Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter From the Ducks. . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well this fine Easter morning.

Just wanted to stop by and wish you all and your families a happy and peaceful Easter and thank you for your continued support at The Pond.

Thank you all for your comments on the new job. Too early to know about enjoying it at the moment as there has been lots of hours in front of the computer training (with a few techno hiccups) and long hours my first week and this week will be the same too.
Hasn't helped that I haven't been sleeping well either with Mr D's snorty sniffles, a remnant of his flu/cold. Lucky to get 5 hours per night at the minute.
In fact, I did not get up until 9am today, which is not like me at all, hence my lateness posting this as I had to get washing sorted and and my ablutions lol!!!

I also hadn't realised I had won the inaugural CE Blog Challenge until some of you left messages lol! I am thrilled with that honour.

Anyhoo, once again, apologies if I have missed anyone's blogs this week as it has been a struggle to keep on top of visiting. Next week may be the same, I'm afraid but hopefully, I will be on a more even keel when I am on my contracted hours.

Help yourself to an egg from my basket below (made with the same die as Patricia's lovely creation here and its lined with acetate). There are plenty in there of mini creme eggs and full size (though I think they have shrunk somewhat!!!). Just don't leave the wrappers lying about as I like to keep a tidy pond lol!!!

Have a very Happy Easter and see you again as soon as I can.

Ang x


  1. Happy Easter Ang and thank you for the egg. I will tidy my wrapper away as instructed. Hope your hubby is better soon. Love your projects and try to visit often. Take care. x

  2. May I be greedy and ask for more than one? Okay, sorry, I'll leave some for everybody else!!! Happy Easter Ang. Love your basket. Gorgeous. Hugs Christine xx

  3. Hi Ang, Happy Easter to you too, I would love a Caburys cream egg thank you, my favourite, I'll meet you down the Stag's Head to pick it up lol!

    Beautiful basket, I am hopeless at looking at a die and seeing what else I can make with it lol! Too much rubbish going on in my head to even think about crafty ideas lol!

    Have a great day

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Afternoon Ang,
    Happy Easter to you and Mr D.
    Love your pretty basket full of egg.

  5. Happy Easter Ang. Thank you for the egg, I have put my wrapper in the bin. Love your basket it's just perfect for an. Easter one. Hope next week will get easier as the wek goes on. Hazel x

  6. Hi Ang,Happy Easter to all of you I shall have a little egg !, Thank you! A very nice and pretty basket!JaneB.xx

  7. HAPPY EASTER to you both, hope you have a wonderful day.
    Will pass on the Egg I am on a diet ....... Oh!!!! it I will have 2 if you don't mind I just love these.
    Your basket is brilliant, great way to display the Easter Eggs
    I did similar to hold little posies of flowers. A few friends were having dinner and I was vaulenteered to do the "flower baskets" Kind of amazed myself however it was the Die that made them.
    Patricia xxx

  8. This is lush Mrs D - luv it and perfect for holding those yummy choccy Easter eggs - alas I am on a diet too and so, so glad that they are not in arms reach otherwise I might just have succumbed!! (No - I would definitely have succumbed)!! lol xx enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend xx GailT xx

  9. PS a BIG congrats on winning the CE challenge xx GailT xx

  10. Hi Ang.
    Thank you for the egg, I have saved the wrapping as a true crafter never throws anything away!!! I hope Mr D doesn't keep you awake again tonight - just bop him on the head with a rolling pin!! (I prefer my rubber mallet).
    Congratulations on winning the CE blog challenge. Clever thing, bet you were paddling like mad to cross the line before the other ducks!!!
    Maureen xx

  11. Congrats Ang on the win Only one more week of long hours Thank you for the Easter gift (which are beautifully displayed in your basket) I'll have to pass - plays havoc with the old diabetes I do agree though that I think they have shrunk I must look bak at Patricia's creation too

  12. Hi Ang, congratulations on the blog challenge win. Hope you had a very good Easter Sunday. Thank you for the easter treat, the basket looks fab filled with goodies. Hope the remainder of the training goes well. Take care. Bx

  13. Hi Ang. I hope you and Mr Duck had a lovely Easter day together. I love the basket, lining it with acetate is a great way to strengthen it. will have to give that a go : ) I'm sure this next full week training will go fast then you can settle down in your new job and start to enjoy it. Take care.

  14. I KNOW the larger eggs have shrunk. I always gave them to my children in egg boxes, now they look lost in one, even meant for small eggs, and I've never bought small eggs, so they would have been a lot bigger some years ago. Love your baskets though, great idea. Sorry the job isn't all that interesting at the moment, get this fortnight out of the way, and they might let you see an animal or two.

  15. Hi Ang. At first I thought you had grabbed an image from Google because it's such a professional looking photo and project, like from a magazine...silly me, of course you made it from scratch! Awesome!!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter my friend! hugs :)

  16. Hi Ang!! well what a beautiful basket full of eggs..I have eaten maybe one or two of mine lol ...lots of huggles Sue xx

  17. Gorgeous project-love it.

    Congrats on winning the CE blog challenge.


  18. So cute - wonderful basket. I hate to tell you Mrs. Duck but those are chickens!!
    Sandy xx

  19. Hi Ang.
    Happy Easter. Hope you're having a great one.
    Love the basket but I'm sure most of them have been eaten by now.
    Love Val x

  20. This is adorable!! Very creative!! Happy Easter!

  21. What a super cute Easter basket and all your yummy candies. Happy Easter to you.

    Hugs diane

  22. What a super cute Easter basket and all your yummy candies. Happy Easter to you.

    Hugs diane

  23. Hi Ang thank you so very much for the comments you left on my blog.i will have to have surgery on both eyes,more fall out from when I was very ill.
    Problem no 2,I have forgotten how things work lol.
    I have been looking at all your stunning cards,and congrats on your new job..

  24. I missed this one and I bet all the eggs have gone by now, such a shame as Cadburys Creme eggs are my fave. Gorgeous creation, xxx

  25. Sorry I missed your delightful Easter basket, really gorgeous. Hope you had a nice weekend and that Mr Duck has stopped sniffling! Michelle x

  26. Wonderful Easter Basket Ang, gosh I've missed some cracking creations, hugs Kate x