Sunday, 14 July 2013

And now, for something completely different . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope you are not sunburnt and sore. I spent a good portion of yesterday washing my carpets with my friend's carpet washer. I wanted to get them done whilst its still hot enough to get them dry.
Today, I shall chill and watch Sue Wilson (hurrah!!!) but then have to brave the supermarket (booooo!!!)
A big hello to Val (who I think is also known as Val in Spain) and thanks for your kind words and Elaine, that's how I got my Mrs Duck label.........used  be just "me duck" then when we got married, it became "Mrs Duck".......its a Midlands expression too. 
Hope all of you that have made it to Doncaster have had or are having a great time. . . . . don't spend too much cash Jackie !!! I'm saving my pennies for Stoneleigh next month and possibly the NEC in November. I shall, of course, be meeting up with the Scottish and Kentish members of the Duck Posse whether I get to the show or not.

Now then, I was reminded by Wendy's lovely butterfly earrings, that I have yet to show any of my jewellery on the blog. Jewellery making was my first love and has been a bit side lined by the cards so I'm taking the plunge and will show bits intermingled with my cards. 
I won't go into the finer points of instructions, unless someone would like them, in which case, I will be happy to oblige.
This set is a choker, bracelet and earrings. The choker and bracelet are made with memory wire so they  just pop around the neck and wrist.These are great for folks with dexterity issues as there's no fiddly clasps. The beads are lime bugle and seed beads and the crystal bicones are favourites and my crystal of choice. Yes they are dearer but worth it IMHO. Swarovski Elements feature in the vast majority of my jewellery, as you will see.
This is a simple set but there are some more intricate designs to come.

Hope you like the interlude into jewellery but if it's not your cup o' char, my humble apologies.
I will throw another one into the mix soon.

Take care all and be good!!!

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang,
    Love, love, love these beautiful creations, the colour is fantastic. Great to see your first love, although I did think we were going to see a picture of your Hubby!!!!
    I have done a few things using the Memory Wire. That I can master, it is using the "seed beads" to create things I would really love to do, so keep them coming I might get some inspiration to have a go again.

    Hazel and I make and sell Pendants for Charity. Sue Wilson wears some of ours. If you have a look at what she has round her next today it could just be one of them. She was wearing one when she did her show in Aberdeen last week.
    Have Great Day

    Patricia xxx


  2. Ang, why have you taken so long to show us your lovely jewellery???
    Don't hang back you can show me any way. As much as you like. It's beautiful, Patricia and I have made different necklaces over the past 4years and last year to keep me busy while off work we started making our pendants, the money from these goes to the Chemo unit at Ninewells and Maggies Dundee. We have raised quite a bit.
    Granted we don't use Swarovski or crystal. We made loads of button necklaces and like you we thought of people who couldn't manage the fasteners so we put the little magnet catches.look forward to seeing more of your pieces.
    Hazel xxx

  3. Nice to see another side to your talents Madame Canard. A beautiful and delicate set. You're a clever lady!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  4. Hi Ang, beautiful jewelry, and yes bring them all on here. Love crystals and have some of that lovely make that I can't spell, from Alistair.
    Do you make to order?
    Have a great Sunday, Kate xx

  5. Lovely jewellery set-very clever being able to make them. I've set the sky box to record Sue Wilson as am off into work for 10am-yuk!!


  6. Lovely set of jewels, very delicate.

  7. Hello my little ducket,
    I love your jewelery and i take my hat off to you for being able to make it, I must own up to being hopeless i had a boxed set at Christmas and i ended up nearly pulling my hair out , but hey this box of beads and crystals was not going to get the better of me oh no , so i ended up making beautiful window sun catchers , and now the sun is out and my rooms are full of rays. A beautiful result !

    Elaine H X

  8. Gorgeous Ang, A very beautiful set and would make a great gift for someone. xxx

  9. Hi Ang Stunning work,love them.

  10. So pretty, lovely jewellery set. Kim

  11. Hi Ang,
    I've added a reply on your comment on my blog as not able to email you. Beautiful jewellery BTW!

    John x