Sunday, 15 September 2013

Love, Friendship, Happiness . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning my little duckadees. Think we may all be having a little swim today or being blown around. I'm convinced I was meant to live in a warmer climate lol !!!
Hope Patricia, Hazel, Kate and Elaine had a lovely get together yesterday. Also glad that Val didn't fare too badly at the scan. Hopefully they can sort you out now.

I just wanted to clarify that I did hand draw the elephant on the last post (if you look closely, you will see my hand wasn't that steady lol !!!) but not from my imagination. There were a couple of small pictures that I used for ideas for the shape and colours.

Now, today's post is a bit picture heavy I'm afraid as its a twofer of sorts . . . . . pressie and box.
I bought some MDF hearts from the craft show last month with a view to making some hanging things (don't know the technical term I'm afraid)
First, I painted them with some cream cupboard paint I had lurking under the stairs but only roughly to almost prime them.

I then used Spun Sugar and Dusty Concord Distress Inks, Splodgeaway butterfly stencils, Hobbycraft and Creative Expressions heart stamps and sentiment stamps to create each heart, with some heat embossing in white and gold.

They are all tied together with cream organza ribbon with little bows tied in between.
The Love and the Friendship can be dodgy things in life but we all desire . . . . . . . . .

I decided to give this to my bezzie mate Nesta as she is a good old stick and all round good egg. I was going to put it in an organza gift pouch but then thought, perhaps a box. I remembered Hazels first origami box the other day and thought that would be good to try. I was then looking at Christine's blog and there was another one so that was it . . . .fate!
I clicked on the link, watched the clip and 15 minutes later, a box . . . . .

Tad dah!!! 

I didn't have time to embellish it greatly but didn't think it looked too bad for my first attempt ( I have done a couple more since). I used Docrafts Spring Chic 12x12 paper for the base and a stash mix for the rest. 

I wrapped the hearts in white tissue paper and popped them inside the box. Nesta loved both the gift and the box (phew !!!) and is going to re-use the box to put bits and bobs in.

Click here to see the tutorial for this amazing box. Thank you Hazel and Christine for the timely reminders about this super project. And, thank you to you all for your lovely comments.

Have a great day even if its wet and blowy. Stay in, keep warm and dry and craft . . . . . . . I shall be in front of the box from 12 - 2 for the return of Ms Wilson . . . . . . . .Hurrah !!!

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang. Two fabulous gifts, I love what you have done with the hearts, and aren't the boxes so easy and simple to make, love the colours you have done yours in.
    We had a great day out yesterday, needless to say lots of chatting a laughing went on, had a lovely lunch and before we knew it it was time to get back on the bus, we got a bus that left an hour later than the last time we went up, (hours more chatting) then a wonderful run back to Perth going through all the villages and places like Aviemore and Pitlochry.
    Now this morning I looked out and thought thank goodness we went yesterday as we have rain, wind and generally a yuk day.
    Hope the pond isn't to rough with you.
    Hazel xxx

  2. Good Morning Ang, we all had a lovely day yesterday, and would you believe went to a craft shop and didn't buy a thing.

    I love your hanging things, and what a lovely gift they make . Gorgeous box too, I must have a look at the tutorial. I can see how Nesta would love them.
    well its doing what it said it was going to do today, pelting rain and wind, I won't be out of doors today.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hugs Kate x

  3. Morning Ang,
    Really lovely hanging hearts, and a lovely box. We have sun at the moment so may get some washing dry.

  4. Oh Ang, how lovely, it's so pretty. I too, love hangy things and this is a really special gift. So love the box too. Going to have a look at how it's made.
    Sorry about your weather. I wont say a word about the sun here.

    A bit of controversy now. I love, love, love Sue Wilson BUT she is on both programmes with the presenter (so called) who if I watch will cause me to throw something at the tele. So, what to do? Just don't know.
    Enjoy your Sunday. Love Val x

  5. Wow you clever little Duckett you , i love your hangly dangly hearts the ribbons and bows ,perfect ..

    It is wet windy and dark here in Cheshire so im just about to finish my chores and then will sit with a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch Sue at !2.00 with no interruptions if im lucky { will be norty and take the phone off the hook }...

    Elaine H X

    PS a message for Val ...
    I turn the sound down { can do without the sales patter ,as i think the dies sell themselves and the general chatter of nothing related to craft } until the Demo"s if we are lucky to get some .

    1. Will remember that for the future.
      Thanks Val x

  6. Hi Ang,
    this is a very lovely creation. Great for presents. You have made a super job of it. Love your origami box too.
    I was about to put a origami box on my blog too.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Good morning,
    I love your hearts, Nesta will love and treasure them.
    Her box will also be treasured, both will remind her of your wonderful friendship.
    We all need good friends.
    You have made a wonderful job of your Box, I love making them.
    Yesterday was spent with some of my friends, we had a great day with lots of Chat & Laughter, a great day out.
    Hope you have a wee shed for the us ducks to shelter in out of this horrible wind today??
    Have a great day

    Patricia xxx

  8. Hello Ang,
    I have had trouble getting into your duck house this weekend. Probably another air traffic control strike here in France!
    Your hearts are so pretty and have given me ideas. Your origami box is lovely reminds me of a pretty table set for tea - I know - I see things!?
    Thank you for sharing, I just wish I was brave enough to let someone see what I do. If nothing else you would laugh yourself quackers - maybe one day. I watched Sue Wilson at lunch time until I was nearly green with envy at her talents.
    Happy Sunday
    Maggie x

  9. Oh these hanging hearts are fabulous Ang and you have made a fabulous origami box to present them. A gorgeous gift all round.

    Looked out of the window a few minutes ago to see one of next doors cows walking across the lawn and then forcing its way through the leylandii hedge. Just hope it hasn't made too much of a mess of the lawn because it is very wet and soft. We rang them to come and collect their wanderer.. The joys of living in the country eh?

    Hugs Christine xx

  10. Morning Ang,

    WOW! These are fabulous, well done you, I still have not got round to looking at the video on how to make the box but will definitely have to lol! Stunning work.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. Hello Ang,
    Hip Hip did the box in 15 minutes! Awesome! I love the flowers on the lid. Your hearts are so cute and lovely, I'm pretty sure your friend loves it {as much as I do} :) Have a great day ahead and I'll be glad if you enter my giveaway even though you have just 'ducked' in. See you there in the list :-)

    1. And I make it easy for you my friend...just click the link :) Good Luck Ang!
      [Qinaahana Giveaway]