Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bracket Borders Box. . . . . .and NEC Gossip

Good morning one and all. Hope you are all hunkydory . . . . . no craft pun intended. . . . . . . well, maybe a little bit. Sorry its been a busy few days but here I am again.
Firstly a big warm welcome to the pond to Shirley. Thank you for joining our happy band and thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you will enjoy our little bit of fun and happiness.

Now, I shall explain about my box before I move on to the raucous debauchery of the post NEC party with Christine and the Scottish Posse. I'm an impressionable young gal and these ladies were wild.

The basic box was made from one whole A4 sheet of purple PMD card and scraps for the lid and to cover the bottom (you should always cover your bottom!!!).
I should explain why I seem to have a fetish for making my boxes in purple card. I do love purple anyway but I have a job lot of purple A3 card (about 30 sheets remaining) after a splurge when ordering from PMD so it makes sense to practice out of this, unless someone asks me for a different colour. 
I Hougied at equal intervals across the widest part and also at 90 deg at the length I wanted, to form the flaps for the bottom. I lay the whole piece flat on my GC cutting plate then lined up one of the filigree dies from SB Bracket Borders at the edge of one of the sides and ran it through the GC. I then turned the die around and did the same on the opposite edge of the same side. I repeated this for the other 3 sides. I then cut a hole out of the centres using one of the iddybiddy circles from one of my medallion dies.

The lid was the tricksy bit. I made the lid in the conventional way but before sticking it, I ran the edges through with the Bracket Borders to give a fancy edge. It was a bit fiddley lining it all up but I think it looks ok-ish. I added two die cuts of the 2nd smallest SB Decorative Labels One foam padded to the lid after popping a hole into the middle of the top layer and tying a lilac ribbon pull through it.

Lastly, I stuck the bottom flaps together and added a square piece of card inside and out to strengthen the bottom (so always remember, bottoms should be strong and covered and you won't go far wrong in life hahaha!!!)
I was going to do a step by step but John is the box tutorial King so I didn't want to assume folk would want one from me.

This is a picture of my NEC purchases. Underneath are two huge packs of A3 300gsm white and cream card so my arms are now two inches longer lol!!!

Jenny, Every Crafts a Pound were there and that's where I got the paper pads and Christmas stamps from.
As for the ladies, well, what can I say. . . . . . . . . Christine (whose blog is here) and I met for a coffee at lunchtime and had a lovely chat, then Christine kindly gave me a lift to the local Harvester (I had parked my car here earlier and bussed into the NEC) after the show to meet the Scottish Posse for dins. My those girls can party!!!
Seriously, we met , Elaine (Patricia's friend from the Tearoom), Hazel (blog here), Kate (blog here) and Patricia (blog here). . . . these are in alpha order as I love them all equally lol!!!. . . . . . and we had the most fabulous evening. We were put in what we called the "naughty corner" as I think they realised we were going to be a handful but we were out-raucoused by another table nearby.
I haven't laughed so much for a long time. All five of the ladies were terrific and it was sad to say goodbye. Patricia brought me some of her super handmade tablet and I recommend you give it a bash using the recipe on her blog.

That's me for today folks. Hope you all have a great weekend and for those going to the NEC, have a fab time. . . . . .Val, work on John and Wendy for next year!

Ang x


  1. Hi Ang,
    Beautiful box, love the colour, Purple is one of my favorites too.

    Sounds like you ladies had a fabulous time at the NEC, only wish I could have been there, maybe next year. Sounds like you all drove to the NEC too and not stayed the night anywhere lol! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves and had a great laugh.

    Yes Ang we must all cover our bottoms...definitely lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Hi Ang,
    stunning box. I love the design and colour. I was thinking about buying that die you used on the edge of the top of the box, so I am defiantly going to buy it now.
    PLEASE PLEASE can we have a tutorial for this, I know John does some but I would love to see how you do it, as I'm not the greatest with instructions. I do need photos to help my simple
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hi Ang,
    Sound like you had a great time at the NEC, coming away with some serious stash.
    Your box is great and the border die is the finishing touch.

  4. Beautiful box Ang! I also have my eye on the bracket die! Sounds like you ladies had a lovely evening!xx

  5. Ang firstly thank you for my beautiful gift and for the gorgeous pendant for us to sell and raise money for the chemo unit,it was very kind of you. You will be giving us a bad name. It was you two leading us astray, we are good really. We just talk and laugh a lot, all said and done we did have a great night. I spent lots of pennies yesterday but have to say it made the Scottish show look very little. Thank goodness Flybe didn't weigh our bags or we would have been on the train or paying for our cases to be put in the hold. Be great if others come next year. Glad you enjoyed your tablet. Hazel xx

  6. Good evening Ang,
    Firstly I have to tell you that box is "out if this world" it is stunning, I love it.
    Colour and design are fantastic.
    Now!! About our time together ........ you ladies from "south if the border" fairly live on the WILD SIDE led us astray you did!!!
    What a fantastic evening best I have spent in quite a while.
    Thank you very much for my lovely gift I have it hanging on a wicker heart I have in my kitchen window that way I see it every time I look out.
    Remember to give those teeth a good scrub I don't want your dentist bill
    Hugs a plenty

    Patricia xxxx

  7. Sorry Ang had a grey moment and forgot to say your box is stunning and I love the colour. Hazel xxx

  8. Sorry I'm so late in commenting. We have been to Derbyshire today and although it started out damp and drizzly it was fabulous by late morning and we had a lovely day out.

    First - your box is fabulous!!! Shall look carefully at how you have done this because it really is gorgeous!

    Second - What a fabulous day we had!! Can't believe that the "Scottish Posse", as you like to call them, said we led them astray. We were the very souls of discretion until they turned up at the restaurant! Enough said I think!

    Great day and look forward to seeing you again at one of the Motorcycle Museum Craft Fairs. Maybe February? December is too close to this one anyway!

    Love and hugs Christine xx

  9. Brill box Ang.
    Maybe next year i could combine nec with a Hollie visit to Kettering. Xxx

  10. Hi Ang,

    Many thanks for the welcome, it is so appreciated. Love the box but will have to study it again, the grey cells are slow tonight after a day at the NEC. So enjoyed it. Still have a bag of goodies in the back of my car, hidden from the other half!!!!!!
    What the eye doesn't see ........

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  11. Hi Ang. Sounds like you had a great time and love all your goodies.
    This is one beautiful box. I'm very impressed. The colour is divine and I really like the use of the bracket borders which are my favourite dies at the moment.
    Getting all my typing done early as the chain saw is coming into use later on the garden and one doesn't know whether one will be able to type after!!

    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Just realised you posted this yesterday. Where did Saturday go?

    Love Val x

  12. Hi Ang
    First of all your box is super dooper ,i love how you have done the lid with the die and the ribbon ,very clever .
    Sounds like you had a good time with the gang , lots of fun and laughter in that naughty corner
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  13. Good morning Ang and just catching up as I was at the NEC yesterday. Sounds as though you had a lovely evening and your stash picture looks as though you bought some nice things. I saw the sleigh dies on Joanna Sheen's stand but didn't get anything Christmasssy - I went for the fans and the ivy flourish though I will spend this afternoon looking at everything I bought again - as you do!!. I really like your box and think you have done a grand job. Best wishes Jackie

  14. Hi Ang, Love your box, it looks so delicated, and will make someone a gorgeous keepsake.
    It was so good to meet you at last, and it was a smashing evening. Thank you so much for the gorgeous gift, so thoughful of you and it will be treasured.

    I think we all led each other astray, I'm still chuckling at some of the stories told.
    Have a great Sunday, hugs Kate x

  15. Fab box and luv the colour xx sounds like you had a wonderful time and your stash looks very interesting - can't wait to see your makes xx GailT xx

  16. Fab box and luv the colour xx sounds like you had a wonderful time and your stash looks very interesting - can't wait to see your makes xx GailT xx

  17. One word WOW! I love this its simply stunning
    Package arrived thankyou so.much!!!!!!! Will try to contact tomoz as Mr next door is like a demanding five year old lol and is not helping with the packing!

    Take care
    John xxxxx

  18. Your boxes are wonderful and I understand you had a grand time at the craft show. Y'all are so lucky to be able to do this. I am pea green with envy.

  19. Love this gift box! Very creative!!