Sunday, 11 August 2013

Captivating Squares and a Peeky (rather than Peking) Duck . . . . . . . . . .

Hello everyone. Hope you're all ok. I feel like a bag of poo. After the sore mouth at the dentist on Friday, I have now got a stinking cold and raging sore throat. I made it to the Great British Craft Festival at Stoneleigh yesterday but am suffering for it today.
If you don't mind, I will keep this post brief as I'm trying to type and hold a tissue to my nose at the same time. . . . . us women and multi tasking eh?
I didn't want to go another day without a post as I know other folk have got worse than a cold and still manage to blog.
Hello to Sue (snowqueen62). Glad you managed to comment and hope to see more in the future. Val, well done for winning Sue Wilson's comment game.

Now today's card was a play with my new SB Captivating Squares.
All I did was cut a solid of the larger die and a frame from it too using the next die down. I then cut SB Medallion Four out of the solid piece and layered them up on a piece of card after I inked up using distress inks. The piece of card was also inked with distress inks through the Delicate Special Touch Mask, except the bit under the medallion cut out.
Popped onto a white card base. I haven't pricked around the sides but instead used a Staedler fine liner with the piercing ruler to see how it turned out. 

Sorry its not very exciting but I haven't been craftily productive for the past few days. . . . . .its difficult when your face is throbbing for various reasons with a nose a shade of red that Rudolph would be envious of LOL!!! Please forgive me.

Thank you for your best wishes for the dentist and comments about Mr Duck's choice of card. I think its gone to his head but of course he has good taste, he married me hahaha . . . . . have to remind him of that looking like I do at the moment LOL!!!

Hope to be back with you in a couple of days and hopefully feeling more ticketyboo. 

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang, sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly, a summer cold is awful, and a sore mouth into the bargain, certainly in the wars. I hope you feel better soon.

    Nevertheless you managed to make a lovely card with some fabulous dies and the colour combination is wonderful, a very stylish card.

    Victor Mature was in the Robe, but The Duke was in The Greatest Story Ever Told, so miscast as the roman centurian, but hilarious, Take care and hugs Kate x


  2. Oh Ang, not good getting a cold after having work done at the dentist, poor you. At least you managed the craft show. Great card you have put a lot of into it even when you are feeling rotten. You take care. Get Mr D to look after you.

    Hazel xxx

    1. Hi folks, just to clarify, I made this to play with the new dies so it was done before my malaise.
      It was just that I hadn't got anything else photographed already to pop on tinterweb.
      This is why Im sorry its not anything better. x

  3. Good evening Ang here are a few (((hugs)))
    Nothing worse than a summer cold, Mr Duck will still love you with your red nose and snuffles.
    At least you had a good day at the show
    A brilliant card, love what you have done with these Dies.
    Hope you feel a little better tomorrow

    Patricia xxx

  4. Hope you feel better soon Ang, could I suggest a very hot curry! Love the card have you thought about doing it in pastels! LOL will have to meet up next week do you get to the highcross, after driving my little car on Spanish roads I don't fancy driving OH's range rover round fosse park
    John xxx


  5. Good morning Ang. I hope you are feeling a bit better this morning. Now your card yesterday was brilliant and yes you had put loads of work into it as always. Ok there me thinking of you sitting or standing making this fab card one handed as the other one was holding a tissue to your nose so you didn't spoil your card with a big drip from the said nose. Well you can picture the situation? I thought to myself gosh I wouldn't be doing anything except lying own the sofa doing nothing. That's where it's always good to have something in stock to fall back on.
    As I said I hope you feel a bit better, I am off back to work this morning.

    Hazel xxx

  6. Poor you! I hate getting colds always feel like a wet lettuce all limp and fragile! Hope you feel better soon and Mr D is looking after you well.
    Hugs Sue x
    P.S. like the card too. I have these dies but not played with them yet.

  7. Awww me poor little Duckett ,Love your card its so cheery and bright and thats how we want you , so just you take it easy ,snuggle under your Down and get well soon .

    Big Hugs
    Elaine H X

  8. Oh Poor you. I hate the way doctors say it's a SIMPLE cold when in makes your feel like SH--.
    Do hope you feel better soon and are getting all the looking after you deserve.
    The card is so very pretty. Never would have thought of those two colours together but love it.
    Take care.
    Love Val x

  9. Good morning Ang, so sorry to see you have been in the wars but struggled on to go to the craft show and then came back to post. I hope Mr Duck was ready to minister to your needs once you got home and that you are feeling better this morning. Now what did your shopping bags hold I wonder? Hope you got lots of goodies which we will see revealed in your upcoming creations. I like the way you have incorporated the medallion in your topper here. have a good day, best wishes Jackie

  10. Hi Ang sorry to hear you are ill,you poor darling ,take plenty of Vitamin C 1.000mg ,,3 times a day ,it does work. ( I am wearing my Doctors hat this morning lol)
    Your Card is stunning,I love the colours.
    when you are better please e.mail me your home address please.
    Big Hugs

  11. I certainly hope you feel better Kate - well of course you will. Plenty of hot tea, oat cakes and rest. Now your card is gorgeous!! I love the colors you used. I would love to know more about the die you used. This make is really beautiful!

  12. Well I think my brain is a little foggy - your name is not Kate - but what is it I ask. Mrs. Duck? Ahhhhh - your name is Ang! I will not make this mistake again .. please forgive me!

  13. Very different card and liking the colour combo xx sorry to hear you are not feeling too well (sounds as though you could do with joining Heather for a pamper week) xx GailT xx

  14. PS luv how the fine liner has imitated piercing - I am not very good with this re: getting the measurements correct for the matting and layering and matching up the corners - I'm a bit of a fanatic for things like that and if it is not lined up right it 'does my head in' xx lol xx

  15. Well my little lovely you have done a fab job it is a such a lovely card and I adore the colours that you have used it is really cleverly put together. The background is really nice too. Hope you feel much better soon ducks with colds not on!!

    Crafty Hugs My Lovely
    Heather xx

  16. Hi Ang,
    so sorry to hear about your cold, and dental troubles. I do hope they both get better soon.
    super card today. Lovely colours and dies used in this creation.
    Have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.