Sunday, 23 June 2013

Life before Spellbinders.............

Hello everyone. In the interests of diversity again, hope that you are as fit as the tofu deliveryman.........think that's all food groups covered now.
Firstly, a very warm welcome to the pond for Kate. Sooo glad that you are with us and hope that you have some fun with us along the way.

Now, I'm going a bit retro, partly as I have had a very busy day and I am finally doing my blogging at nearly 11pm as its the first chance I've had and partly, to remind myself that there was life before Spellbinders. These are cards I made when I took up card making again following a chance viewing of C & C. 
Not a Spellbinder in sight, just the odd punch and pinking shears. I love the pink heart paper on the one above (wallpaper sample again, I'm afraid) Apologies for picture quality as I was just snapping these before the blog was even a twinkle in my eye.

I still love Forever Friends and Tatty Ted and they are still popular cards whenever I go car booting.

Some folks almost seem embarrassed by using these sort of bits and bobs to make cards but I think they are lovely still, even though I have got a bit more advanced now.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, a lovely card is a lovely card, whether its taken you 10 minutes or 10 hours and whether you have used equipment costing £1 or £100. As long as we all find a bit of joy in what we do, its all good.

Enjoy your Sunday duckettes !!!

Ang x


  1. Well said Ang, agree totally that when you make a card, no matter what you use, as long as you are happy with it then it is good. I love Spellbinder dies, oh well any dies, but sometimes I try something different just to go back to how I started out. Love your cards.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Hi Ang

    These are lovely cards. I agree it doesn't matter what equipment you have or not you can still produce beautiful results as the cards above show. As you know I do use a lot of machines but that only arose when I developed arthritis in my hands otherwise I may still be cutting by hand!! You do realise this could have been three days worth of posts!!!!

    I love your bright and vibrant first card hadn't got you down as a 'bright lights' kind of girl LOL! It is really cute and so are the others it was a really lovely CD - Tatty Ted!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Ang and the rest of the gang! :)

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx


  3. Ang. You are so right, you don't need to own or have lots of fancy equipment to product something stunning, beautiful or lovely. It's what you put into it. I love all three of your cards (as Heather was saying three days worth). The Tatty Ted will always win hearts, and your pink one is fab, considering you have used wallpaper I did think you had embossed it.
    Good for you to make use of the samples there are some beautiful ones out there.

    Enjoy your day.

    Hazel xxx

  4. Good Morning Ang, As a lover of all things bear, I enjoyed your cards very much.
    By the time I started card making my hands were already past their best so a die cutter came along as one of my first purchases, little did I know then how die cutting was going to take off. The hands rarely improve to the level where I am safe with a knife but I haven't parted with my scissors. xx Flora

  5. Hi all. I have a few pics of my old cards so that's why I did a three fer today.
    Hope it doesn't come across that Im knocking expensive gear. It was mainly as I had looked at blogs, where people were almost apologetic for the cards they had made because they were stickers or from pre die cut sheets.
    Its all horses for courses. x

  6. I totally agree with you, I still use my bits like this and I still love cutting decoupage. I give most of my cards to charities here and they still love them too, I have moved on to Dies and stamping but still love my decoupage, you can craft on the cheap if you try but then we get bitten by the spending bug.,xxx

  7. I luv all three cards and I agree with you that a lovely card is a lovely card however it has been composed and if it raises money for charity - well then that is a 'double whammy' xx GailT xx

  8. Having read your post Ang I feel properly chastened I am guilty of not using older items as I worry they are old hat and that I must use new time consuming techniques. These are lovely cards and have encouraged me to look again at simpler stylish cardmaking.

    Thanx John x

  9. Hi Ang Love the cards and well said about using new things,I think Spellbinders have taking us over and we are tempted to want the new dies all the time,so what do we do with the dies we bought last year?? and it can be a guilt trip.I know C.C. have very good shows with Demos., and it is there I learned Card Making,but the put people into a buying must have.
    We made very nice cards befoure dies,and I hope we all mix it up a bit,rant over.

  10. Hi Ang,
    A lovely selection of cards and whilst I have too many Spellbinders !! I also make lots of cards from decoupage cut by hand which I find very therapeutic and I'm always telling my ladies to use what is around them - the inside of envelopes for iris folding is one favourite. So please don't worry about showing us what you have done as it may be just the inspiration we need that day. Best wishes Jackie

  11. Hi Ang, I think you are so right, it's horses for courses, and when you put the thought and love into a card, especially if making for a special person, or a special occasion, it doesn't matter what you use. Your cards are all lovely, and the designs are great.
    I still use my trimmer with the different cutters, I don't have many dies cut shapes that suites my stamps., Kate x

  12. Good evening Ang,
    Three great cards, good to see the use of older stash. You have made a brilliant job of them all.
    Your so right we all seem to "want" all this "new" stuff. A card made with love and thought to suit the person who will receive them, is worth more than anything.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xxx