Thursday, 3 April 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Penny. . . . . . .Sneaky Striplet

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is well. I still have a sore dent in my head but still no bruising. I now have an extra pillow propped against the drawers in case of further incident.
I had meant to pop this on yesterday and schedule for this morning but last night, computer say "no".
I'm hoping that I'm not typing this all out for nothing or it will be time for another game of laptop frisbee.
A big splashing welcome to my new followers Sue (Planet Susie, owner of the kaftan wearing cat Blossom) and Sam. Thank you also to Laura and Nancy for popping by too.
Jackie, Lewis did indeed do very well. Just want Jenson Baby to catch up!!! Glad you've had a bash at the challenge. Can't wait to see what you've done.
Patricia, hope that John is on the mend. They never really grow up do they lol!!! 
Karen, PMD is mail order only except for a couple of places in the Lakes that stock some of their card.
Snowqueen, welcome to the Striplet Party. Hope to see your creation soon.
Shirley, how's the job going? Hope its not causing Craftus Interruptus (a terrible affliction)
Annie, the weather hasn't been too bad in my neck of the woods but the past couple of days, we have had high industrial pollution levels wafting in from mainland Europe (I think from
John Next Doors card factory) and also Sahara sand. I have a nice gritty film of it on my car as we speak.

Now, today's card was created for my friend Penny's birthday, which was yesterday so its safe to show. Striplet again I'm afraid and now the virus Stripletus Overusesus has spread. I think John has a quite severe strain of it.

The base card is white 300gsm and A5 in size. I then cut a slightly smaller layer from sky blue pearl card (Penny is a Sky Blues supporter. . . . .that's Coventry City, not any imposters). I turned this layer into a frame by cutting out the centre. I then embossed the frame with a Forever Friends embossing folder and attached it to the card with foam pads.
Using the spare card from the centre, I used the Striplet to cut the edges. I first cut the shorter ends using the end of the Striplet in the centre of each end. I then cut the top and bottom edges using the length of the Striplet. . . . . . . here's a snap of my prototype, which hopefully illustrates this better. . . . . . 

This will also make a nice layer to use as it is.
I stuck the sky blue one flat to the base card, in between the frame and then topped it with 3 layers cut from SB Decorative Labels 28.

White embossed sentiment, John's pearls and blue bling added and all done.

Penny loved it so hopefully you will too.

Off now as baby card and 3 birthday cards need doing pronto as I'm at work later today and over to visit Nesta in Leicester (hey, that rhymes!!!) tomorrow as she's house sitting for her sister.

Be good everyone.

Ang x


  1. This must be becoming the most used die ever. It's my favourite...I love it and enjoy seeing how you are using it. Not tried this way... yet...
    Janice W

  2. a stunning card and you have used this die very well ,sure Sue would be delighted to see all the fab cards you have made with it ,Laura O

  3. Absolutely beautiful mrs D live it and will copy!?!

  4. Hi Ang. Back from the hols. Love the card. Feel as though I´m missing out not having this die, but I had to stick to my list when I was away and sadly this wasn´t on it. Plenty more were on the list though!!!
    Love Val x

  5. Hi Ang,
    Well between you and John I had to order this die, I got it from iconuk, good value and free p&p.
    Love your card I bet your friend loved it too. I'm trying to make Easter cards but I've lost my mojo, so not getting very far.

  6. Good afternoon Ang, once again fantastic use of this wonderful Die. I still have not had time to get mine out of the blooming package yet!!
    Tell you what no need to be at the "pond" today bucketing down here. When are WE ever going to get some nice weather..
    John fine, off to pick the boys up from school for tea here so you never know what can happen!!!

    Patricia xxx

  7. Ang your card is stunning, love what you have done and the colour. Hazel xx

  8. Hi Ang! Sorry I haven't been around lately. The good new is yesterday I was finally allowed to wear my shoe again. Yeah! Foot and ankle are still sore but I am healing. Hope your head is better. You continue to amaze me with your striplet die. Gorgeous card. Have to go and work on my tax filing. Hate this time of year. Have a great day.

  9. Hi Ang,

    Fabulous card you are making good use of the striplet the cards always look so elegant. Love the colour too.

    Hope your head is better.
    We have that nasty pollution down here too, the cars a right mess and I have a really bad sore throat which I am hoping is due to the pollution rather than me going down ill again over the Easter holidays!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Ang, you are really, really enabling me with your sensational use of this die!! Wow! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Hi Ang, Glad you are feeling better. I thought I was coming down with a summer cold with a sore throat, sore and runny eyes etc etc and then I saw the news and found out about the pollution. Pity that was after I had spent two hours gardening. Much better today though. Your card today is wonderful and such a pretty colour. I mentioned on John's yesterday I am undecided about this die as I looked at it at Thetford show on Sunday but it seemed too big for a C6 card and not long enough for A5 but now you have shown another possibility. Mmmmm, perhaps I might buy it at the weekend as I am going to Excel on Saturday. yes, another day out at a craft show!! Bye for now, best wishes Jackie

  12. Hi Ang,

    Really love the card, many thanks for the idea with the striplet die.

    As I could decide when I wanted to work, I thought one day a fortnight to start off with!!!! The craft shop owner gave me some homework, to make some cards with new dies that had just come in so its cheap labour but I loved it. Not going to make my first million yet though!!!

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  13. Gorgeous card Ang its really lovely and I love that die! Paul has a chest infection and I started coughing and feeling yucky today but not sure if that pollution has hit up here yet although there was a bit of a sandy residue on our car on Monday so who knows lol take care huggles Sue xx

  14. Hi Ang,
    what a stunningly superb creation. I love it. You are really fab at those beautiful creations. My what's this about your head. I have not been able to blog much as my neck starts if I type too much, and you know me I'm not a one or two word wonder. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Ang
    A lovely card! You are so imaginative with this die. Just as well you showed the prototype, I would not have clocked what you had done. I've also got some baby cards to do. Three family babies due over the next week! Best wishes
    Anne O

  16. Lovely card Ang, i am waiting for my die to arrive , got it for a snip off ebay .

    Have a lovely weekend
    Elaine H X

  17. Hello once again, I so love how you use Sue's Striplet Die when I first saw them I wasn't bothered then of course I saw Sue use them so I purchased both and I agree with yourself and John they are stunning I love how you've used them.
    Hugs from Sam

  18. Hi Ang, the pillow thing is a great idea you must have really given yourself some whack.
    Another gorgeous card from you with this fab die, loveing your colours, hugs Kate x

  19. Love your gorgeous card Ang, the colour is so fab. I did decide I hadn't enough patience to use the striplet die but may have to change my mind, lol. xx Flora

  20. What a gorgeous card!! Very elegant and creative! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  21. I found PMD online but no pennies right now and still got lots of papers to get through but thanks for letting me know.
    I got to get this die! This is another stunner, hope your head is better, take care of you and have a lovely week Karen xx

  22. This die does make for beautiful cards but you will not tempt me -- no matter how gorgeous your cards are!!
    Sandy xx