Friday, 3 January 2014

The Last of the Christmas Cards. . . . . . . honest!

Good morning one and all. Hope that your New Year celebrations went well. I was a good girl as I had work New Years Day.
Well, Kate has let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, for those of you who had been guessing where I was working. Yes, its the place "where the deer and the antelope play" and Kate, there is a new store opened in Dundee a few weeks ago, which would be your nearest.
Had a tootle to my local independent craft store yesterday to spend a voucher that Nesta had given me. Came away with some sales bargains and actually managed to play in the afternoon for the first time in ages. How I have missed crafting! I will have to get myself back into the swing of things, in between shifts.

Now, I promise that these are the last of the Christmas cards. I know that we are all trying to forget the sprouts (I know I am!), stuffing and getting more intimate with a turkey than is natural but I wanted to show them, even though they are not exactly exciting, as they are good for batch making. I made a few of these for the neighbours. I will just list the ingredients as everything has just been matted and layered.

5x7 base cards
Soft gold card
Sky blue card
SB Fanciful Holiday Reindeer
SB Snowflake Pendants
SB M-bossibilities Holiday Magic
Foam Pads
Red Nose Bling

I also embossed the envelopes with the Holiday Magic folder.

Well, that's me for today. I will be back at the weekend with a non-Christmas offering and hopefully a bit of news. . . . . . . . . watch this space!!!

Ang x


  1. Two gorgeous cards Ang. I don't mind you showing them, look forward to seeing what you make with your new buys. Hope the pond hasn't filled to overflowing with all this rain. Off to face the terrible weather and go to work. Hazel xx

  2. Hi Ang, I always like seeing cards that are good for multiple makes and these are very pretty ones. Love the embossing folder. I think that will be on my wish list for next year. Oops! I mean this year! Don't work too hard. Hugs Christine xx

  3. Two lovely cards. Keep warm and dry, weather sounds awful over there. xxx

  4. Two beautiful cards Ang , i too must get back into my crafting i have such a lot of birthdays, Anniversary cards to make for this month. Also Easter will be upon us before we know it , { yes i had a reminder in my shop as the Easter eggs are now on display } Gosh can you believe that ?

    Have a good day
    Elaine H X

  5. Hi Ang,
    Great cards for batch making, looking forward to seeing what you make with your bargain buys.

  6. Good morning Ang, love the reindeer card, as has been said, ideal for batch making. I'm hoping to do a couple of cards today but I might just sit down with my knitting. I'm using up all my part balls making a lap blanket or two - was supposed to keep me occupied during the dark nights but it is quite addictive!! Best wishes Jackie

  7. Happy New Year to you too! At least you now have some cards in your stash, ready for next Christmas.

  8. Very nice cards Ang, love that little reindeer, might have a look see if I can get it reduced in preparation for next years cards, Ooops that will be this year then!!!!!
    You do know that Kate is a 21/2 hour journey away from Dundee!!!!
    Happy crafting
    Patricia xxx

  9. Luv both the cards and as you say perfect for batch making, the reindeer die is fab xx glad you are enjoying your job at The Range - we have one quite near us and I just luv visiting it - always on my own as the other half's heart sinks when he hears that name xx GailT xx

  10. Hell Ang, OOphs, sorry, I hope I've not been a pain in saying where you worked.
    I'm a long way away from Dundee though, and the Gold Bus doesn't go there, but you nerver know,maybe one day, I'll get there.

    Love your cards, both so different, but so lovely.
    My crafting enthusium has gone in to hiding, i've spent a good few hours setting up my new laptop, managed quite well. I've lost the lovely colourful heading for my blog page though, how I managed that I don't know.

    Have a great weekend Ang whatever you do, hugs Kate x

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and that snowflake is absolutely gorgeous.
    Well Ang - it is still a secret to me as I don't have a clue what The Range is!
    Happy New Year - you are off to a good start - or should I say you ended 2013 well!

  12. Hi Ang,

    Lovely cards, love them both. I don't get sick of seeing Christmas cards, show them all year doesn't bother me, after all most of us make them throughout the year to save time, I have not showed the card I made for my son as I thought people would be sick of seeing Christmas cards lol! I shall save it for this year now, meaning Dec lol!
    So you work in The Range???lol, I never knew, we have a good one round the corner from us which I visit on a regular basis! Hope they don't work you too hard?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Hi Ang,
    Thank you for your New Year wishes. May I wish you the very best of the coming year.
    Love your Christmas cards, and that embossing folder. The raindeers nose looks great.
    I am looking forward to your creations with your new Christmas die.
    Hope all is well on the pond.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Beautiful Christmas cards! Love the embossed background!

  15. Love the embossed background on these cards! Looking foward to your new purchases when you shiw off what you've made with them. Have a great day Ang.

  16. Brilliant cards Ang, love that embossing...and MORE NEWS, come on spill it out am inquisitive now.xx

  17. Ang baby you said the news will blow me away....are you prego....hehehe mxx