Sunday, 9 July 2017

Flowers and Rosy Cheeks. . . . . . . .

Good morning good blogging folk. Hope you are all well?

I have to say, I have had a wonderful few days. I think the iron tablets have kicked in and I've been full of beans (where did that expression come from???) and breathing has been just about normal. The cardio consultant appears to have been correct when he said my feeling rough after the cardioversion was down to the anaemia rather than heart.
I would say I'm feeling almost normal but I know that will attract comments from various quarters lol!!!
I did see John on Thursday and he commented how I had got the colour back in my cheeks (on my face, lol!!!).
Funny story about colour in my cheeks. The tablets I take make your skin photosensitive so I'm supposed to wear factor 50 block on my exposed areas (ooooh, errrr!!!) when I go out. The first time I tried this, having never used above a factor 8 before, I put some on my face and the bloomin stuff just wouldn't rub in. Its thick and white so I ended up looking like the love child of Marcel Marceau and a geisha girl !!!
Needless to say, I had to wash it off and I've taken my chances with daylight since.

Now, today's card has been in lurking in my files for a while. Nesta asked me to make a floral card for her Auntie's 70th birthday so as I like a bit of floralage and foliage, I was happy to oblige.

White and pink card
SB Classic Diamond dies
SB Carnation Creations dies
HC Delicate Aster dies
Various foliage dies 
Tonic flower punch
CE Stitched Bunting Numbers Stamps
John Lockwood Sentiment stamp
Card-io butterfly stamp
Various distress inks
Bling and pearlage

I love making floral cards and apparently, Auntie was very pleased with this.

Had my mammogram results through yesterday (posted from Bristol, had to laugh in a Sid James manner at the irony lol!!!) and The Girls are ok and clear so thankfully, that's one bit (or 2 bits actually) of me that's working properly lol!!

No pictures of birdie buffet today as getting a downloading error again from camera to laptop.
I'm also trying to get a snap of Scruffy Robin. He's a sweet little thing but looks like he's stuck his beak in a socket as all his feathers stand on end.

June, if Mr F looks carefully, that is the trunk and branches of the "you know what" on the last birdie photo. How are yours. Maureen and Yorkie Wendy's smash and grab plans going? I'm guessing Maureen needs to be a bit steadier on her pins first.
Oooh, and I would never try and out do Flash. I think if I got The Girls out in public, it would devalue the property prices in the area lol!!! Mind you, with all the ECGs I've had, I think half the hospital have seen them!!!

Well, off to a craft show at the National Motorcycle Museum today and hopefully meeting up with Christine H and John (he's doing some demoing). Don't need anything but its rude not to look lol!!!
Will be back in time for GP highlights at 5.30. Hoping its as exciting as the last one and hoping I can avoid any news bulletins so I don't find out the result beforehand.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and that the week ahead is kind to you.

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . .box for the above card on the next post. x


  1. Wow Ang this is stunning, and gosh would I love to receive a card like this, this needs to be framed its beautiful.
    Can't say too much about the smash and grab raid, but my Ninja training is coming along slowly, and the Zimmer Frame has gone off to get go faster stripes fitted.
    So so glad that you are starting to feel better and hope that it continues to improve.
    Wendy xx

  2. OH ,so so happy that you feel a lot better and colour in the cheeks is an added bonus , have a lovely day meeting up with John .
    The card is a real beauty ,beautiful colours and flowers .
    Take care Matey
    Elaine H X

  3. Morning Ang,
    Pleased to hear you are feeling better.
    Love your card, the flowers are beautiful.

  4. Hello Ang, so glad to hear that you are feeling much better and as you say full of beans. And great to hear that you got out to see John. Love the card, the flowers are beautiful. have a great day and enjoy the GP highlights. Bx

  5. Hi Ang, So pleased to read you are feeling a lot better and more like your 'normal' self. The card is absolutely beautiful and one anyone would be delighted to receive. WakeyL

  6. What a fantastic card No wonder Auntie loved it
    It is so good to hear that everything is settling down and that you're feeling tons better On the sun cream front have you tried Piz Buin Allergy sun sensitive face cream It is 50+ and is not thick and gloopy I use it because I've had a malignant melanoma and have this skin problem- urticaria pigmentosa It's brilliant!
    Enjoy the show and hope you get to watch the GP highlights My future son in law wil be trying to avoid news bulletins too

  7. Hi Ang Glad to see your health is improving Keeping everything crossed you make Breedon on Wednesday. I am making a list of things for you to show me including getting these carnations to look so realistic and the invertage layering. \Have agood day

  8. Hi Ang

    WOW, I absolutely love this card, the design, colour combo is stunning, no wonder 'auntie' loved it

    Excellent news about 'your girls' :)

    I had a good titter about Marcel Marceau and a geisha girl love child lol

    Hope you enjoy your craft jaunt today.... you know you do have to buy a little something when you're there, because that's rude too if you don't

    I've mentioned the 'you know what' picture to Mr F and when I've finished this comment he's moving me out of the way to take another butchers himself!

    Take care and enjoy

    June x

  9. Hi Mrs D, Absolutely beautiful card love everything about it.Glad to hear you are feeling better and your results were good.Take care Love Barbara D xxx

  10. Really beautiful and a real treasure for someone to keep in their keep sake box.
    Glad to know you are feeling good -- was having the mammogram has bad as you thought? Glad everything checked out. As we age so do our bodies. By the way, I have read that anything over a #30 sunscreen is not necessary.But who am I to give advise anyway!!!!
    Sandy xx

  11. Beautiful card and wonderful news about your health and well-being. Hooray!!!!

  12. Wow what a stunninng card.
    I am so pleased to hear your health has improved. xxx

  13. Oh Ang, you do make me laugh, but seriously great news that your Girls are all good....only you could give their breasts a name, lol.
    Your card is stunning, I love the colours and the floral images and design, very feminine and no wonderful it was liked, take care, Kate x

  14. Hi Ang, such a beautiful card, I'm not surprised that "auntie" liked it. Have fun meeting up with John today. Don't tire yourself out too much especially in this heat. Janice x

  15. Wow, absolutely a work of art, love all the handmade flowers. Glad to hear that the results were clear and that you're feeling a bit better. I know exactly how you feel about the ECG experience though. Having said that my last one was done by a man and was the most discreet ever, I didn't have to remove any clothing, he just asked me to move bits of clothes and body(!) up and down whilst he attached all the wires and then let me remove all the stickers. On top of that I was in and out before my appointment time! Hoping you have a great week x

  16. Stunning card Ang, love all the flowers.
    Glad you are starting to feel normal!!!!

  17. Hi Ang! Your flower cards are absolutely the best! After I had MOHS surgery for a pre-cancer item on my face I took to wearing a hat outside instead of heavy sunscreen. I do wear a SPF 40 face cream but the hat helps keep the sun off my face. Plus I look stylish! Have a great day!

  18. What a stunning card, Ang. I have great difficulty doing floral displays like these and usually end up using just one flower!!
    So pleased to hear you are feeling so much better. I have roseacea and wear a factor 30 sun cream all year round and a hat when it's sunny. It seems to work.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. Hello Ang,
    What a gorgeous card! I'd love to receive a card like that - it's beautiful. Love your mixture of flowers too.
    Great to hear you had good test results and that you are feeling better! That's good news! Enjoy your day out and remember confession is good for the soul! It's not that I'm nosey or anything!
    PS - I really liked the bluetit card too! Love what you did with the frame!
    Love Myra xx

  20. Hi Ang really gorgeous card it's so lovely. Your blog has made me chuckle lol great news that your feeling a lot better and that your 'girls' are fine. Hope you had a great day with Christine and glad your feeling up to going!!! lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Glad you're feeling full of beans - hope you're sorted for a while.
    All those flowers are gorgeous as is the whole card design.

  22. BEAUTIFUL Ang, just stunning flowers on this equally stunning card. keep well.xx [aNNie]

  23. Hello Ang,
    Gorgeous, beautiful card and any time you'd like to make me a 70th card, I'd really love it!!!
    Soooo pleased that you are almost back to normal - it's amazing how they can make you something that you've never been! Fantastic news, it's not often a Consultant is right ha ha. Now as for suncream, I use ultrasun 50 and it's brilliant, does take a bit of rubbing in, but not as bad as yours.
    By the way, you can't get anything over on me. I noticed the "you know what" in the birdie picture, but I thought I'd lull you into a false sense of security by not mentioning it.
    I don't use a zimmer, wheels, crutch or walking stick now, I crawl ha ha. No, I'm free of all such fripperies, a young sprog like me can't be seen with things like that!!!
    Take care, long may the improvements continue and I hope you enjoyed the show yesterday.
    love Maureen xx

  24. Good to read that life is a little easier for you today.
    What a beautiful card on show, love all the flowers!

  25. I mean, your card is just unbelievably gorgeous, Ang! All that work ... it needs to be framed!! I'm so delighted to hear that you are feeling perky and sassy again - hooray for iron!! And now if I can just be Mom for a minute, please don't ignore the sunlight warnings. I used to and I have had half my cheek (not that one!) removed due to melanoma. These medications which keep us alive at times don't play well with sunlight, sadly. You are young, I know, and hate it, I know, but you don't want to pay the price years from now. Love, Mother

  26. A beautiful card Ang. Love it. I also have to use factor 50 sun cream after having skin cancer and another one so I follow advise. Glad you are feeling a lot better. Sorry for not commentating before but no internetšŸ˜¢