Friday, 12 July 2013

In the Navy................(no Village People were harmed in this post)

Good morning my crafty chums. Hope everyone is hunkydory (or Crafters Companion or Creata..........I've had my diversity training LOL!!!)
Firstly, sorry for not posting yesterday morning. I should have scheduled the previous night for yesterday but real life caused a bloggus interruptus.
Next, hello to Lydia and Elaine. Thank you for your kind comments and for having a look at my doodahs. Hope you will pop by again soon.
I  was really surprised at how well my last card was received, only as it was just an experiment. I do love that stamp and have other cards, I will show at some point, using it.

Now, I'm hoping John hasn't had a dream about navy and yellow or people will begin to talk LOL!!! I know it's hard to imagine but the yellow is a lot brighter in real life. I had a right game getting it to show as yellow as photographing it on a yellow background made the whole lot look cream and navy. I kinda got there in the end but I dare say you are all probably relieved that it isn't too vibrant on screen.

Quite any easy one for cutting, just a bit of a tricksy glue fest.
Base card is a 6x6 navy card. I cut four of the corner die from the SB Botanical Swirls and Accents set and one of the 2nd smallest of the SB Decorative Labels One out of bright yellow card. Also cut another label out of the navy card.
I inked through the corner die with navy ink but on the yellow, it looks more teal. I stuck the corners together along the edges with double sided tape as I find it easier to line them up straight that way, rather than sticking them separately to the base card. 
I then applied dabs of glue all over the swirly bits and stuck the whole ensemble to the base card.
I stamped and heat embossed the sentiment on the yellow label (in navy, though it looks black on the photo) and layered that onto the navy label at the opposite angle. Then stuck with foam pads onto the centre of the base card.

Well, that's me for today. Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather, wherever you may be.
Thanks again for paddling in the duck pond.............hopefully, its been a refreshing experience!!!

Ang x


  1. No need to worry Ang I don't remember dreaming in navy and yellow! Honest have dreamt about navy and cream but that was for new curtains so we're safe from blog gossip for a while. I really like your love of bright colours not sure I'm that brave. Your card really works though! John x

    1. Thanks chuck. There's a fine kind between bravery and bonkers and I probably tip toe along it but hey, it keeps me quiet. . . . .well, quieter than the cards anyway LOL!

  2. Good Morning Ang,
    I am so glad John has cleared up any chance of gossip!!!!! As you said a post or two ago, this is a "family show".........

    Love what you have done you very "Brave" woman. No way could I have gone so mad with colour especially cutting those oh! so beautiful corners. I always feel they should be delicate, today I have learnt something. They really work in the strong colours. They would look nice in red for as Christmas Card,
    might try and bring myself to do that.
    It all really works Ang, you have made a wonderful card.
    Yes! it is Teal .......... remember Blue and Yellow make Green!!!!! or Teal in your case.
    Might be along for a dip in your pool later it looks like it could be a "hot" one here today.
    Have a wonderful day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Good morning everyone.
    Just looking at my post on my phone and the card does look its vibrant self on this. On the laptop last night, it was more of a custard yellow.
    Sorry if its a sunglasses moment for you all again.
    Yes Patricia, schoolgirl error with that ink lol. x

  4. Hia me little ducket { not being rude Staffordshire sayings when greeting someone , duck,ducky,ducket }
    I love your card , yellow and navy i would never have thought to put the two together but yours is beautiful.
    So why am i so afraid of yellow ? if i have a sheet of yellow in a pack, it scares me into giving it the grandchildren to play with i just dont get it , yet other peoples yellow cards always work for them .

    Have a good day
    Elaine H X
    Ps thank you for the greeting i was right touched

  5. Looks good, I would never dream of putting yellow with navy this way but it does look good, xxx

  6. Wow! this woke me up, not sure that I could have used it but it does look good. I seem to avoid the yellow except at Easter, perhaps I should be braver too. Thanks for the welcome.

  7. Well Sweetie the fashion world puts navy and yellow together all the time and it works great. I am sorry that you have gone in again for the muted colours you need to spread your wings a bit Mrs Duck try and be a little more bold! :)

    Absolutely stunning Ang! I loooooove it!!!It's elegant, not overlayered, beautiful, worth waiting for!

    And for the followers see Ang's comment on my blog I will not be adopting Ang not because we have fallen out but I am not sure when we would get any crafting done we do too much laughing!

    Take care one and all

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx


  8. Ang, I had a quick look at your card this morning but no time to comment, 7am start again thank goodness back to normal next week. Well don't really do normal beyond that now!!!
    As Heather said navy and yellow been round for years in the fashion world. Love what you have done with your card, good for you girl for being so brave. Now do you think I will have to pack that special underwear for those ops moment that are advertised on the T.V. for November? With all that laughing that we will be doing???

    Hazel xxx

  9. Hi Ang....and what a bright and cheery card. I don't use such a vibrant colour much but I may well have to rethink as your card is so nice. Off to Doncaster show for the weekend so won't be joining you for a couple of days but have a good weekend, best wishes Jackie

  10. Hello Mrs. Duck! Your card is just beautiful! I do like the yellow and navy blue together, great contrast!!

  11. Hi Ang, I really thought I'd commented on this card, but I'm not here, I am now though.
    Lovely card and navy and yellow are fab together, great dies and design, Kate xx