Monday, 1 July 2013

Waste not want not BOGOF..........

Good morning my little Duckadees. I hope you are all well and that you haven't disappeared with Google Reader.
I am hoping that it hasn't impacted on Google Friend Connect, which is how I have followed people and how people can follow me. There were mixed opinion as to whether it would, which is why I have held back to see what happens. If GFC has gone with Reader, then I shall look at sorting another  method for people to follow, if of course they wish to.

Today you get a twofer as Sue would call it. These are two of the cards that I made from the waste on the last one. I should have warned John, if he's looking, that I have used ................. sorry..........peel offs !!! Only on the lettering as the gold on them matched the mirror card.
I won't teach any grannys out there to suck eggs (be they duck or otherwise) by telling you how I made these cards, as I hope that you can see what I have done.

This card I left without sentiment as I quite like it without.
I will post the third card that I made out of the double aperture waste (see previous post) in a couple of days................another health warning for John as it has letter peel offs again.

Hope that you have enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend. I was in heaven with the British F1 GP practice sessions, qualifying and then the race. Shame there were no Brits on the podium but on the upside, I did have a bet at the bookies on the winner, Nico Rosberg..........kerching!!! If only I had put some more money on, I could have been posting this from Penang!!!

Have a great day folks and thanks for paddling in the duck pond.

Ang x


  1. Good morning Ang, well so far we are ok and I have been able to read your post. I tried to get this bloglovin thing on to my blog got all the id bit could I get the widget, so I will get help with that when I can. Iam like you with
    Google Friends Connect so we might be ok.

    Another beautiful card, and using the cut outs works I know Patricia never wastes these bit. Don't go spending all that winnings.
    Hazel xxx

  2. Another lovely card Ang, and well done using the extra bits.
    Yes I am the Kate going to NEC in November, so it will be good to meet you, Kate x

  3. Luv to see the waste from other cards being used (I'm not that good at doing that yet)!! I follow blogs through Google (not sure what version) and as of yet I have had not problems seeing and commenting on the blogs that I follow so fingers x'd) xx GailT xx

  4. Lovely card, glad someone else uses peel offs! I stil found you through Google but have signed up to my favourite blogs through Bloglovin.


  5. Hey Up Duck as they say further north than I am! LOL!

    Lovely Ang great use of bits and it has created a stunningly elegant card my dear.

    It's great that google is still working to post comments we did wonder whether that was part of what was going but don't want to scare you but they are going to close Google Friends Connect soon so I am hearing as it is becoming a pain for them!! Anyway we won't dwell on that now!

    However like Michelle I am with, and really do like Bloglovin and the way it works on my mobile the layout is great and all my blogs that I follow in one place. I am just glad all our own blogs are still functioning OK!!Sigh with relief! God help us if blogger ever goes!!Nightmare!

    Crafty Hugs From a Very Hot Kent!!
    Heather xx

  6. Good morning Ang and well done on using your cut out waste bits and making such nice cards. I find nothing wrong in using peel offs, they are often the touch that you need. Best wishes Jackie

  7. Hi Ang love this card,and also you always do lovely chatty posts.

  8. We ain't got no heat up here apart from the "gas central" kind.
    Glad to see you using the "waste" bits they have made beautiful cards.
    Love them both

    Patricia xxxx

  9. Good Morning Ang,
    Just to let you know we did not "pay" for the strawberries.......!!!!!!!

    Patricia xxx