Saturday, 20 July 2013

Subtle, the sequel......................

Good morning my crafty chums. Thought that I would throw you another curve ball today to keep you on your toes. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
I was going for a "less is more" on this one as sometimes I do have to restrain myself from over egging my crafty pudding.

Now, the base card is an A4 piece of PMD hammered cream card. I then popped a smaller layer of purple card on top (and I must confess to being tight and I cut out the middle of the purple so it was more like a frame shape that I actually used as a layer).
I cut another smaller layer out of cream card and put it through my GC with the Cuttlebug Kassies Brocade embossing folder. I had to do this twice to extend the pattern.
I then stuck three radiating pieces of lilac organza ribbon across the front of the card and popped a bow on the side.
 I cut the middle two SB Decorative Labels Eight dies, the larger one from my spare purple offcut and the smaller one from cream card.
Sentiment stamped and heat embossed and then I inked through the die with Dusty Concord Distress Ink. The purple layer was stuck to the base card flat and the cream label was stuck to the purple with foam pads.
Few bits of bling in the corners and my work was done.

It is only certain shades of pink I don't like, most notably "blush" as a card colour. My calling the lattice on my previous card "pale pink" really translates to "pale for me pink" as its not really a pastel pink.

Kate and Elaine, sometimes the bows behave, sometimes they respond to name calling and sometimes I give up. My bow maker consists of a cardboard frame type doobree (that's a technical term!!!) I made with two house plant sticks that pop into various holes I have made in the cardboard. . . . . . more bow diddley than bow jangles, I fear hahaha!!!
John, I'm working on the scarlet and neon card as we speak but I will need to get NASA's permission to show it.
Val, you rant away. I'm not happy with C & C at the moment either. Not only did they neglect to remind me that my club membership had expired, I was pulled from the Spotty Potty over two weeks ago on a Splodgeaway show and the card hasn't materialised. I contacted Tom at Splodgeaway, who confirmed that C & C do the posting rather than the guest but he did offer to do me a bespoke pressie to make up for it. I thanked him for the offer but said no as it was not his fault. I have emailed C & C twice about it and no one has even had the decency to acknowledge my emails. I was certainly thinking of them whilst using my two fingers for tying bows, I can tell you!!!
If you want to ring their UK customer services, the number is 0044 (0)1733 316200 so that you don't end up ringing a premium rate number in Katmandu if you have to chase them.
Jackie, hope you did take some time to smell the roses the other day. There are some great tutorials on Joanna Sheen's website on how to get the most out of that Britannia die. If you were not paddling in the pond on 1st June, you may like to have a look back at my blog post of that day which shows the Britannia die used to make poppies and fuchsias.

Thank you everyone else for your comments; as always they are much appreciated. I do seem to get more comments than I have followers so if anyone wants to follow but hasn't been able to, please let me know so I can try and look into it. Otherwise, all are welcome to jump in the pond and join the fun.

Have a great th th that's all folks !!!

Ang x


  1. Love the colours ang it feels more you as the purple looks quite bright on my PlayBook! On the c and c thing I haven't ordered from them in years as their delivery to here can be very slow I watch the shows then go online to see where I can get the products usually I find the p and p cheaper if not the whole product.

  2. Beautiful card. I've not renewed my subscription to C&C as their prices are quite high and were very sliw to post items out after ordering. I do the same as John-watch certain programmes for ideas or to look out for new items.


  3. Good Morning Ang,
    Beautiful card loving the layout, colours and how you have done the ribbon. I will use that idea.
    I have a "homemade" bowmaker that i just love. There is a post somewhere on my Blog showing it. When I do bows I make a figure of (8) between the pegs, the loops separate and sit better. I just love using Organza ribbon it makes a great bow.
    I waited 5 weeks for a card I won to come from C&C so son`t hold your breath.
    I don`t buy much from them either are great for buying Dies ..... very, very reasonable prices and free P&P.
    Sunrise Crafts is another good place to buy.
    Have a fantastic day whatever you are doing

    Patricia xxxx

  4. Good Morning Mrs Duck and all the ducklings!

    Hope you are all well this morning.

    Lovely card or is it a picture? Not as bright as we have come to expect me duck but I like the detail of the ribbons and the gemstones in the corner and that embossing folder looks lovely I don't have any of theirs. I so agree about bows! Sue always says you have to be firm and yank them to where you want them! LOL!

    Have a great day all.
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx


  5. Good morning Ang, your card is beautiful, loving the colour then again I just love purple. I can see C&C loving you for giving them all your support and telling everyone their UK telephone number - good on you. They forget that crafters will let other crafters know where to get good bargains and most of all GOOD SERVICE. I for one don't mind paying a little bit more if I know I will get my order more or less by return post.

    Hazel xxx

  6. Hi Ang,
    Great card, I love purple so its right up my street, With regards to C&C I only buy from them when there are offers going on otherwise its so much cheaper to buy on line, their customer service section is pants they never reply to emails. Joanna Sheen and Countryview Craft give free p&p as do a lot of other companies its always worth a search.

  7. Hia me little duckett

    You have given me a lot for thought today, Eee a cardboard and houseplant sticks bow maker ,Are you kiddin me ? I CAN GET IN ENOUGH TANGLE AS IT IS HAHA.

    As for C&C i sent them two large orders once on two separate occasions and never got the products ,also sent e/mails and letters & never got a reply , so i just gave up thinking they dont want the sales .

    A lovely card ,i like it all, the color ,style and the fab BOW , i presume it was done on your FAB BOW MAKER ?

    Have a lovely weekend and dont get them fingers in a twist .

    Elaine H X

  8. Hi Ang, I'm up there with John and Michele, I've scrubbed my subs with C&C, too expensive and slow on delivery. I used to watch as many programmes as possible when I was staring out, but now realise that there isn't reallyall that many demos. So I'm very selective in what I watch.

    Your post has made me really laugh today with you responses to the various questiond youv'e been asked. Do you do Customer Service as a job by any chance, you should your awfully good at it.

    Now to your card, it is just so lovely, very stylish, with a beautiful die. gorgeous colour, and of course bow.

    You have a good day, I'm off to the Beauty Salon to have an manicure, thought I would treat meself as my cuticles are desperate,(what's a girl to do!) and we are at to do's tonight, a wedding reception and our friends 60th, we will be wrecked tomorrow, but my nails will look good, have a great day, Kate x

  9. Hi Ang love your card today I just love purple.C.C. are a joke,I had not ordered from them for years,as they charge £10.00 ,P+P. to Ireland.I gave in a few weeks ago,but never again .I do not know if any department talks to one another.They sent my 5 items order with 5 different courier company's ,one day I had u.p.s. and D.H.L. within 20mins., of one another.
    Rant over,It is so hot here I have not made many cards ,but have made some decorations for my cards. that I will blog later.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  10. Hi Ang, I would say you are a canny crafter not tight as I always cut the middles out of layering, particularly mirror card and I tell my ladies to do the same!! I rather like the way you have constructed your card with the three layers of ribbon. As for C & C, perhaps it is where you live but deliveries here to Suffolk are very quick albeit the courier chappie comes up from Colchester in Essex. I haven't had cause to get in touch with Customer Services by phone - but now I have a UK non-premium number, thank you - I will pass it on to my friends!! -and I hope I don't have to use it but I have sent some things back in recent months and within a couple of days have had an email confirming receipt of the returned items and that the refund has been processed, so I can only speak as I find and have no real cause for complaint. Having said all that I don't buy as much as I used to and wait for special offers though there are not that many nowadays. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, best wishes Jackie

  11. Hi Ang. Now, that's my sort of card. Love the simplicity. Love the ribbon. Love the Labels 8 die. As Jeremy Kyle says it's a full house.
    Well folks, my flab has been absolutely aghasted. C+C e-mailed me the day AFTER I sent my E-mail (YEH really)to say my Gelli Plate is on the way to Spain.I feel a bit embarrased about my ranting now and raising everyones blood pressure. C+C are obviously a sore point with a lot of people But thanks for your sympathy and all the tips. hope you get your card soon Ang.
    Love val x