Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My New Motto. . . . . . . . .

Good morning all you lovely folk. Hope you are well

The wrist is much better but still not quite right so still having to be careful. This has made doing a few tasks rather interesting. Mr D has tried to help as much as possible but there are certain things you just have to do yourself hahaha!!!

I do apologise for delays in commenting on your blogs. This is down to Blogger being a bit of a pain (some of you it will only let me comment from my phone at the moment, which has been a bit tricksy at times with the wrist situation) and obviously trying to hold a tablet and type.
I'm at work today and tomorrow but then have 3 days off, hurrah, so what I don't catch up in the next couple of days, I will when I'm off so I will be with you soon.

Its lucky that I had made these samples for John's shows or I would have probably run out of things to show you by now.
I've had a wedding card to do by this week and was worried that it may result in yet another shop bought card as trying to crank my GC with my other hand was not great. Mr D kindly stepped in and I did the lining up and taping and he did the cranking.
I'm about 95% happy with it so it will do.

Now, today's card is another that was featured on John's C&C stamping show, launching his brilliant new stamps. I love the sentiment on this and I believe it was purloined from Dean Wilson.

Soft gold card
Black card
John Lockwood Rosebud Elements Stamps
Sissix Square die
Black Archival ink
Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder
Black satin ribbon
Black pearls
Score line embossing done on the Hougie Board

I only heat embossed the centre panel; the leaves are just stamped to provide a contrast.

There is only a couple more of the C&C samples left to show now but I had made a couple of other cards with these fabulous stamps and I will carry on using them.

Meeting Nesta on Thursday for lunch as she has returned from her holiday in sunny and very hot Spain. I hope she hasn't sunburnt her castanets because I'm not rubbing calamine on them lol!!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang,

    Love this card, it was one of my favourites you did for Johns shows, very elegant.

    Don't you worry about not being able to comment my friend we all know what a pain blogger can be from time to time, thank you so much for commenting on the posts that you have.

    Have a great day and rest the wrist lol!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Good morning Ang glad to hear your wrist is improving. It's only when you can't do something you realise how much you need your body parts. Still its nice that Mr D stepped in, storing up brownie points for the 28th? ??? I really like this stamp and the words are wonderfully apt for everyone. Take care at work now and enjoy your catch up with Nesta love from Jackie xx

  3. Good morning Ang, A very elegant card today the stamps are so lovely. As I live in Spain ( 20 years) I can tell you your friend Nesta experienced the hottest Thursday in May here !! It was unbearable especially for the elderly .Take care Jane B.

  4. Morning Ang,
    Pleased to heal your wrist is on the mend, it's so frustrating when you can't do the things you want to.
    Love your card, lovely stamps too.

  5. Good morning Ang What a beautiful card it's so classy and your design is wonderful.
    Hope your wrist will be back to 100% soon.
    I have the same trouble with my GC but my wonderful Hubby bought me the cut n boss machine and now I don't have to rely on him to do the cranking.
    Have a good day.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  6. Hi Ang,
    Sorry the wrist is still playing up. Don't overwork it or you'll be in big trouble.
    The card is so elegant, I really like it and may "adapt" it for a good friend if you don't mind. Will put my own spin on it so that it's not a direct copy!!!
    Take care, don't work too hard and think of your time off.
    Maureen xx

  7. Gorgeous Ang. I,m having probs with my joints in my hands, so sore it is affecting my knitting and crocheting but I wont give in. xxx
    I actually spoke to John last night !!!!1

  8. Morning Ang, glad to hear that your wrist is on the mend if only slowly. I know what you mean about hubbys help...I too had to let hubby help a while back and although I was very grateful for his help I couldn't wait to back into doing everything myself, so that I knew it was done properly!!!! Lovely cards using John stamps. Take care of yourself. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  9. Hello Ang, love todays card, the gold and black is very classy. Glad the wrist is getting better. Take care and enjoy your time off. Bx

  10. Now this is just up my street - love that sentiment. And the card too of course! Hugs Christine xx

  11. Glad you wrist is healing Ang. I tried to use my other hand on the GC once when I had a bad shoulder and it just wasn't possible! Love this card, an absolute stunner with a perfect sentiment. Michelle x

  12. Hi Ang, pleased to hear that your wrist is getting better, but just be careful.
    Gorgeous card, I love the sentiment, it's kinda me, if you know what I mean.
    Beautiful images and colours.
    Hey what a bout me getting in the top 4 at HOC, beginners luck or what, I'm chuffed to bits, so thanks for suggesting i enter, enjoy your days off when they come hugs Kate x

  13. So glad your wrist is feeling a bit better Ang:))) Love your card and that sentiment ..hope Nesta's castanets are fine LOL huggles Sue xxx

  14. Gorgeous card Mrs D - love the stamping and the colour combo xx sorry your wrist isn't still 100% and good you have the OH to help out - mine would just look at me gone out me thinks!!!!!! Enjoy your lunch on Thursday and your three days off xx GailT xx

  15. Poor you - still suffering You are lucky that Mr D helped My OH would pull a face as if he'd stepped in dog poo and then a face that says "are you speaking English" And then go get another Guinness! (Loved your pun by the way)
    Love the card this soft gold and black is gorgeous Your design is terrific
    Enjoy your lunch with Nesta Are her castanets large Mine are about the size of a glue dot!

  16. PS just realised you did the scoring with a hougie board WOWSER! Tried it once and gave up Couldn't get the pressure even

  17. Lovely card the colours are great. I do forget about the hougie board and how useful it can be.

  18. Hi Ang,
    another beautifully designed creation.
    No wonder it was shown on John's shows.
    Great stamps used too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. So beautiful Ang and the sentiment is fabulous.
    Debs xx

  20. Hi Ang. Love the card, subtle and elegant : ) Sorry to hear the wrist is still playing up! Carry on resting it as much as possible. Take care x

  21. Gorgeous card & love the sentiment. Glad the wrist is improving & it was very good of hubby to assist in your crafting.


  22. Hi Ang! I am sending healing thoughts your way. I appreciate that you took the time, pain and effort to comment on my blog! I love this sentiment and it is so true! Mr. D sounds like a great guy to run your die cutter for you!

  23. A beautiful card Ang, love the design. So glad Mr D is in your good books for a change, take if that wrist. Hazel x

  24. Hi Ang, looked at your blog a few times and seen so many gorgeous cards so today decided to follow. Your colour scheme for this card is gorgeous, love the soft gold and black, very elegant. Blessings - Deb C xx

  25. Absolutely gorgeous Ang!! The raised frame is so beautiful and the designs are elegant and posh!! Enjoy your three days off! hugs :)

  26. Lovely card!! Great colors and very elegant!!