Monday, 8 May 2017

Language of Flowers 8. . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well with you?

I had meant to post this yesterday but time has run away with me this week.
I've been doing a bit more pottering and managed to get to the craft show at the Motor Cycle Museum on Saturday. Sadly, Nursey Harrop couldn't make it this time so I ventured on my own (you may remember taking Mr D to the one in February was not fun lol!!!).
A lot less stalls than last time, so disappointing when they charge the same amount to get in.
I haven't photographed my purchases as they were very boring items like card, envelopes, teeny bling, a couple of stamps and a Nellie Snellen holly spring die.
One of the stalls was a lady behind a table with about half a dozen balls of wool, a few bags of buttons and a few rolls of lace so I hope they don't charge much for stall space.

Now, back to the card. Another of my samples for John, this time using the individual elements from his Horticultural Definition background stamp. I didn't chop the stamp up, just inked and stamped the elements separately.

Cream and taupe card
John Lockwood Horticultural Definition background stamp
John Lockwood sentiment stamp
CE Linen embossing folder
Presscut circle and rectangle dies
Memento Dew Drop Bamboo Leaves and Rich Cocoa
Bundled Sage and Antique Linen distress inks

I think you could get away with this for a guy who likes gardening. . . . . . Davey, look away, this may be your birthday card for next month lol!!!

Bridget, Maccy D junk food? Surely not with lettuce, onion and gherkin lol?
Elaine, Wendy and Karen I can be my own worst enemy. I will try and do as I'm told but I'm not promising lol!!!
June, if you click here and here, you can show Mr F my wisterias from a couple of years ago. Not quite as grand as Japan but at least not as far for you to go.
Maureen, I can sympathise after being wheeled around A & E by Mr D a couple of times last year. Think I ended up with more injuries than when I went in with bashed elbows and knees on door frames lol!!!

That's me for today folks.

Hope you all have a good week ahead.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, love the style of this card, a lovely vintage feel. Glad to hear you got out, and it is a pity that they do charge so much for the tickets. Well it is mainly cutting out the carbs, and a MaccyD is not the same without the bun is it. Take care, and have a great week. Bx

  2. Morning Ang,
    Beautiful card.

  3. Hi Ang
    Lovely card i so like the stamps and style .

    Great that you felt well enough to go out , but a shame there were not many stalls .
    Take care lovely Lady .
    Elaine H X

  4. Lovely card Ang. You do show John's stamps off very well. Glad you were able to get out to the craft show but a shame not so many stalls but as you say I think it is the price they charge for the stalls. I was offered a 6ft table recently outside and it was £30 for a few hours. If it rained it would not have been good and then there was the petrol getting there as half hour journey so I turned it down. The lady understood why.

  5. Hi Ang

    Well you've done it now Mrs D!...... you'll have to lock up your wisteria LOL, Mr F loves it and thanks you for showing him yours (hehe)

    I also read some of the comments from that particular post and saw Kettering mentioned. Steve was born in Kettering Hospital, his sister was a nurse there too and all his siblings live about 15 miles from Kettering.... so keep a close eye on your wisteria as he may just follow the aroma and take a detour the next time we're down visiting family! ;)

    Another great card Ang, love everything about it!

    June x

  6. Hi Ang, thought I'd comment whilst sithing in the airport on how fabulous your card is beautifully designed and the images and colours are lovely, brilliant texture on the background too take care, Kate x

  7. Hello Ang,
    Love today's card. I'll have to look to see if I can find these stamps.
    Now, Your wisteria - yes, I was nosy and looked back at your old posts. They are magnificent, and your garden must be huge. I would love to have them, wonder if they will transplant well ha ha.
    I haven't ventured out again - unlike you - as the nerves won't stand it lol. Glad you are venturing further afield, but it's such a shame that you were disappointed with the craft show. They are getting smaller and thinner on the ground up here.
    Take care, look after yourself - and the wisteria!!!!
    love Maureen xxx

  8. Oh My Goodness, your wisterias are glorious in bloom, size, and I am sure in fragrance. When they are in full bloom, do you think you are in Heaven? As I was reading the wisteria blog postings, I smiled when I read I was a "Duckadee"! I did not know I was a "Duckadee". I count myself privileged and in good company. Growing up, my next door neighbor had a lovely purple wisteria that I enjoyed. I was always asking my Mother if I could plant one. Her answer was NO! My Mother did not like the sprawling way they grew. I loved everything about that wisteria. As an adult in my own home and garden, I planned to plant a wisteria. But I did not need to plant one due to a next door neighbor who had a free standing white wisteria planted very close to our property line. All the glory without the work. Doesn't get much better than that. Glad you were able to get out and about. I feel your disappointment about the craft show and lack of stalls and goodies to purchase. You did John's Language of Flowers great justice. I like the texture and the cut-outs to showcase the flowers. Wishing you a splendid week with no worries about health issues.

  9. Fab card, love the vintage feel to it. Glad that you managed to get out, even if it was a bit of a disappointment. Cara x

  10. I remember this card from John's show - it's lovely, Ang.

    Anne (Northampton)

  11. Such a great card to make for your stash as it's suitable for all!

  12. Fab card Ang it's really great. Hope your looking after yourself young lady:)) lots of huggles Sue xx

  13. Lovely card Ang and yes I hope you're behaving young lady!

  14. Hi Ang,
    what a wonderful card and the design is ace.
    Love the embossing folder used, and John's stamps you have used.
    I'm sure you have shares in foam pads and not just a big stack of them. LOL.
    So glad you had a good time on your outing.
    Pity Christine couldn't join you.
    Love and big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Ang, great card highlighting John's fabulous stamps.
    So pleased that you are managing to get out and about - as long as you don't try to do too much too quickly.
    Ang your Wisteria is absolutely fabulous, I am so envious, as I am not a gardener but love to see a beautiful garden and yours looks amazing- more photos please.

  16. Lovely card Ang. So pleased you got to the show.

  17. I just love the muted tones you have used on this card Ang. The cut outs showcase the stamped images really well. Sorry I missed out on Saturday - we'll have to make up for it! Christine xx

  18. Good afternoon Ang, I just LOVE your card, the design is brilliant.
    I love all John's flower stamps, it's deciding which ones to buy is the problem.
    I am doing a lot more stamping and colouring since I met, watched, had advice and received beautiful cards from Maureen over the past 2 years.
    Glad you managed to the show, pity Christine did not manage.

  19. What a wonderful card Ang - so well designed and so very interesting too!
    sandy xx