Thursday, 23 January 2014

Three Butterflies and a Fat Bird. . . . . . . (and I don't mean me!)

Good morning everybody. Hope you are all well but to poor Donna, I sent very best wishes for a speedy recovery with that foot. I hope the news is no to surgery. How awful it must be anyway but not to be able to get to your craft room, when all you can probably do is craft, must be mighty frustrating.
Jacquie, having just watched Winterwatch (yes, I'm scheduling this post) I have discovered that the horrendous fox racket at 4am the other morning was a frisky vixens mating call. Now what sensible bloomin female feels frisky at 4am for goodness sake? If it happens again, I will be quenching her desire with a well aimed hosepipe of cold water.

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my first DT card. I hope you are all going to join in the challenge and big congrats to our Patricia who was Top 5 in the one that's just finished.

Now today's card was me feeling in a CAS frame of mind. I had some DL envelopes and thought I would start doing some DL cards to make use of them.
I cut a DL sized white base card from 300gsm Lime Tree Crafts card.I cut a slightly smaller purple PMD card layer and another white layer. 
On the white piece I stamped, masked and heat embossed a butterfly (a £1.00 Hobbycraft stamp) and a happy birthday stamp.

I then stuck and foam padded the layers, added purple bling in the corners and Bob's your Dad's brother!

As promised, a couple of pics of Fat Bird. . . . . . . 

He/she prefered to eat indoors when it was raining (can't blame a bird for that) but he/she did like a little sunbathe when the Sun was out next to me in my chair. . . . . . .

Hope he/she is still alive and well as obviously the parents chase them off when they come of age, so to speak. . . . . . .bless!!!

That's me for today folks so hope you have a good day and sunshine above your head and in your heart.

Ang x


  1. A lovely simple but elegant card.
    Hugs Sue x

  2. Good morning Ang, Clean and simple but very sophisticated as well, really nice card. Love your descriptions, gives me a chuckle. We do have a bit of sunshine this morning so hope it lasts....more rain forecast for tomorrow though, best wishes Jackie

  3. Lovely card, and your initial headline was intriguing - good job I scrolled down to find
    where the fat bird came in! Great pics.

  4. Hi Ang,
    what a really great card. Love those fab butterflies, and what a great stamp for the price.
    Now you seem to like to watch the birds as my dear friend Planet Susie does. She gets so engrossed with them she burns her porridge, and makes me door stops with it. lol.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. A beautiful CAS card Ang. Love the pictures of your blackbirds, we have collared Doves and two very fat wood pigeons that sit and wait for their breakfast.
    Hazel fxx

  6. Luvin the card and the butterflies are fab (and a bargain to boot)! simple but elegant xx wow the birds are so tame and what fab pics of them xx we have a blackbird that tells my significant other off when he is out gardening - brilliant xx GailT xx

  7. Hi Ang,
    Love your card stamped with the bargain butterfly. In our old house and when we still had dogs a blackbird used to come into the kitchen to eat any food that the dogs had left, it was so tame.

  8. Hi Ang, Love your card, beautiful colours.

    Ang Only a all I'm gonna say lol! Better get the hosepipe ready!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Beautiful card, love those butterflies. I like the DL card that way up, that's the benefit of making them yourself.
    Love the he/she is a bit "fat" ours sit on the doorstep waiting to be fed.
    Could hardly believe it when I saw my name on HOC
    Happy crafting

    Patricia xx

  10. Hi Ang, beautiful card, lovely butterfly image and I just love your colours. Very seldom do I use DL cards, but seeing yours has given me a bit of inspiratipn.
    Love the fat bird, what kind is it? He or she looks so at home, hugs Kate x

  11. Hi Ang gorgeous card I love butterflies and your post did make me chuckle LOL and love fat bird huggles Sue xx

  12. Hi Ang
    How elegant. Love the butterflies. Love the pics too. It's just reminded me to put food back out now that I cleared out old food and disinfected my food dispensers. The seed had germinated in one I'd forgotten about! Poor birds - they've been neglected. Best wishes, Anne O

  13. Hi Ang,

    Simple but really lovely. You made me laugh about the fox. Perhaps foxes have headaches too!!!!!

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  14. Hi Ang!! Good news no surgery on my foot but i can't walk on it for six weeks. Managed to get down to my craft room br going down the stairs on my rear end and using a rolling office cair to get around. It is very tiring so I didn't get much done. Put some things away that came in from my Stampin up order. Will try again tomorrow. Loved your fosx comment! Love the butterfly card too! Thanks for the bird pictures. Have a great day.

    Donna xx

  15. Good afternoon, showed your card to Elaine who "LOVES" butterflies she thought it was absolutely beautiful.
    Hugs from Elaine((((hugs))))

  16. No I haven't been interested in card making until I got my G.C. Plus making the Oragami boxes, honest. Have a good weekend Hazel xx

  17. AWESOME lovey card...those butterflies are gorgeous.xx

  18. Great card - funny fat bird! Thanks for sharing! Great to be on the same team with you!

  19. Gorgeous butterflies! Oddly enough I purchased that stamp from HC last weekend - can never have too many butterfly stamps. I love how you have used it and what you have made with it, am having a thing for DL cards myself - not blogged them yet lol, well they do say great minds think alike xx

  20. I know it's in fun , but I just wanted to say I have got so much out of looking at everyone's blogs over the past two years. I sure Patricia got a lot from our mum as she was very clever at making things from nothing. Enjoy the rest of your day Hazel xx

  21. Good evening Ang, nice to see your Butterflies still flying.
    Filmo dries hard, the Air Dry stuff dries soft like those soft spongy artificial flowers you get. Extremely light weight for adding to your cards.
    Had great fun, now I have run out of Clay..............typical, just typical.
    Have a great week

    Patricia xx

  22. Whoops, I missed this lovely creation ANn. It really is super. Christine xx

  23. You really are funny - pretty and and what a fat bird (and I don't me you!)
    Sandy xx