Wednesday, 19 February 2014

You Are So Loved. . . . . .

Good morning Duckadees. I hope you are all warm and dry. As others have said, its awful what some folk are going through at the moment. There but for the grace and all that eh?
Thank you for your lovely comments once again on my DT card and thank you to the new commentees who popped by. Hope you will drop by again soon.
For those of you not familiar with the SB Tiger Lilies, its one of the D Lites Shapabilities range.

Sorry again for being behind with my visits. I'm hoping to catch up completely today at some point, probably after work. Still doing extra hours at the moment due to the refurb. My goodness its trying at the moment but I'm hoping it will look fab when finished. We are going to stock wool and cross stitch items soon. I have even been asked if I will do some demos on a Saturday when we're sorted.
Still got jippy ribs. its called costochondritis or something like that. It could apparently take weeks to settle so I will just have to get on with it. One of my charity shop colleagues has loaned me a Darcey Bussell Pilates book. I thought it may help if I got myself more supple (better late than never). 
She did caution me to start off steady as the positions look easier than they are. There was one picture of old Darcey just lay on her back on the floor, so I was quite hopeful I could manage that position without much difficulty hahaha but I may struggle to get back up again lol ! And when she says "put your chin on your chest" I did find find myself thinking "which one?" (chin not chest) as at the moment I've got more chins than a chinese phone book!!!
Will let you know how I get on, even if its from an orthopedic ward, in traction lol !!!

Just the one photo today as the close ups I had taken were blurred. As this was another card that went to the shop, I wasn't able to re-photograph it.

Its another DL size made from;
White Limetree Crafts card
Red PMD card
Sissix Heart dies
Creative Expressions sentiment stamp
Dovecraft red pigment ink
Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder
Red bling

Well, that's me for now. Hope this week treats you well and I promise I will have caught up with you all by close of play, barring incident.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, another brilliant card, I love the way you have done the hearts.
    Thank you for starting my day on a "bright" note. I know I should not laugh but the image of you doing the moves.............LOL!! please be careful.
    I find getting up from the floor more difficult than the exercises.......!!! Of course mine is an age thing
    Have a great day

    Patricia xx

  2. Ang between you and my sisters comment I to have had a good start to my day. Firstly another stunning card love how you have done the hearts, simple but lovely. I was told to do Pilates after I got over my op and treatment and like you was told to start with the gentle ones and take care - well I thought I think I'd rather not as take the risk. You have fun doing them, age is on your side. Hazel xx

  3. Morning Ang,
    Well you had me smiling this morning, with all sorts of images going through my head. Take care with the Pilates.
    I love your card.

  4. Hi Ang You do brighten my morning. Lying on the floor does sound good, if only that´s all there was to it!
    I love the heart card today. Really well spaced on the DL card as well.
    Take it easy.
    Love Val in Spain x

  5. Nice idea for today's card - especially as I have a set of heart dies!

  6. Oh Ang, YOU are so loved - you make me smile so much. Another lovely card, so beautifully spaced. looks like a coach trip to see your demos will be next. Take care, Jackie

  7. Morning Mrs Duck what an image you conjure up xx chins etc you have my fullest sympathy with getting down on the floor a piece of cake getting back up another story!! I was diagnosed with costocondritis several years ago and had physio and painkillers and relaxants etc which all helped but actually I think it was a time thing rather than anything else so good luck xx just be aware of your limitations and don't push past it cos it defo won't heal up quickly xx take care xx GailT xx

  8. Hi Ang,

    This lovely, love how you have made the hearts look 3D.
    Oh what a picture you leave us with your Pilates, I would be just the same I wouldn't be able to get up either, I'd have to turn over on my side then get on all fours before I could get up leaving my chins dangling on the floor with all the other bits and pieces lol!!!
    Great news you may be demoing on a Saturday, you can play for a couple of hours at their cost and have a good ole natter with whoever...great!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Hello Ang, I'm really chuckling at your story, "more chins than a Chinese phonebook", you really are an unconscience comedian.
    Lovely card, love the design and the long shape, not one I do much of.
    now I would advise caution on the pilates if doing the excersies on your own, look for a class to join, where there would be a proper instructor to guide you, you don't want to damage your self further.
    Great news about demonstrating, makes the job all the more enjoyable, take care of yourself, hugs Kate x

  10. Hi Ang,
    great design card today. Love the super different size hearts.
    Now you take care with all this exercise we don't want you flat on your back in hospital. Who will look after your pond while you are in there. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. Walking is the best exercise. 6am here and I have just walked around the garden. Would have loved to be walking on the beach.
    Lovely card the red and white just beautiful.
    Margaret M

  12. Ang - I stay behind with commenting and sometime I get so far behind I just have to delete stuff. It is quite frustrating as I love to see all the makes.
    Your I don't have a clue what jippy ribs mean but it doesn't sound good! I know what you mean about getting up off the floor.
    On to your beautiful card. I like the crisp design and I really like red and white. It has such a deep and clean look!
    Sandy xx

  13. Loved the hearts card. Gorgeous and a shaoe not used often here in the States. You totalky cracked me up with your chin joke! Hope you are feeling better. Donna xx

  14. So pretty - I hope you feel better soon - keep it up with the Pilates - its good for you!