Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Day 4 & My Favourite. . . . .And a Prize

Good morning lovely blog friends. Hope you are all well.

Another warm welcome to some more new followers, Lynette, Alison, Deniseann and Gill. Thank you for taking time to visit and clicking that button.

As I am now over 150 followers, I am offering a little Paddle Prize, details of which are at the end of this post.

Now, today's creation is my favourite made with John's stamps and I have made it for my living room so, Mr Lockwood, you can keep your paws off this one lol!!!
I used the clock mechanism from one of the Pound World clocks in an 8x8 box frame.
I've gone for this colour as it matches our decor. Apologies for the white stripe at the bottom left of the photo. Its a reflection that I just couldn't get rid of.

White card
White 8x8 deep box frame (The Range)
Clock mechanism 
John Next Door Spring, Summer and Autumn Flowers stamps
John Next Door Quattro Drops mask
Peacock Feathers distress ink
Black Archival ink
Magazine freebie numerals die with numbers cut from black funky foam
Teal gem on centre of hands

I just made a hole in the hardboard backing to accommodate the mechanism and painted the red second hand white with Tippex (hey, whatever is to hand has a use lol!!!).

Hopefully, it will get shown on one of John's shows. I am (hopefully) going with John today. An early start but a Maccy D McMuffin is adequate compensation for getting up before the birds lol!!!

Now, here is a snap of the little Paddle Prize for my reaching over 150 followers.

To be entered into the draw for this, you just need to be a follower and leave a comment on this post before 6am (GMT) on the 25th July.

Mr D will perform his pulling duties and the winner will be announced on the next post following the 25th. Thank you all and good luck!!!

I will be giving you a break tomorrow as I shall be back on Thursday with 2 posts, one at 6am and my usual MAWTT DT post at 9am.
I have some exciting news, well for me lol!!!, on the 6am post. . . . . . lets just say, today will not be my only sample appearances on Hochanda this week but shhhhh, don't tell anybody lol!!!

On that note, I need to get to bed (scheduling this Monday night). 

Be good and thank you, as always for your encouraging comments.

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, love this clock it is fantastic as are all John's stamps looking forward to seeing your samples with John later and maybe you in the future? Can't wait enjoy your day.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hello Ang, Love your clock, really beautiful and unusual with the square shape. Hope you have a great day with John, looking forward to seeing your samples. Oooh I am intrigued to hear what your news is. Have a good day all. Bx

  3. You are as big a tease as John himself! Love what you have done with Joh's range but keep yourself well while having all his fun!

  4. Good morning Ang. I love your clock what a great way to turn a pound shop clock into this fantastic wall clock. Thing this could be a great project to get grand daughters to do for their rooms. I can see a trip to IKEA as well coming on, need to see when Patricia is free. Oh I can see you and John having lots chat about while travelling today. ( not that you will be doing the chatting. You are so quiet!) have a great day. Hazel x

  5. Good morning Ang just love love love this clock. So looking forward to the show. Have a great day, safe travels love from Jackie xx

  6. Fabulous clock Ang. Have a great day today. G. Xx

  7. Fabulous idea I paid so much for a clock kit and you create a masterpiece with a box frame from The Range!

  8. Another great project Ang. Super colour too. Hope all goes well today. Christine x

  9. Wonderful clock, same colour taste as FoxyG.
    Exciting news, cant wait and enjoy today, wish I was there too, xxx

  10. Morning Ang, wow you have done it again, the clock is beautiful and I am sure John will show it on Hochanda. Will be tuning in to watch.
    I did not realise that you have been posting a card every day so now I am off to look at the other cards you have made.
    Good Luck to both you and John today.

  11. Morning Ang,
    Just gorgeous, enjoy your day.

  12. How lovely is this ? beautiful clock Ang and i am loving the colour.
    I just bet you are going to be doing some happy clucking with John today ,enjoy both of you .

    Elaine H X

  13. Just got my coffee ready for the first show. It must be nerve-wracking for you both but I know it's going to be a huge success.

    The clock is fabulous, Ang.

    Good luck.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. Eeh Ang Pet,
    You've been name checked by John more than once and I hear you're sitting in the Green Room at this moment!!! I've succumbed to his fabulous things - I know I said that I wouldn't but I'm weak where he is concerned ha ha. Just don't tell George.
    Your clock is fabulous, such a clever girl!
    Maureen xx

    1. Forgot to say that you can tell me now about your sample appearance, instead of making me wait until 6 a.m. Thursday, I won't tell anybody ha ha!!!

  15. I love the colour and the effect. Brilliant idea!

  16. This clock is brilliant Ang. I looked in The Poundshop at their clocks but they were very small. Didn't think to take the mechanism off. i have the frame already fromThe Range so just need to go to the Poundshop now. Thanks for the idea. Should of got the clock when I saw it. Started to watch the 10am show but kept losing the sound. Will look on Rewind later.

  17. Hello Ang,
    Great clock! You are clever and this would make a lovely gift. It was lovely to see your pot from yesterday on show and it's bigger than I thought it was! So pleased all going well for John ! You may have to sing duets on the 2 pm Show!!
    Many thanks and I hope you have a lovely day!
    Love Myra xx

  18. Hello, lovely clock just beautiful

    Lori from Canada

  19. Hi Ang

    Love the clock, just caught a glimpse of it on TV and your 'pot' too (will have to watch on catch up)

    I love all of John's new range, a definite must have but don't tell Mr F!!

    June x

  20. The clock is lovely as were all the beautiful samples you had made for John on todays shows. I am sure you had lots of fun but you made a super job and did him proud.

  21. John was brilliant on Hochanda (as always) love his new stamps and the plates and stamping foam . In fact everything is brilliant

    Sue x

  22. What a beautiful project!! Have a great week!

  23. Adore the clock, loved the show with John's stamps, wish I could have them all!

  24. Brilliant clock Ang. Your samples are amazing. Watch my recording of John gutted that so much sold out. Well until next time.
    Glad he is still creating amazing craft, his teaching style is brilliant and he is so inspirational.

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  26. Lovely clock would fit in with my décor also!! John was inspirational today on Hochanda and it was lovely to see all your work also, well done both of you !!!

  27. Great use of colours.....now you're clockmaker general ..... don't know about ducks!! lol

  28. Great use of colours.....now you're clockmaker general ..... don't know about ducks!! lol

  29. What a lovely project. Your work was much in evidence on John's shows. All the new projects are wonderful - I'm so tempted.

  30. Hi there Ang, trying to do a wee bit of catching up here. Love your clock and thought it was yours when I saw it on Hochanda yesterday, lovely colours and design.
    The boy did well didn't he, Kate x

  31. Hi Mrs D, Just love the clock and it looked really great on TV.I hope you had a great day at Hochanda with John,Hope you stay healthy and happy Love Barbara D xxx

  32. Hi Ang, that is so pretty....love it !! Janice x http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  33. Fabulous clock, love the colour. Hope you enjoyed your trip out and that you're keeping well x

  34. Hi Ang sorry I'm late internet trouble
    Gorgeous Clock love the colour's. Hope you enjoyed your day with John on Hochanda he did very well didn't he. Sleep tight
    Hug's Lynda xx

  35. Oh, wow, Ang, this is so very beautiful! You could go into business!! Amazing! Please leave me off the draw, hon, as I have so much. Congratulations on 150 followers and growing!! Hugs, Darnell

  36. A wonderful clock Ang I love the colours it was great seeing it shown on John's shows. I hope you had a great day xxx

  37. Hello

    I thought I had forgotten to post a comment on here! Blame old age. I have really enjoyed your posts this week and love the John Next door samples, I was in the queue Tuesday for my stuff, now cant wait to play. Hope my hubby is out when the delivery driver comes, I am supposed to be scaling down stuff, not buying more. However, prizes dont fall into that category so please include me in the draw! Enjoy your weekend.

  38. As a newbie to your blog I have to say 'You make me smile, every morning' the cards are 'fresh' and I simply love the clock!

  39. Hello Ang,
    Fresh and faded comes to mind when I look at this card' Who's fresh and what's faded I'll let you decide!
    Trouble with lederhosen is it's hard to tell the difference between the leather outfit and my skin ha ha.
    When I talk to Liz or her friendly guards, I'll be sure to mention your name and input into the wisty adventure!
    Maureen x

  40. Hi Ang, I forgot to post earlier, great clock. I do read your blog every time and you do make me smile although I don't always post, I like everything you do, some great ideas. I just wish I was as clever!!
    Love Nancy x