Wednesday, 28 May 2014

RSVP. . . . . . . Hindu Stylie

Good morning chaps and chapesses. Hope you are well or as well as you can be. A mixed bag of weather eh? Still, our fabulous Scottish Posse will be leaving on a jet plane (but we do know when they're back again. . . . .if you get that, you're showing your age lol !!!) tomorrow to become bronzed, chilled Turkish Delights again. Safe travels my lovely friends and lets have no diplomatic incidents.

Now, today's card was made at Nesta's request, to send to her niece as an RSVP to her first wedding in August (this is the Hindu Blessing, the English legal one is in October. . . . .one to arrange was more than enough for me). Her niece has a purple and gold theme, hence the engagement card I made (click here to be reminded) and the 30th birthday card (click here).

The invite was very similar in style so I tried to keep it in the same vein.
Its a 6x6 cream card base topped with a gold mirror card layer. I then cut the largest of SB Captivating Squares from the centre of a slightly smaller piece of purple PMD card.
I ran this through the GC with a mask I had made using The Striplet, to emboss it and foam padded this to the gold layer.

Close up of the embossing. . . . . . . . .

For the centre, I cut a piece of purple card using The Striplet, as per below, and cut a circle from it (with scissors as I'm working on getting a set of plain circle nesties). . . . . . .

I have saved the frame portion to use on something else (coming to a Pond near you soon).
I then cut a small piece using one of the SB Blossom sets and drew Lord Ganesh on this in gold gel pen freehand (sorry, the gold looks more like silver on the photo).

I also went round the edge of the embossing with the pen too. Apparantly, its auspicious to have Lord Ganesh on cards for weddings.
I then foam padded this to the filigree circle and then glued this flat to the mirror card. A bit of purple bling added here and there and as Gordon Ramsay would say, "Done!"

Well that's me for today folks. Its my birthday so I've managed to get an earlier shift today (couldn't have the day off as its a busy week) so I can at least have the afternoon to eat cheesy poofs and have fun.

Hope you all have a great day too.

Ang x


  1. Happy Birthday my dear friend, have a fantastic day. I hope your gift from Lee is "exactly" what you hinted for!!!!!
    Love, love, love, this wonderful Hindu inspired card, absolutely stunning.
    I know it will be loved and treasured.
    Have a wonderful Birthday
    Hugs a plenty

    Patricia xx

  2. Hi Ang
    Such a lovely card great color and style .
    Have a very Happy Birthday even if it is a wet one

    Elaine H X

  3. Lovely card, and have a happy birthday. Hope you are spoilt rotten this evening
    Janice W
    (ps yes, I am showing my age)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It's a pity you have to work, but enjoy your evening and as Patricia says I hope you get what you have Hinted for. Your card is stunning and it's special as she won't get another one of the same. I am all packed but I have to work right up till I get on the airport bus ( picking the girls up from school and they are coming with Charlie to take me down to meet up with Patricia and Elaine then he will drop them off at home ) so roll on tomorrow now. Hazel xx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY xx have a fab afternoon - luv the card and the hand drawn Lord Ganesh, well it is brilliant (I really wouldn't dare freehand but yours is fab) xx GailT xx

  6. Hi Ang,
    Happy Birthday, enjoy your day. I should think the card will be well received.

  7. Happy Birthday Ang. Wishing you a very happy day, enjoy putting your feet up and eating those cheesy poofs : ) The card is simply beautiful, and so personal. Sure it will be much loved. Take care.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANG. If I had known earlier I would have sent you a card lol! A beautiful card here and i love your drawing of Lord Ganesh, brilliant, what an artist you are.

    Have a great Birthday.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. So vibrant, lovely Ang.xxxxx

  10. Hi Ang and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! I hope your day is good even although you have to work, relax this evening.
    Gorgeous card, fabulous colours and the dies and design are wonderful. Birthday Hugs Kate x

  11. Excellent. Great explanation on how you created this beauty.

  12. Beautiful card. Hoping you had a lovely birthday despite having to work.


  13. Hi Ang, a bit late but still just in time to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you have had a lovely day.
    I don't go on holiday until the 16th June but I am sorry I have been missing. My computer went on strike, something about one update not liking what was contained in another update so as they were not talking the whole thing shut down - or that's how my computer man explained it to me this afternoon! Of all the cheek he went away for the bank holiday just when I most needed him. Still had hand written all the accounts and have managed to get them all typed up after he left so everything is now ready for the Trustees AGM on Friday.
    I am so amazed it is a year today since I first came to your blog, I just don't know where the time has gone. Your drawing of Ganash is just as good as the one you did last year and makes a real statement on your card doing it by hand.
    Bye for now, Jackie

  14. love it babe just the right shade of OMG purple Very reagla nd reminds me of the Golden Mile!

    John xxx

  15. Happy Birthday Ang! Sorry you have to work on your Birthday. Hope you get treated to a nice dinner out tonight. We are enjoying sunny warm weather this week. A nice change from the rain abd snow the last 2 weeks. Love this gorgeous card. You did a great job drawing Lord Ganesh. Hope it brings the newlyweds good luck. Have a great day.

  16. Oh, Happy Birthday, Mrs. Duckie Doodle Doodahs and many, many more! I hope you got tons of cheesy poofs and drinkie poos and lots of puddle splashes, as well!! Your card is impressive! I'm sure it will be treasured by the newlyweds! Go celebrate!!

    Oh, Ang, to answer your question, yes ATCs get swapped. It's like trading baseball cards. Some crafters are really into them and it's a full-time hobby. I've only ever done them for WOYWW. Oh, oh, and yes I'm old. I got the leaving on the jet plane and now it's a worm in my head, thank you very much! Hugs, Darnell

  17. I admit to not reading all the way down yesterday, so Belated Birthday Wishes from W Ireland.

  18. Belated Birthday Wishes, hope you had a lovely day! Great RSVP card in lovely rich colours!xx

  19. Hi Mrs Duck,
    A belated greeting for your Birthday yesterday; hope you had a wonderful celebration and that you felt feted by John's e-mailed card!
    I totally admire your beautiful card to the newly weds, complete with hand-drawn Lord Ganesh, well done, you! Is there no end to your skills?
    Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Lis xx

  20. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you Ang, Love this individual card, what a fab creation. Wish I was on the jet plane - now am I too lazy to dig out our "Peter, Paul and Mary" vinyl, yes we still have them, lol. Flora xx

  21. Awww Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Ang!!! hope you have a fab afternoon off!! this is gorgeous love the colours and yes sadly I do remember that song LOL huggles Sue xxx

  22. Gorgeous and loads of happy belated birthday wishes! These weeks are getting away from me and am struggling to keep up with everything lol! The card is stunning, with the purple and gold looking fabulously luxurious - love all of this Karen x

  23. Pretty card Ang, have a good one..x

    have candy...Annie

  24. Oooooh my favourite .. purple! Yummy with the added touch of gold! Oh and yes I did sing along with the leaving on a jet plane! No sign of Pathe News though!

    Scarborough was wet but totally brilliant!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  25. Hi Mrs.Duck, I have just found your blog -from a link from John next door.
    What a brilliant card, a clever idea and I love the colours. Janice x