Saturday, 25 February 2017

Still Christmas . . . . . .

Good morning Friends, Romans, Crafters. Hope you are all well.

Now, I did warn you I had a "few" Christmas cards to show and I think there is probably still another dozen to go lol!!!

This was another flattie for posting. I like the fact there is still a lot of detail to the card without adding depth.

White and red card
Vintage gold card
Gold mirror card
Sue Wilson Holly Octagonal Frame dies
Sheena Douglass Holly embossing folder
CS Berry Red PVA Pearls 
White pearlage

Apologies to those who are not wanting to see anything Christmassy in February (or into March for that matter lol!!!)

My clinic appointment got moved to Thursday from Friday. One of the Arrhythmia nurses rang me on Wednesday and asked if I wanted to go in a day early as they knew I had been struggling, so I did.
I had puffed up during the past week like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Boy (for any 80's chicks like me who loved Ghostbusters) so they have put me on water tablets. My goodness, within 2 hours of taking them, I had gone to the loo 8 times!!! Its times like this, you wish you had downstairs facilities.
Mr D joked that it would keep me fit going up and down stairs (not great when you're prone to breathlessness) or I could use a bucket!!! I then said thank goodness I hadn't been put on laxatives!!!
Heat rate tablets have been upped too as pulse rate still high and they think that's what has caused fluid retention and breathlessness and another 3 pot blood test. Never a dull moment with me eh??? Back again next week so they can check my progress.

Anyhoo, enough of my toilet issues but on that note, I need to go again so . . . . . . 

Ang x


  1. Gorgeous card Ang.
    Lets hope they get you sorted soon, xxx

  2. Great card again . Good to have one suitable for posting.
    You are going through the mill a bit - hope you feel a bit more like yourself this coming week. Jan

  3. This is a fabulous card, Ang.
    I do hope you things improve this week.

    Anne (Northampton)

  4. Beautiful card Ang, love the background showing through...sending healing hugs.xx[aNNie]

  5. Good morning Ang oh dear not funny if you have to keep up and down stairs but let's hope things get more back to normal quite soon. Perhaps stay upstairs and craft all day?? Great card for posting and still has lots of detail. Love from Jackie xx

  6. Morning Ang,
    Poor you! Hopefully they will get your meds right soon.
    Great card.

  7. LOVELY Chrissy card i never tire of looking at them , i pin them for future ideas Ang .
    Well chuck at least you can joke about your toilet issues , my water tablets seem to work at night when i want to get some sleep lol 5 times last night , not funny when you cant get back to sleep , matchsticks anyone ?

    Take care Ang .
    Elaine H X

  8. Hello Ang, I love this card, it is very elegant. I hope you get used to the water tablets, or get a bucket downstairs as suggested. Take care. Bx

  9. Hi Ang, I'm always going to the loo - don't need tablets lol !!! Love the Christmas card. With no wording on the front, it could be suitable for any occasion. Janice xx

  10. Morning Ang
    I love the gold on gold it's really effective. Your cards give me inspiration (I need lots!!)
    Poor you I hope it eases of for you soon xxx

  11. Love Christmas cards and don't mind how many I see, especially when as unique and glorious as this one is. Beautifully designed and the embossed background is so lovely, take care of yourself, Kate x

  12. Hi Ang,
    who cares how many Christmas cards you show as they are all so very gorgeous and wonderfully created.
    Their designs are always very original and wonderful.
    I love your very luxurious styles, and this one is superb.
    Oh my word you do go through the mill these days.
    Here's hoping all settles down, and you are back to full health again very soon.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Thanks for sharing another of your gorgeous Christmas cards. I don't know about the UK heath system, but you were in an emergency situation with swelling and increased heart rate. Could you have gone to the emergency room? So glad you are getting some relief and that you will have a recheck-up next week. Take care my friend. Prayers for you.

  14. Hi Any I don't mind D how many Christmas cards you show as the are all beautiful and I get so many ideas Fromm them.
    Hope these tablets work for you and you you​ start to feel better quickly.

  15. Hello Ang,
    Gorgeous card today, another one which I'll have to "borrow"!!
    Sorry you are still having problems, it's time they got this all sorted for you.
    Maureen xxx

  16. Oh poor you! I hope it'll calm down and you get sorted soon
    I love your card and you can show as many Christmas cards as you like I need all of the inspiration I can get, especially ones that can be posted I especially like the embossing folder you have used I've never looked at Sheena Douglas' folders I'm off browsing/shopping now!

  17. Hi Ang

    I really am sorry to hear things aren't improving, health wise, for you. You did make me chuckle about the laxatives crack... no pun intended lol

    Your card has a very regal look about it, it's so lovely. I'm sure HRH would welcome it for this year!

    Take care Mrs D

    June x

  18. Sorry I'm late with a comment but this another great card and without any religious symbols which I get asked for, just the holly leaves.
    Sorry you're still having problems, Ang, has turning the taps on full been banned? They were in my house when on the water pills. Hope the hozzie and doc's find a solution soon.

  19. A beautiful embossed and golden flattie, Ang! Thank you for the update on the appointment; I've been wondering. Goodness, you will lose tons of weight and be in shape by the time they get you sorted! I hope the new regimen works wonders for you, my friend. Ginfers crossed!! Lots of hugs, Darnell

  20. Hi Ang! I love this holly wreath and the pretty embossing on the card. Hope the meds they gave you will put you on the mend! Hugs