Friday, 10 October 2014

Close but no Cigar. . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Well, hasn't it been weather for ducks this last few days? yuk! I'm convinced I was supposed to be born into a warmer climate lol! (got the Malaysian Mum but I get born in the UK, doh!!!)

Thank you for your comments on John's birthday card and hello to Ros. Hope you can pop by again soon.
Karenlotty, I will take a piccy to show how I did the middle page and pop it on my next post (sorry, didnt have time to do it for this post).
Just to clarify as well, John isn't 63. . . . . . .nor are you 36 Mr L but nice try lol! My lips are sealed now (except for a reasonable sum of cash, hahaha!)

Well, confession time and an explanation of the title of this post.
 I took the plunge and entered the Creative Expressions DT call last month. I got through to the last round but sadly fell at the final hurdle. I suppose it was the crafting equivalent of the X Factor judges houses but without the tropical setting or a hug from Simon Cowell (I'm grateful for small mercies lol!!!)
I'm sooooooooooooo massively disappointed but I haven't lost a limb or a loved one so you just have to put these things in perspective don't you. Maybe next year eh?

Now, with that in mind, I shall be boring the gilding flakes off you with my submissions for the the next few posts. Some were emailed in with specific requested themes and some were posted in as an anything goes.

This one was to specifically showcase stamping and I did use CE stamps. 

Its layer on layer and each is edged, on the outer and inner edges, with the Krylon pen and all the stamping was heat embossed. As archival dries very quickly, I first tapped the stamp  on the Versamark pad, then the archival. This bought me enough time to heat emboss it with clear powder.

Cream base card
Black PMD card
Soft gold card
Sissix Squares dies
SB Labels 9
CE Garden Frame stamp
CE Anemone Planter stamp (borrowed from John)
CE sentiment stamp
Kassies Brocade embossing folder
Krylon Gold Leaf pen
Black Archival ink pad
Versamark ink pad
PI Gold embossing powder
Cosmic Shimmer Clear embossing powder
Black satin ribbon

I was going to show one of the others first but apparently, I have inspired our John with this one (yes, he was privvy to what I was doing and kindly loaned me one of his stamps so that I could achieve what I was aiming for) and he wants to show his at the weekend (steady !!!) but not before I had put mine on, bless him, so I was happy to swap for him. (John's version is now live here)

So there you go, hope you lovely folk like it.

Will be back soon with the next one in line. Another GP this weekend but with a sad subdued feel after the sad events of last Sunday at the Japanese GP. Tous avec Jules #17!

Be good.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang. Your card is stunning, very classy too. Just beautiful. Hazel xx

  2. Morning Ang,

    A very stunning card, great design and love the colour combo. Shame you did not get in, I was going to enter when I got an e-mail stating we did not have to attend the training at Kettering but just missed the post so I will try next year too lol! I cannot believe you would not want a hug from Mr! Say no more!!!

    Thank you for your comments on my post about Sheena, lol! That is exactly the reason why I think of that as its the only other Sheena I know about lol!

    I shall look forward to seeing your other beautiful creations on here.

    Have a great day,

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. This is such a lovely card Ang and i'm really disappointed for you that you didn't get on the CE DT, you certainly deserved to. They don't know what they're missing. Still better luck next time.
    Bye for now.
    Love val x

  4. So gorgeous Ang and well deserves to be on the Creative Expressions blog!!!!. xxxxx

  5. Hi Ang. Love the card, thanks for the tip on using both the Versamark pad and the archival, I will do that now.
    Congratulations on getting through to the final round of the Creative Expressions DT, that is still something to be very proud of. Of course it's a shame that you didn't get picked this year, that's Ce's loss, but I bet you will next year : )
    Have a good weekend. Take care.

  6. Hi Ange,
    I don't have a blog but I regularly post on Sue Wilson and your lovely friend Jon Next Door's blog. so I thought I would pop along and post on yours too....I hope you don't mind. Today's card is gorgeous and I love the colours you have chosen and CE don't realise what they have missed out on by not picking you but congratulations for getting through to the final round.

    Love Sheila xx

  7. Hi Ang this card is fantastic I am sorry you did not make the team,C.E. Loss.Congrats to get that far,Ang great that you went for it
    I bet you will be at the top of the list next year.

  8. Morning Mrs. Duck, re your last comment, I have no chance of being anything other than good - I've been on my own for 14 years now, and because of ill health, don't get out all that much.

    I loved the card, and feel sorry that you got set aside (don't like using the word 'rejected') at the last hurdle - don't give up, your cards are just as nice as others I have seen from their designers.

  9. Hi Ang, well all I can say is that whoever has been chosen for the DT must be exceptional as this card is spectacular and full of techniques for us mere mortals to try out. Feel so disappointed for you but perhaps next year. This weekend will be an interesting one with a new track, just hope the weather is kind and there are no accidents. Bye for now, Jackie xx

  10. Awww Ang so sorry to hear about the DT :( your card is stunning!!!! I had to chuckle about the remark on my blog hahaha about my 20 yr old Grandson it made me feel a lot better LOL have a great weekend huggles Sue xxx

  11. Oh Anng,
    I'm so disappointed for you, I felt sure you were going to join the Maestro in CE towers.
    Your cards are truly worthy of such a DT placement.
    I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for next time, so if you see botched items on my blog you are the cause. lol.
    Seriously I love this superb creation.
    Your designing is superb and all that fab stamping and heat embossing is wonderful.
    Lots of crafty commiserations love. Jenny L.

  12. lovely card great stamping .Laura O

  13. Fabulous Ang. Bad luck about the DT call, and better luck next time! Hugs Christine xx

  14. Gorgeous card and luv the final effect - very luxe xx congrats on reaching the finals for CE - that is an accolade in its self.- I'm sure your time will come xx have a fab weekend xx GailT xx

  15. It's wonderful ang I'm almost ashamed to show my simple version lol but I don't have anything else so if u don't mind I'll put a link so everyone can see the genuine article.
    Love it, john x

  16. Hello Ang, well all I can say about the DT call is that it must have been a fix!!, sorry your disappointed, their loss.
    Now this card is glorious, love the dies and your colour combo, hugs Kate x

  17. Hi Ang,
    This is such a beautiful card. I think it shows the stamps to great effect! So disappointed for you about the CE DT. Your work is easily as good as other designers' work. Don't be too disheartened - reaching the later stages of selection is an achievement. Try again next time. Keep smiling ! Anne O

  18. Well done you, for getting that far! But yes I understand the disappointment too It is a lovely card and for it to inspire Lord Nextdoor what an achievement! Thanks for note re explaining yesterday's card I will look forward to seeing that I, too, hope the GP goes ok It will be tinged with sadness PS I live near Lewis' family so I do like to see him do well

  19. Hi Ang, Just over catching up with all the posts I have missed. Lovely cards all of them. This one is very elegant and I really like the black satin ribbon on it.
    Margaret M

  20. Morning Ang,
    Disappointed for you, but you can have a try next year. Love you card its beautiful.

  21. Good morning Ang,
    And yes you are definitely one of my beautiful angels and you all will never know just how much i mean that. Anyway glad to see i didn't make a total twit of myself and i did get the right person, sorry that you didn't get over that last hurdle but as you say there is always next year that your talents will be discovered and let shine for the world to see. I love your beautiful card today it is so opulent looking and for me just enough black as not a big black fan. Thank you for sharing your wonderful makes with us and for the giggle that you bring with regards to John. We will need to see what the going price is for time sensitive info. Have a great day flower and thank you for being such a lovely person,
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (glenochil)

  22. Beautiful card! ( They don't know what they are missing out on! The DT, I mean)

  23. This is just fabulous creation, awesome colours, and goodies
    aNNie xx

    The Journey is the Start

  24. Hi Ang, sorry wasn't around yesterday so have just caught up with my blogs today. Bad luck on the DT front, but like you say better luck next time. Your card is absolutely fab. I can see that John's inspiration is certainly catching. Have a good weekend. Janice xx

  25. I was in awe when I saw this card. Amazingly beautiful! CE missed a talented and creative person for their DT! Have a great day Ang.

  26. Hi Ang your card is amazing I love how you have used the stamps. I do like how you can get such different effects with the same stamp. I am sorry you didn't get on to th VS design team I can understand your disappointment I tried to but I didn't get as far as you. There is always next year. Hugs Jackie

  27. Hello Ang, love this card, the stamps although different look stunning together.
    X Ros H

  28. An absolutely stunning card Mrs Duck! So elegant and classy. Sorry that you didn't get the DT position but you know its their loss, they don't know what they are missing! Michelle x

  29. Oh boy Ang, this is fantabulous! I had a peeksie at John's version too. It's so amazing to see the contrast between the two cards. They are the same and yet completely different! I love black and white, but I have to admit I'm sort of in love with your version! It's just so elegant and I want to touch it! Gold on Gold with a touch of black, what's not to love! big hugs!