Monday, 17 July 2017

John's Launch Day 3. . . . .A Little Pot

Good morning one and all. Hope this finds all your ticketys boo on Day 3 of John's launch. Yup, I'm like buses with 3 coming along at once lol!

Some more welcomes are in order so thank you to all new visitors and to Lynda, Albright of Diss and h.12 evans for pressing the "follow" button.
As I am now approaching 150 followers, I shall offer up another paddle prize for when we reach 150. I'll pop a picture on tomorrow's post.

Now, I know some of the ladies who have been plotting to ram raid my garden for my wisterias may have seen the title of this post and got excited thinking I was growing something else of interest but the pot is of the terracotta variety. . . . . . sorry to disappoint gals lol!!!

A plain pot, painted with satin wood paint (it was a tin I'd had knocking around from decorating a couple of years back . . . . . what can I say, I'm tight lol!!!), rim coated in gilding polish and one of John's masks stencilled around the bottom, again using the gilding polish (a tricksy procedure as its not a flat or straight object).
To finish off, one of John's stamps also decorates the rim. . . . . .tricksy again, stamping on a curved surface.

Small terracotta pot from B & Q (21cm dia £1.40)
Satin Wood paint (but any will do)
Cosmic Shimmer Mint gilding polish
John Next Door Quattro Stars mask
John Next Door Autumn Flowers stamp
Memento Dew Drop Teal Zeal ink pad

If you wanted to use it outside, a couple of coats of clear varnish should seal it.
Hopefully, its given you another idea of how to use the stamps and masks, other than on cards.

Well, what an exciting British GP, especially the latter stages. Brought back fond memories of the atmosphere (and hailstones!!!) from last year. Hope Jackie and Wendy got to watch it. I won't comment on the winner lol!

Wasn't a well girlie on Saturday but better yesterday. Can't complain though at one bad day in the past 2 weeks.

That's all for today folks. Hope you can join me again tomorrow for day 4.

Ang x

P.s. . . . I just wanted to clarify, I've got John's stamps and masks only. I haven't got the media plates (though I shall probably be buying them, even though I'm not a stamper) and my stamping is all commando as I haven't got a stamping press either but all blemishes and smudges are entirely intentional lol!!!


  1. Morning Ang, what a lovely project, love the colours used. Glad you enjoyed the GP, sorry to hear that you were not feeling well on Saturday. Hope to see more of your fab inspiration using John's products. Take care. Bx

  2. What a beautiful pot. You could go into production!
    Sorry to hear you had a bad day on Saturday.

  3. Hi Ang, what a transformation of a dull pot! You would not believe that stamping was not your thing. Sure the stamping press and media plates will bring your abilities beyond what you thought you would achieve and you will become a 'pro'. Only caught bits of the GP as I was busy putting away my stash from Donny but as soon as we realised who was in the lead my hubby said 'oh Mrs D will not be pleased' lol. Have a lovely day. WakeyL

  4. Well, I wasn't expecting that, Ang. Are you taking orders? These would make a great gift.

    Anne (Northampton)

  5. No end to your many talents Ang , a lovely decorated pot , it looks so pretty
    Welcome to all new followers ,we are all a friendly lot and you will have many a chuckle as you paddle in the pond .
    Big hugs to all
    Elaine H X

  6. Morning Ang,
    Love what you have done with the pot, so pretty.

  7. Good morning Ang well is there no end to your talents, not just for decorating the planter but for thinking about doing it in the first place!! Looks really great. Thoroughly enjoyed the race despite the winner but pleased to see Valteri and Daniel do so well from their disadvantaged starting places. Hope you are continuing to feel a little better after Saturday's setback, love from Jackie xx

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Ang, lovely colours, sorry to hear that you had a blip, Kate x

  9. Gorgeous Ang. Brilliant project. Thank you for sharing. Think I will have to try the masks on my pottery before it is glazed and see how it turns out. Great idea.

  10. Hi Mrs D,Very interesting project and unique way of using stamps etc., I am not a stamper at all but looking forward to watching John to see if he can tempt me to try.Hope you are feeling better Love Barbara D xxx

  11. If you want a pretty pot, this is the one to have!
    Sandy xx

  12. Hello Ang,
    You certainly think outside the box - that would look great with a bonsai Wistywhatsit inside. Did you see the lady on Gardeners' World with all the Wisteria? It was fantastic and if I can only find the address I'm sure my two conspirators would join me in a little light fingered wisty hunt!!
    Sorry that you were poorly on Saturday, but surely LH winning would brighten your day - OR NOT!!!
    Take care.
    Maureen xx

  13. Great idea I'm going to raid the garage for a pot and paint I might even be able to scrounge some chalk paint from my sister in law

  14. PS I hope you're over the blip and feel tons better now

  15. Beautiful pot, love the colour. Did you see Gardeners World last week? They had a lady in Cumbria who has a wisteria collection showing how to air layer them to make mature new plants. She was using some of them as Bonsai trees, told hubby he needs to add them to his bonsai collection!

  16. Hello Ang,
    A beautiful pot! Really ,really like that! It's a great idea and the smaller masks must make it a wee bit easier! They are a great idea. I'm filing that idea away !!! Mind you, in the fog which is my brain it may never be found!
    Sorry you were unwell on Saturday!
    We'll all be glued to Hochanda in the morning!
    Love Myra xx

  17. Hi Ange
    Love how you have done the pot looks amazing.
    Thank you for the idea. Hope your feeling better.
    Love Lynda xx

  18. Hi Ang

    There is no end to your talent! I did think at first your were growing something other than wisteria and if Maureen can track down that lady from Gardener's World we may need said pot....

    You have made an excellent job of this and I think many of us will now be rummaging in the garden for pots to paint... I won't, but will set Mr F on the task lol

    June x

  19. Hi Ang, this is fantastic and what a great idea, although I bet it took some time stamping on a circular surface, but the results are beautiful. Not sure I would ever achieve anything close to this.