Thursday, 19 February 2015

Moving Along With the Times Challenge. . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well and no more falls or bumps and bruises.
My forearm is still sore but the ibruprofen is keeping things manageable (just, lol!!!) for work. Sorry this has meant I am slow around the blogs but I have had lots of DT commenting to do as well, which is not good when typing one handed lol!
Will make sure I get round to everyone today after I get home from work.

Now, today we have another challenge at MAWTT and the theme as chosen by our very own Wendy (alias the Panda) is Pink/lilac and or butterflies. Hope you can pop over to see what the rest of my design team colleagues have done and to enter yourself, perhaps. 

This is my interpretation. The iddybiddy butterflies are the waste from cutting the largest of the SB Butterfly Circles (a few times, thankfully before my arm problem lol!!!). Each butterfly was scored down the middle and glued into the recess of my square frame.

White card
Pink PMD card
SB Butterfly Circles
Sissix Square dies (to cut and to just emboss)
Dovecraft sentiment
Memento Rose Bud ink
Pink bling

Ah well, 48 butterflies later and that was that. hope you like.

Would be lovely to see some of you enter the challenge. . . . . . who doesn't love a butterfly (or 48? Hahaha!!!)

As some of you may know, Wendy is on a mission to use all of her dies. I decided to have a count of mine and had to sit down with some smelling salts. I currently have 87 sets! I dared not count the actual number of dies as some sets have 10 dies.
I'm guessing there are some you with even more (Patricia, step forward lol! We won't tell John) but I hadn't a clue I had that many. If anyone had asked, I would have guessed at 50.
Must start using different ones ti get my pennies worth.

Before I forget, Lesley the 8x8 box frames are £2.99 in store but they are not available on the website. . . . . . . Sorry chuck.

Till next time.

Ang x

Ps. . . . .still trying to upload Mr D's pressie pic (I'm not up on these tifs and gifs but will get it sorted).


  1. Morning Ang,
    A very pretty card and a labour of love sticking all of those butterflies on, but woth the effort. Hope you arm is better soon.

  2. Hi Ang. I LOVE all the butterflies making up this stunning card. What a trooper sticking on so many tiny butterflies- no wonder your arm is sore! Love the colours you've used and the matting and layering is great.
    Love val in Spain x

  3. Thanks the info re frames, Mrs. Duck. sorry they aren't on the website though.

    Love all the butterflies, and especially as I have that die set. I don't think I'm up to 87 sets, but I might be getting near the 50 odd, though mine aren't all Spellbinders. I also love Tattered Lace and Tonic dies. I wish Spellbinders coated their dies like the other two, it's so much easier to get them out.

  4. WOW! Ang this is stunning! You know I'm not a Pink gal but this is fabulous, this would look amazing in any colour, I am imagining it in a Peacock Blue colour lol! Must have taken you ages to cut all the butterflies even if a lot in one die as well as sticking them all on in line, not one out of place, I did look lol!!! Love the layout, so, so pretty, this belongs in a frame and hung on the wall for interior design, not kidding! Love the frames around it too, I must invest in some dies to make frames out of as my cutting is appalling, you will see in a future post lol!

    I do hope your arm is better soon, there's poor Wendy and her face and you with your arm...get well soon my friend.

    Btw my friends Joys funeral is not until 10th March, my birthday of all days so I have booked the whole day off work! My Hubby said he will have the day off too to take me out, no guesses as to where lol!!!

    Anyhow, have a great day, take care

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Forgot to mention I have not counted my dies, don't think they are anywhere near as many as you but I will have a count and let you know!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. WOW this is stunning, what a wonderful creation, I adore the butterflies but by golly it must have been ages getting them stuck down, Sending Gentle Hugs to help you mend, Love Hazelxx

  7. Beautiful card Ang, there can never be enough butterflies, love it.
    Lynne x

  8. Good morning And what a pretty card I love the butterflies I bet it took for ever t put them in place.
    the design is wonderful xx

    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards– my personal blog}

  9. Good grief Ang, 48 butterflies!! Do you sometimes get halfway through these fancy, time-consuming projects and wonder "what the heck was I thinking"??? Such a stunning card and utterly are a creative genius with more patience than I. big hugs from freezing-freaking-cold Canada! -33 last night!!! :)

  10. Afternoon Ang, WOW !! What a fantastic card !!! the patience you must have for neatly scoring and gluing all those butterflies into place. A larger version would look great in one of those box frames !!! I have seen something similar in department stores that goes for at least £10.00..... get making them Ang and sell, sell, sell !!!
    Janice xx

  11. Wow! Oh! Wow! Ang, that is one STUNNING creation ...... I LOVE It.
    All those wonderful butterflies and the fantastic colours are so beautiful ... did I say I loved it?
    No confessions as far as my Die collection is concerned, sorry. I am frighted I give myself a "heart attack" I know it is over a 100 but how far over is anyone's guess.
    Sending some gentle (((((hugs)))))

    Patricia x

  12. Ang, what a fantastic card with all those butterflies, I have just managed to see it in its full glory, ipad keeps giving me these little blue squares. Now I can say you have more than me, but seeing how it's only a year I am not doing to badly. As for big sinter, we won't go there...... You take it easy with that arm. Hazel xx

  13. Hi Ang,
    What a lovely card, if I tried to do it you could bet at least one of the lines would go "wonky".
    I Hope your arm is less painful, when are you starting your physio?
    Love Maureen xx

  14. Stunning card Ang - love love love all those fabulous flutterbys.
    Sorry to hear about your arm - hope it isn't too painful.
    Take care
    Debs xx

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous Ang hope your arm is better soon you have a lot to carry at the NEC!! huggles Sue xxx

  16. Beautiful crafty project. If I'm feeling brave at the weekend I might count all my dies-think I'll get a shock!


  17. Wow Mrs D you have been a busy bee and what a fab creation - if you didn't have the sentiment on you could put into a box frame and sell it where 'The deer and the antelope roam' it is easily as pretty as the butterfly box frames you see on sale in your place of work and other gift shops - hope your arm continues to improve xx GailT xx

  18. Very tedious but well worth it it's absolutely beautiful
    Hope your arm soon gets better, we make a good pair!
    Carole x

  19. So pretty Ang and a fab idea with all those butterflies - hope your arm feels better soon hugs Judith x

  20. Hello Ang, wowser, this is beautiful, and a lot of work, how did you get them itty bitty butterflies lined up so precisely. I must be particularly dense, as I have only just put 2 and 2 together and fathomed out where you work! I was sorting out my dies the other day, but am too scared to count them. Hope your arm gets better soon. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  21. Hi Ang,
    sorry I have been m MIA lately, and don't know what you have done to yourself.
    Sounds like you have had a nasty mishap maybe.
    I so hope it will soon be on the mend, so I am sending biggest hugs your way to help.
    Love your super duper creation.
    My all those beautiful little butterflies, and they are all pink too my fave colour.
    Superb designing as always.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  22. Hi Ang. How pretty, I love it : ) And to get all 48 butterflies in such neat rows is no mean feat! Sorry to hear that your arm is so sore, keep on taking the tablets, and resting it as much as possible. Take care.

  23. Hi Ang,

    Thanks for your lovely comment, what bout that ay? A message from Mrs Clarity herself was I chuffed or what lol!!! Loved your e-mail on John's show this morning, yes I was watching and I shall be at 4 too lol!

    Have a great weekend, hope your arm is better.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  24. pretty card, and so many butterflies, all in neat rows, I would not have the patients to stick all them down. Gail xx

  25. pretty card, and so many butterflies, all in neat rows, I would not have the patients to stick all them down. Gail xx

  26. Only just managed to see this blog Ang, It's beautiful and must have taken ages, the cutting alone was a feat in itself, well done. Hope your arm is feeling a little better, you've been in the wars lately! Hugs, Linda.

  27. OMG, 48 butterflies, you must have the patience of a saint to have stuck all of them into little rows after scoring each one! It is really a work of art, quite, quite fantastic! Hope your arm is not too painful Ang. Michelle x

  28. What more can a girl want! Butterflies and pink together. Brilliant. Hugs Mrs A.

  29. Brill project but like Maureen I can guarantee that my lines would end up wonky! I took a photo of something similar in a famous dept store (remember the penguins at Christmas...) to try and make something similar and that was about £60! Bigger but not as nice as yours and certainly fewer butterflies My die sets are increasing Just bought a set from C&C to take advantage of Flexipay! I probably have 30ish inc a couple of TL and Tonic I have to agree they are easier to remove card from but I prefer SB designs Thank goodness for wax paper and/or tumble dryer sheets

  30. Awesomely brilliant the colours and wow, it's just

    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  31. Oh this is so lovely, sorry it's taken me so long to say so but it's been a hectic week! Think I would have lost my patience after the first row so well done you on sticking with it. Well worth the effort, as its a fabulous end result. Jx

  32. Beautiful card Ang! I am behind on my commenting too. Hope the arm is feeling better. Have a great day.