Thursday, 7 January 2016

Purple Heart........................

Good morning campers........Hi Dee Hi !!! Hope everyone is well and recovered from the festivities.
Least said about working New Years Day, the better and thankfully, the neighbours did not party this year and Itchy and Scratchy over the road has not been seen for sometime so perhaps he's had a little rising damp with all this rain lol!!!

I had hoped to be blogging a bit more with the busy retail time out of the way but oh no........I'm now having to cover at 3 shops!!! Furious does not begin to describe how I feel and I have conveyed my displeasure upwards along with my refusal to work on a day that's part of holiday I have already, if anyone knows of any jobs as a taster for Happy Shopper Cheesy Poofs or at Walkers as a crisp nibbler, please let me know lol !!!

Now, I'm back with a bit of jewellery again. I made this for a chum I met through blogging so I hope she won't mind me showing it.

I used light amethyst Swarovski bicones and a vitrail Swarovski heart to adorn my foray into wire work and was rather pleased with the result.

I'm dabbling with the jewellery again as I have missed it. I have a few projecst planned so I hope you won't mind me showing them as and when I actually get time to complete them...............time to buy more lottery tickets methinks but not much of an early retirement plan is it? Lol!!!

Hope to get to visit you all in the couple of days in between shifts and certainly hope to get something blogged before another week passes.

Just before I tootle off, I don't know if you all know that to comment/follow now, you will need a Google account otherwise Blogger will remove you from followers lists and you won't get stuff on your reading list. This is supposed to be from 11th Jan but I have noticed that 2 followers have disappeared from my total already and others have mentioned this on their blogs too.
Your support is so important to us all so I hope that you will all continue to visit and add yourself back as a follower if Google/Blogger cut you off.

Hope to be back soon. Be good.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, sorry to hear about your work woes, I can sympathise. Love the necklace, and it has given me some inspiration to try some more jewellery myself. Have a great day. Bx

  2. It is gorgeous Ang and I wear it with the earings that match that you gave me last year. You are so clever, Thank you. xxx

  3. Good morning Ang. Oh I think it's time you found another job. Maybe John can take you on as an assistant. Then you can be a happy crafter again. Love your necklace. Hazel X

  4. Good morning Ang. Oh dear... Maybe you need a New Year resolution about your job...
    Lovely necklace - clever lady.
    Will you be with John on Saturday?


    1. Hi Jan
      Don't know if you will check back for a reply but I was going to go on Saturday but have now got to, hiss!
      Ang x

  5. Hi Ang , good idea from above get John to sign you on then we bloggers can have the best of everything.
    Loving your necklace ,i don't mind seeing your jewelery Ang keep them coming.
    Hey i am so glad i am a googlie , and i wont be cut off from your blog , i could not do without your shannanagins { cant spell it ,but hey ho you know what i mean } and the laughter ,and of course the next episode from across the way .
    Take care my friend , hope to see you on your blog again soon .
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi there Ang so sorry to read your workload has reached such an awkward scenario. Let's hope it gets back to normal before too long. It's great to see your jewellery and this piece is so unusual and thus unique. I'm sure we all do lots of crafts not just cards. I actually have sat the last two nights and done a small piece of cross stitch to go in a freebie stitches notebook. One more out of the to do box! Take care love from Jackie xx

  7. This is lovely, Ang. Sorry you can't make it Saturday. Hope to see you before too long.

    Anne (Northampton)

  8. Hi Ang,
    Love your necklace. Sorry about the work load, don't let then take advantage of you.

  9. Hi Ang
    Nice piece,
    You must be good at your job otherwise you would not be so popular.
    Nancy x

  10. gorgeous necklace, I am sure your friend was very pleased with it. Take care xx

  11. Hi Ang, what a beautiful necklace, I saw it on your friends blog she is a lucky lady!!! Sorry to hear work is a pain.....can't that John Lockwood employ you??? Lol xx

  12. Gorgeous necklace, I think Wendy liked it by her comments on here & on her blog!


  13. Hi Ang
    Lovely necklace. So pretty. So sorry to hear about work. It they're not careful, they will lose a good'un! Best wishes, Anne O

  14. Hi Ang, So sorry to hear that you are being messed about yet again, not on chuck!! You've given a lot of committment over the time you've been there and they are not recipocating it. Time I think to look for something else.

    Beautiful neckless, you are really so talented, gorgeous design and love the stones.
    You take care, Kate x

  15. Wendy is one lucky lady! It's beautiful You carry on making and showing your jewellry because it's lively to see what else us crafters do Hope you get work sorted What a pain.

  16. LOVE this beautiful necklace Ang and the colours are gorgeous.xx

  17. Hi Ang, this is lovely and I so look forward to seeing more of your jewellery work

  18. Wow, gorgeous necklace Ang, love the squiggly part with the heart!! I'm a Google gal, so I'm not going anywhere! happy weekend - hugs :)

  19. What a lovely necklace!! You are a very talented lady! Happy New Year!

  20. Hi Ang,

    What a stunning creation, lovely wire work, I am sure the recipient will love this.

    I do hope that we are able to find each other once this google thing starts tomorrow, so frustrating, I too have lost people and blogs that I loved to follow I cannot find so fingers crossed my friend.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. Hello Ang,
    I love this necklace. It's so different and pretty. A good friend of mine made me a wirework necklace as a surprise and it's admired every time I wear it, so I would think your friend will love this.
    I hope I don't disappear, I'd like to lose a bit of weight, but not disappear altogether!!!
    love Maureen xxx

  22. This is beautiful Ang! And so was your Christmas card from the other day - which I've just checked out. I'm hoping that very soon I will be able to get back to some form of normality - whatever that is. I'll drop you a line next week. Hugs Christine xx

  23. Hi Ang! Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. Sorry your work is getting in the way of life! I love the necklace. I really should try some jewellery making! I have lost one follower on my blog last week. Hoping more don't disappear. Have a great day.