Thursday, 16 May 2013

Flower Power

Good morning all (there's optimism that more than one person may stumble by).

Firstly, a big thank you to Heather for becoming my first follower. I only noticed this morning so thought that I had better pop another card on the blog sharpish..........oooh, the responsibility!

Secondly, I apologise for my lack of David Baileyesque photo skills on some of my pics as some were just quick snapshots before blog creation was a twinkle in my eye (or a pain in my............laptop!)

My friend asked me to make this for her relative's birthday a couple of months ago. She wanted it fairly flat (we are all more postage conscious, I guess, these days) and covered in flowers.

I started with an 8x8 card base cut from an A3 sheet of white hammered card, then rounded the corners. The next layer is also white card with rounded corners and on the top portion, I have cut out the Spellbinders Fancy Lattice to make it look like a trellis. On the base card, I inked the bit that will be seen under the trellis with a pale pink ink.

Next, I cut a job lot of flowers from the Spellbinders Jewels and Flourishes set, in different coloured card along with two of the large flourish in white. Also, I cut the leaves from the Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms set.

I glued the flowers, leaves and flourishes to the trellis layer, added a little bling to the flower centres and corner, foam padded the layer then added it to the base card.

The sentiment was stamped and heat embossed onto a label from the Spellbinders Labels Eight set. I then "nipped" a bit of the lattice so that I could seat the foam pad on the sentiment on the base card rather than flattening the lattice (Hope that makes sense)

That's todays hurried offering as I have just got back from the dentist (booooooo) and I have some washing to hang out before the next instalment of rain/hail/snow/locusts (delete as applicable in your area). I also need to feed Mr & Mrs B, our resident blackbirds, who have nested in our garden for about 4 years now. They have beautiful babies and they come for their chopped up grapes and strawberries, at least 3 times a fact, Mr Duck thinks the Bs get better and more frequent feeding than he does lol !!!


Mrs Duck x


  1. Hi Ang

    You are most welcome! I love the card especially the way you have done the trellis background very nice indeed! And yes I understand how expensive it all gets with postage now being measured left right and centre! The Royal Mail have caught on to us crafters yet they still can't make a profit! LOL!

    You have been my inspiration to start a blog so I bit the bullet have been up and running a couple of days now and yes it is exceedingly exciting to get that first follower I am sure yours will grow I have been waiting patiently for your next post. Well Done Ang!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Pretty card! Love the background!

  3. Hi Ang
    I got your message but without your email address linked ot your post I can only contact you here and so limited in what can be said.

    Have a great weekend though! It's my birthday tomorrow 21 yet again!! My granddaughter thinks I really will be 21 tomorrow! Bless! I have no intention of disillusioning her :)( She says slapping on the anti wrinkle cream! ROFL!)

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx
    Looking forward to next post.

  4. Been trying to comment on this card but kept getting interrupted, do husband not know to just leave us alone when we are looking at blogs? Your card is lovely, love the flowers and the back ground.