Wednesday, 25 December 2013

100 Not Out. . . . . . .sadly not an English Ashes score.

Good morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. Thanks if you're sparing time in your busy day to have a paddle and if one hand is still up a turkeys nether regions, please remove it now as at Christmas, you have to follow Elf and Safety. . . . . . .its the way I tell em.

Now as you know, today is my 100th post. Hurrah! I hear you cry (or something similar) so there are two things different today. 
Firstly, there is what the illustrious Sue Wilson would call a twofer. These are the cards that I made for my two favouritist people, Mr Duck and Nesta for Christmas. I've shown Nesta's first as its a bit more ornate and girlie.
It showcases one of my new dies, the SB Tapestry, which I'm in love with so watch out for future makes with it.
The poinsettias and snowflake are Marianne's, leaves SB Bitty Blossoms, and pearls courtesy of John and his Chinese connections. Cream card, gold mirror card and soft gold shimmer card. Card size, 8x8.
Nesta loved it and I hope you like it too. Before I forget, Nesta asked me to pass on her best wishes to you all for Christmas and New Year.

Then my darling Mr Duck. . . . . . .

He loves red so that had to feature but my is it difficult doing a "manly" card. I used SB 2010 Ornament dies, an X-Cut alphabet die and SB Ironwork Motifs. Red satin ribbon and cream, gold holographic and red card. Card size A4.  

Mr Duck also loved his card but he would say that when he wants feeding today lol ! Mr Duck also sends his yuletide felicitations to you all and thanks for his birthday wishes.

Now to the second item on the agenda. I decided, on the auspicious occasion of 100 posts, to have a draw and send one of you lovely folk a little something as a thank you for your support. I only decided this a couple of days ago (last minute Annie me) so I will buy something in the next few days and post it after the Christmas madness so there's less likelihood of things going missing.
Also, I didn't want to stipulate that you leave a comment today to go into the draw as that would be a bit unfair on Christmas Day when you all have better things to do (giblets and Parsons Noses to meddle with etc) and also when I know some of you are away and not wired for blogging. I even threw Nattyboots (Elaine) into the pot even though I discovered she is not actually a follower (tut, tut) but Elaine does comment regularly so I thought it only fair to include her.
Anyhoo, last night, I threw all names into a bowl and my glamorous assistant, Mr Duck, pulled out a name at random and of his own free will and that name was. . . . . . . . . . . .drum roll. . . . . . . . .another drum roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CHRISTINE ta dah !!!

Congratulations Christine. Please email me your address and I shall get something suitably crafty for you my dear and pop it in the post next week. Apologies to the rest of you (blame Duck Boy not me). I wish I could send you all a gift but please accept my sincere thank you to each and every one of you for your wonderful comments and support since I started blogging in April. The Pond would be a very lonely place without you all. Time to stop before I start getting all Gwyneth Paltrow on you.

So have yourselves a merry little Christmas, hope Santa has been generous and see you again nearer to New Year. Make sure that meat is cooked properly. If a good vet can revive it, then its undercooked!!!

Ang x

Ps. . . . . . .forgot to tell you, I have been made permanent at work from Friday this week so woo hoo.


  1. Merry Christmas Ang, what joy to sit and relax and take time to comment. Your cards are gorgeous no wonder Nesta and hubby loved them. Enjoy your day and best wishes for 2014.

    Wilma x x

  2. Good Morning and a very Merry Happy Christmas day to you and yours.

    Well your two cards are just beautiful, i have to say i just love that Tapestry Die .

    Congratulations on your 100th post and to your winner Christine ,and thank you for including me in the pot { i never knew i was not a follower tut tut however , i am now haha }
    Well i must get back to peeling the spuds and getting the Duck in the oven OOOPs so sorry ...... but it is Christmas a special occasion and all that i hope you understand ?

    Happy Christmas Nesta !!!
    Take care all you quackers and have a good day .

    Elaine H X

  3. Don't worry Elaine. We've got a 3 bird roast which includes duck. . . . .it was Uncle Bert, had a mishap, but its what he would have wanted.

  4. Good morning and Merry Christmas to you and Leigh. Great news on the job front, they know they have a got "a good one" as they say. Enjoy your time off as you will be busy, busy in the new year.
    Both cards are beautiful as normal love that tapestry die.
    Congrats to Christine for winning.
    Hazel xxx

  5. HAPPY CHRISTMAS MRS DUCK and bloggers - I come here every day, even if I don't comment all the time (usually lack of time). Love all your cards, they are really special. Congrats on reaching your 100th post, and to Christine for winning (I am dead envious,). Have a great day, I'm just taking a break, waiting for the family to arrive.

  6. Good morning Ang, sorry I am a day late. Kinda got lost yesterday somewhere in the stuffing, roasties, and wrapping paper!!!!
    Brilliant cards love them both and of course Lee and Nesta will treasure them for ever.
    Congratulations and hugs Christine on your win, good for you.
    Off to have a "race" round the pond to try and work off some of the yesterday's over indulgence. Why do we eat so much in one meal???? I have told John our kitchen is closed today, we ate enough to finish my Toast with Raspberry Jam and Cheddar Cheese. Well John is still sleep, if I wash the cup and plate he will not know the kitchen was open earlier in the day........LOL
    Have a wonderful day
    Hugs all round

    Patricia xxx

  7. Yep it's Boxing day here lol and almost over too....then the events of the New year....whoo am dunken out, eaten out and pooped out...great to have family here though missing my son.....we had a fab Christmas day and YES AUSSIE WON THE CUP BACK....SORRY TO RUB IT IN BUT WHO'S THE BEST///WE ARE!!!!


  8. Happy Boxing Day! Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.
    Off back to bed as not feeling too good (not from too much food or drink though)
    Hugs Sue x

  9. Sorry Mrs Duck forgot to say your cards are lovely.
    Hugs Sue x

  10. First of all Ang, many congrats on being kept on at you job. I'm truly happy for you.
    Second of all great news that this is your 100th blog - and they said it wouldn't last! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day.
    And finally love the cards. I bet Mr Duck and Nesta were really pleased with them.
    I had a lovely Christmas day. We went out for and Indian meal and it was lovely. It was beautiful food and all the waiters were in Santa costumes and lots of people including me had a dance in the isles. It was really enjoyable. We came home , changed into jimjams and slobbed all evening, watching Elf and Christmas with the Krankies - two real classics.
    Well done Christine on winning a prize.
    Have a lovely Boxing day. I'm cooking our Christmas dinner later so a busy day for me.
    Love Val x

  11. Hello Ang
    Congratulations on you 100th post! Always good to read. I love your cards today - especially the first. Best wishes
    Anne O

  12. Happy Boxing Day Ang, love your cards, absolutely gorgeous dies, especially the Tapestry one, they will be treasured I'm sure.

    congratulations on being kept on at your job, the company must recognise a valuable asset in you.

    Well done Christine on your win, enjoy using your prize.

    Having a quite day here, it's a lovely sunny day with blue skies, hugs Kate x

  13. Wow, lots of congrats in order for you this post, 1st of all congratulations on your job-well done you. Second congrats on 100posts and last but not least congrats on two fabby cards luv them both but especially Nesta's (that's probably cos I'm a female) glad you had a good day yesterday, we had both kids and FIL round so five in total so quite easy but glad for an easier day today (just making turkey soup)!! best part about Christmas and the turkey and stuffing sandwiches. Luvin the tapestry die - not seen that one before - can't believe that one passed me by xx enjoy the rest of your break xx GailT xx

  14. Freed from all but the leftovers I have had a lovely paddle with you today Ang. Have a wonderful 2014 and many more postings. xx Flora

  15. Hi Ang,

    Congrats on keeping your job and your l00 card - wow reason to celebrate twice. Love both cards, no wonder they were both so pleased.

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  16. Hi Ang
    Congratulations on your 100th post! Now that the wedding is over you'll see more comments from me! I wonder if the translator on you blog could translate from British english to American english? What does the English Ashes Score mean???
    Have a great holiday week and Happy New Year!

  17. Good morning Ang, back from mums now and just a few flattened fence panels to replace plus the trim off the side of my car!! Some felon out there should have a guilty conscience. A friend said it could have worked loose and fallen off but as the garage pointed out it is two separate pieces...£100 plus for that job so I think I will need to come and joining you when you go to work on Friday. Lots more pennies to spend on goodies but now it will be finding the time to play with them!! Anyway congratulations on both the job and your 100th blog post, a super achievement and the cards you made for Mr Duck and Nesta are both lovely - good job you didn't have to post Mr Duck's, it might not have got through the duck box. My very best wishes to you and Mr Duck for 2014 and to everyone else who swims in the pond.

    PS to Donna - Bit of a British thing but the title refers to the Cricket matches between England and Australia, the Ashes being a little trophy they play for that has a lot of history but suggest you Google it in between splashes.

  18. Hi Ang,
    sorry I haven't been around much lately.
    Love your superb cards. The first is soooooooooo! luxurious looking. Loving the beautiful gold leaves of the poinsettias.
    I do hope your paddling didn't get to ruff on the pond in this dreadful weather we are having.
    May I wish your and your family a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.