Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year. . . . . . . .

Good morning Duckadees and Haaaaaaaaapppppppy Neeeeeew Yeeeeeeeeear !!!
I hope that all you wonderful folks have had a super Christmas and not too much of a headache this morning. If you're seeing two ducks, go and lie down.
We had a lovely quiet Christmas time which suited us and a lovely dins. Daft but my favourite thing about a roast dinner is roast potatoes. I have managed to perfect the crisp outside with the fluffy middle and there's nothing quite like a spot on spud!!! (I'm easily pleased)
Not too many left overs with the 3 birder so didn't have to resort to turkey rissoles, turkey fricassee or the legendary turkey trifle.
Stayed in to see in the New Year as I have to work today, the curse of retail but I can't complain. Thanks for your lovely congratulatory comments about the job. I was moved from baubles and tinsel (a somewhat depleted section now) to . . . . . . . . Arts and Crafts woooooo hoooooo!!! They knew I had a penchant for crafting so the manager on that section was happy to have me and I'm like a duck in muck!!!
Anyhoo, you all have better things to be doing today, like another roast dinner for some, hair of the dog for others and is there a James Bond on?

Now, I'm going to show the last couple of Christmas cards today and next time so I hope you don't mind.
This is a bit similar to Patricia's last post (here). It is a 5x7 cream card base topped with the largest of the SB Elegant Labels Four cut from burgundy PMD card. I then cut the next die in the set out of cream card and also the tree from the SB Holiday Tree 2012 set.

I nipped away the bottom scrolly bits (a technical term) from the tree, see above, then used it as an embossing mask to emboss the cream label.
I then added gold bling as baubles, foam padded this to the burgundy layer and voila!
I like to emboss this way now as sometimes using the die, its too harsh and cuts the card  or you can't nip bits to fit, like with this one.

I don't think Christine has read my last post so if you're in the pond today Christine, check the last post then email me.
Thanks again for all of your fabulous and supportive comments and here's to happy, healthy and wonderful times in 2014 for us all.

Ang x


  1. Lucky you, getting to work in the art and craft section, i would love that but i would want to buy it all too. Lovely card too. Xxx Happy new year. Xxx

  2. Happy New Year,
    Great to see your wonderful cards, love them.
    Don't work too hard today, surely there will not be too many people in to bother you and you can have a right good root through the craft stuff that is left on the shelves.
    Look forward to a paddle in the pond this morning, nothing much on.
    The young ones are taking it easy after their "festivities" last night. They also have friends staying so we will not see them today.

    Patricia xxx

  3. Happy New Year. Oh dear not good having to work today, just think folk will be taking there children to your store to plays with the goods. I am sure that they do that as they don't know how to entertain there children. Lucky you getting to work in the craft bit. Not a lot getting done here I am going to enjoy my two days off. Take it easy. Your cards are beautiful, Hazel xx

  4. Happy New Year to you and all your bloggers. Every time I come here and find a new creation, it brightens my day - thank you so much.

  5. Hiya Mrs Duck! Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2014 brings you peace and happiness.

    Thank you for your continuing support and lovely comments I am finally getting round to viewing everyone's blogs since before Christmas, I have so much work to do here before we go back to work not sure when I will manage to get a card up but will try lol! Today its a late Christmas dinner for the in-laws who are coming round about 3 so I had better get my skates on!
    Beautiful array of cards you have made and great news on the job front, I would love a job like that to be amongst all craft all day instead of a load of kids...well what more can I say lol!

    Hope they don't work you too hard today,

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Hi Ang,
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Don't work too hard today. On the subject of the roast pots, I'm with you on that they have to be the best part of the dinner, not that I ate much this year as was full of a cold and had a horrid cough, given to me by my husband.

  7. Hi folks
    Thanks for popping by. Just to say, the second pic is not a card, its the nipped tree die cut I used to emboss the card.
    Poor Lydia. They're happy to share their germs but not their chocolate eh?
    Ang x

  8. Hi Ang. Happy new Year to you and Mr duck and may it be everything you hope for.
    Love todays card, really pretty but I must admit I've been glad to see the back of Christmas cards for another year.
    What a lucky girl being put on the Arts and Crafts department, what a fantastic job. I'm still trying to figure out who you work for, emmm.
    We went for an Indian meal on Christmas day so it's a roast dinner today. Like you I love my roasties.
    Take care.
    Love Val x

  9. Happy New Year! What a perfect job working in arts and crafts, you lucky lady! Very pretty card, so elegant!xx

  10. Happy New Year me little Ducketts .

    Im a good roast potato gal too , { luv em i do } best part of the dinner .

    Lovely cards Ang i have had the labels four off santa , so looking forward to using them,
    Well done on the crafty job section , bet you are in crafty heaven .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  11. Fab card Mrs Duck and just luv how you make emboss features with your dies- what a fab way of making sure you get value for money with them xx hopefully you will be quiet at work (although not too quiet as then the time drags) but that you have enough time to root through the crafty stuff and get even more great ideas xx HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and I look forward to seeing more great cards and techniques this year xx GailT xx

  12. Hi Ang and a happy new year, lets hope the weather improves a bit as it is rather grey wet and windy again. The embossing technique you have mastered is so effective and as for getting a job in the craft dept!! you must have thought all your Christmases had come at once! We will want a preview of all the new items that are released and of course you will have to try everything out in store to show your customers............. Best wishes Jackie xx

  13. Hi Ang,

    Happy New Year. You are the envy of us all. A job working in craft. Is it a craft shop by any chance? If so, you can give us the heads up on new things coming on the market!!!! What it is to have friends in high places (lol).

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  14. Didn't you do well getting that particular department! Good for you! One of these days I'll pop over there instead of going to Cheltenham - you won't be able to hide from me. Ha ha! Anyway I went off topic. Your card looks great. Love the embossing. Happy New Year to you both. Hugs Christine xx

  15. Hello Ang, what a bummer having to work today, still your going to be in a fab department. The Range is a shope I don't know about, nothing like it up here.

    Anyway your card is stunning, love the colours and the dies you've used, great design.

    Happy New year to you!, hugs Kate x

  16. Beautiful Christmas card Ang. Be careful working in the arts and crafts department. The year I worked for a craft store I think I left most of my salary with them in purchases! Happy New Year to you.

  17. Goooorgeous card Ang, simply stunning...have a great 2014.xx

  18. Very pretty card!! Happy New Year!! Hugs and blessings!!