All things in moderation they say. I find when I read each night before going to bed, it helps my mind unjumble from the day.
    Your card is gorgeous and what a smart idea to paint with a Q tip (cotton bud). I am curious - what is you tissue paper painting technique. I am really into tissue paper right now. Once again - stunning card.
    Sandy xx

  11. Hi Ang hope you have been taking it easy today. Very pleased for Valteri at the race. Love the card you have made so suitable to have the softness you have achieved for a sympathy card. Love from Jackie xx

  12. Sorry you have not been feeling so good Ang. Take it easy. Lovely card today. Thank you for sharing. I tried the tissue technique yesterday and was very pleased with the results. Brilliant idea. I just have to put the tissue on the candle now. I used John's Peonie stamp,

  13. Hi Any so sorry you are having a rough time of it again, I think I agree with Mr. D. that you are trying to do to much to quickly. Hope you enjoyed​ the GP and were happy with the result.
    Your card is beautiful and using a cotton bud gives it such a soft look for such a difficult subject to create a card for.
    Take care Ang. and do look after yourself

  14. Hello Ang,
    Lovely delicate card today, it's so pretty.
    When doing the cotton bud technique, do I have to use clean new buds ha ha.
    I see you still have the car Patricia had difficulty with, is this because she'd been on the fire water? lol
    Sorry to read that you are not feeling to grand and hope that you pick up soon. Thank you for your kind words.
    love Maureen xxx

  15. Hello Ang,
    Do take care of yourself and take it easy.
    Love the effect of the cotton bud technique am going straight into my craft room to try it out as I need a sympathy card asap.
    We had Targa Tasmania on here last week a car race around the state. They close a section of highway for it each day as it goes from North to South and East to West. you would probably love it. I think they are all mad!!!!!
    Margaret M

  16. Hope you're continuing to follow Mr D's advice and it's paying off.
    A lovely card.

  17. Beautiful card Ang, just take care.xx ♥[aNNie]

  18. Love how delicate this is, just perfect. Hope you enjoyed the GP and are feeling a little better. Cara x

  19. Lovely card Ang I associate lilies with Sympathy cards too Sadly I need to make one this evening Just going back to see your previous post

  20. I don't do fairies either Your card is beautiful

  21. Lillies are my favourite flowers as I write this I am looking at mine in the vase. A great technique with the cotton bud it's very effective xxx

  22. Hi Ang,
    playing catch up on my comments as usual.
    This card is really gorgeous and your colouring of that stamp is beautiful.
    Love the subtle pink and green together.
    Beautiful and gorgeous embossing to the side it looks very celtic looking.
    Sorry to hear you have had a some set backs with your heallth.
    Now listen to Mr D and take things easy.
    Not at all sure if the excitement of the GP is that good for you. LOL.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.