Friday, 5 July 2013

Chestnuts roasting on an open ............bbq

Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Fruhliche Weinachten or whatever the appropriate greeting in July is these days. Now I get a feeling for what the Aussies must go through with shorts and tinnys and tinsel. I decided, if you can't beat em, join em but only with one card so far.

I bought two mahoosive Hunkydory sets last year so most of last year's cards were made from that (as will most of this year's as I have tons left) as that was PSW 2012 (pre Sue Wilson). I didn't take any photos of them but do have some still knocking about. Not sure that folk will want to see any Hunkydory cards I make as they are Spellbinderless but shout if you do. I do intend to get some more Christmassy dies soon so watch this space.

I did buy the Holiday Tree set as one of my first Spellbinder purchases and also the Holiday Magic M-Bossibilities embossing folder, both of which are used on this card which went to my brother in law and his partner.
I won't do the granny and egg sucking thing as it's straightforward except to say, I did improvise with the "poinsettia". I cut the long bauble out of this set and used the aperture as a template to draw through and cut round for the bracts. I then used a metallic gold Promarker to draw the veins. Not anywhere near as good as Heather's proper poinsettia but I was on the hoof.

Now, I think it was Jackie and Kate who asked how I got my.............sit down with a Pepsi John ..........peel offs straight. All I did was measure the width of the letters then draw two very feint parallel lines, that distance apart, down the side of the card and popped the letters between the lines. Sorry it's not a very exciting answer but it's what I did.

Anyhoo, its time to go feed Rudolph..........I was going to do the "looks like reindeer" joke but I don't want to completely alienate the few followers I have LOL !!!

Merry July everyone !!!

Ang x

Ps....Is anyone going to The Great British Craft Festival at Stoneleigh next month? Some folk seem to think that the Caribbean is a, somehow, better proposition but I'm not bitter LOL !!!


  1. Well Mrs D you have excelled yourself with this gorgeous card - you see it's catching! You are on the down hill sleigh run to Christmas! Yo! Ho! Ho! :)

    Your poinsettia is the right colour not like mine! It is a beautifully put together card very nice indeed. I love that embossing folder I got it last Christmas and used it such a lot.

    About the egg boiling - you need to stay with us folks on this one - I think if a man can do one thing in the kitchen well it is far better than lots of things badly!! My husband did a mean full English breakfast and was an ace at Christmas dinner!!

    Glad you solved the mystery of the missing Wilma! :) Hope she gets some rest now.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Feliz Navidad! I really have created some rod for my back by mentioning my peel off phobia! I love this card I got this die free with my GC and haven't used it thanx to you and your lovely card it will be got out, dusted off and used on sunday

    John x

  3. Fantastic christmas card-might just use this layout for some of mine if thats ok? Bought quite a few goodies at Inspirations after seeing Sue Wilson. She had her A4 embossing folders there and they were doing a promotion-buy 3 and get the 4th free so I felt obliged!!! Ha ha.


  4. Good morning Ang and thank you for the tip about the lettering - I didn't think of that - I just try and eye it.......learning all the time. I have last year's Hunkydory Christmas not started as I had other "stuff" to use up so it will come out this year sometime but I did buy this tree and made several nice cards with it as it doesn't really need much else. I'm not going to Stoneleigh but I am going to Doncaster next week as I won some giveaway tickets so a friend and I are going for the weekend as it is too far to go and back in a day. No doubt I will find a few goodies that I just can't get by without. have a good weekend you may even feel the need to get out the BBQ!! best wishes Jackie

  5. Good Morning Ang, love your card, and I think your flower is brilliantly made.

    When we meet up I will tell you tales of Alistair in the kitchen cooking which will make your hair stand on end. However, a simple stir fry last night and it was lovely, but I tell you what, my boiled eggs are not to die for, I think that getting them just right is such a huge talent. Have a good day, Kate x

  6. I have to say it was a hard choice but having weighed everything up I did feel that the Caribbean might have a little more to offer by way of relaxation? ;) Next year chuck?

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx


  7. Ang, between you and Heather making your Christmas cards already I feel I should get out the craft stuff and get the girls started making theirs for their friends as it is always a last minute dash to get them done, then again it's bad enough getting them to do their Cello and Piano practise at the moment.

    Your card is beautifull, and you have made a great job of your flower. Gosh by the time we meet up in November you will have all your Christmas cards done, dusted and ready to post .

    Hazel xxx

  8. Good Sunny afternoon,

    Brilliant Christmas card Ang.loving the flower.

    I made ALL my Christmas Cards last year (about 12 of them) using that die. I donated all the money I would have spent on making Cards and Postage to a Cancer Charity after what Hazel had been through.
    Did not realise that we as a family were so popular, got so many phone calls asking if everything was OK. Won`t do that again, but will use that Die for my cards this year.
    Keeping my pennies for Birmingham.
    Hope Rudolph was not too hot in this sunshine.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xxx

    PS Like Heather I think I would go for the Caribbean

  9. Luv this card and I the die and the emboss folder so might just have to pinch this idea!! xx GailT xx