Sunday, 4 August 2013

What day is it? . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning one and all. Hope this finds everybody healthy and happy.

Apologies for this being a day later than usual but real life caused another bloggus interruptus yesterday. It was mine and Mr Duck's wedding anniversary and various events conspired to fill our day with nonsense so we didn't get as much time together as planned and I didn't get chance to schedule my post. We have spent Saturday having fun so better late than never. Mr Duck has given me permission to show the card I made for him so I will do that for my next posting.
A good time was had by Nesta and myself on Friday. She had a lovely birthday and thanks you for your good wishes. She also loved her card. . . . . . . .phew!!!
Elaine, somehow whilst we were out, the email came through with your comment (not sure how as my data was switched off) but we did have a laugh as the scenario you described was exactly what was going on. There is an excellent tutorial on Joanna Sheens website on how to do the fuchsias but next time I do them, I will photograph each stage and put it on a post in case anyone is interested. Incidentally Gail, I got the Britannia Medium Rose die, used to make the fuchsias, from Joanna Sheen for £9 (free postage at £9 and above)

Special message for Wendy (Spanish Crafter). Thank you so much for your kind offer but I was more than happy to help/suggest without reward. Save the postage chuck and get dear little Hollie an ice cream on me next week, how's that? Safe travels today and enjoy your visit back to Blighty.

Now, today's card was a relatively quick and easy card but I liked the way it turned out.
I started with a 5x7 white card base which I cut down to 5x6. I then cut a slightly smaller mat from lilac card (only a itsy bitsy bit smaller). 
Out of this, I cut one of the SB Bracket Borders 6 times in the pattern shown. I had done rough measurements to know that the pattern would fit.
I then cut the same die twice out of a piece of white card, as per the picture, to make a label/tag for the sentiment.

I wrapped some white organza ribbon down the left hand side of the lilac card and the foam padded it to the base card. Then the label/tag, complete with sentiment, gems and a two fingered white organza bow, was foam padded onto the lilac layer and that was that.

I do love the Bracket Borders for their versatility. I did go a bit mad with them on Mr Duck's anniversary card but that's for next time.

Offski now as its been a long day and I'm typing this for scheduling at an hour where most folks would be making ZZZzzzzz.
Have a top Sunday folks and big, big, big thanks for popping by the pond.

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang,
    Well this is different from your last post, love the colours one of my favs. Lovely card.

  2. Good Morning and a Very Happy Anniversary to both "Duckies" I hope you have many more.
    Oh! Man! you have been busy with Anniversary, friends birthday how on earth do you get time to paddle your feet??
    Anyway!! your card is absolutely brilliant. I love what you have done with the Bracket Borders. It certainly gives a stunning effect, great colour combo.

    John did offer to take me back for the bag. He was off looking a something he is a little angry (well not angry but I can`t think of a word) that I did not buy the bag if I liked it that much.
    However I tidied up my Bag cupboard and have decided that I really do not need another Handbag or any more shoes. Well that was last week don`t know what this week will bring!!!!
    Looking forward to all the nice "Boots" that will be hitting the shops real soon.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xxx

  3. Good morning Ang and belated Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Duck, glad you had a nice day together and that is perhaps more important. I love what you have done with these dies, a bit of forethought for the measurements and so effective. Have a good day, best wishes Jackie

  4. Hi Ang,
    I too would like to wish you and Mr duck a belated Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you both had a very busy and happy day.
    Your card is so very pretty. Fabulous use of such fabulous looking dies. Great colour card used too.
    Have a wonderful crafty Sunday.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi all
    told you it was late when I was typing. Just to clarify, it was Friends birthday and day out on Thursday and anniversary on Friday, which was disrupted with late trains etc. That's the trouble when you schedule a post, you forget what day is yesterday, today or tomorrow, hahaha! Thanks from me and Mr Duck for your best wishes. x

  6. Hia me little ducket ,a beautiful card i must say ,and a lovely colour,I must thank you for reminding me to make my Husband a 50th Anniversary card , we are having a big bash on the 31st Aug { and that is the day we got wed } and over the last 2 months i have made over 80 invites and what with getting my outfit sorted { Downton Abbey theme party it is and im going to be a flapper for the night im very excited its a beautiful dress but very heavy with all the beads } and then my Church outfit { renewing vows on the Sunday } i completely forgot to do him a card SHAME ON ME !!
    Ahh i have just read this back i do get carried away i will shut up now ...
    Have a nice day and a good rest Oh tomorrow is Monday by the way haha xx

  7. Hi Ang love this card i must invest in this die,the colours are super. love your blog with all the news ,it cheers me up on this drab Sunday.

  8. HI. Happy belated anniversary to you both. Love todays blog, it made me smile which was what I needed as I've just come back from a funeral.
    Todays card is really pretty and I love the way you have used the bracket borders.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.
    love Val x

  9. Hello Ang
    At last I have got round to posting a comment. I thought this card was gorgeous. The colour is fabulous and the way you have used the brackets is really great. I would never have thought of using them in this way. You are a very ingenious little duck when you are not paddling in your pool up tails all aren't you?

    Very nice indeed. I am looking forward to seeing Mr Ducks Anniversary card tomorrow. I will try and be earlier as well! :(

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  10. Well it is a pretty card and I am so happy you have been having fun!!! Happy anniversary Mrs.Duck!

  11. Well first of all thanks for the info re: the fuchsia die - secondly I luv the card and the way you have used the bracket dies - what a fab idea and thirdly what a coincidence it was my anniversary on Friday too - we went off to the coast to celebrate for the weekend and hopefully you managed to get some QT as well xx GailT xx

  12. Love the way you have used this die, Ang. also the colour, makes a great card. xx Flora


  13. Ang. Sorry it was only a virtual sip of the champers, glad you had a good on Saturday,

    Love this card, great colour looking forward to seeing Mr Ducks card.

    Hazel xxx

  14. Hi Ang, lovely to 'meet' you and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. just had a little paddle round the pond and your cards are gorgeous - you are so clever with your die cuts. This card is a real beauty
    Claire xx